In a winter that has lasted approximately 567 years (plus or minus) and chock full of disgusting ickle viruses, I am once again sick. For the eleventy-hundredth time.

Rather than solidify my state as a Geriatric Whiner and bore you in my quest to become the Most Boring Blogger Ever, and prattle on about the headaches that I medicate with Excedrin Migraine, which makes my guts decidedly unhappy, so I have to chug Pepto-Bismol in order to stave off the barfing, I will leave you with a question:

The eternal question.

If, for some odd reason, I feel compelled to purchase a pair of gogo boots, and am neither a hooker nor a dominatrix, which would you choose?

The white, black or pink (pink being my favorite color) ones?

And, if I am a self-respecting 27-year old who isn’t planning to use these for Halloween, do I have any business wearing them?

24 thoughts on “Typhoid Becky

  1. You realize what you have become? I am going to come over and hurt you. Do. not. get. go-go-boots. I will call you “you-know-who” and that won’t be good for anyone.

  2. I just wandered over here yesterday from another blog, so I hope I’m not breaking any sort of commenting rules or anything.

    Can you actually stand up in those things? And…umm…why? But pink, if you need them to live. They were the least tart/dominatrix of the lot. Even better if they had the cha-cha heels.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  3. My vote is for the pink ones. I don’t know why, I just like them better. Throw in some glow sticks, lip gloss, and some eye glitter and you got yourself a party! Oooh, and a fog machine, maybe some lasers! And lollipops! Maybe some of those skooshy balls with the little spiny thingy’s that feel sooooo good when you squeeze and why can’t I feel my face, and hey you’re kinda hot you wanna…….oh, uhhh, sorry. Flashbacks are a mother. Hope you feel better!

  4. first, feel better. second, click on “buy now”, the pink ones, I LOVE em.

    I’m shocked that you don’t already own a pair…..Princess.

    take the theraflu (no, i don’t care if you actually HAVE the flu, it is irrelevant to my argument), go to bed, take the theraflu the next night, and I promise, it will all be better. I swear by this little routine.

    send pictures of you in the boots…

  5. See, I’m going to disagree with the crowd…I love pink, but the pink ones look a little too Malibu Stacy to me. I would go with the white–they look more mod to me. Black seems like you’re trying too hard to be basic, and really, since when are patent leather gogo boots a basic?

  6. If I were you (which I am not) then I would buy pink. If I were myself (which I am) then I would buy black. Or none at all. ‘Cause I’d much rather be barefoot. 🙂
    I never buy white footwear. Especially right before spring. It’s like asking for trouble. 😉

  7. You know what? If I’m sick, I should *always* bet the house that you are (or will be soon) too and vice versa. Sort of our own psychic connection. On that note, if you’re actually planning on wearing gogo boots, might as well go all the freak out and get the pinks!

  8. Jesus, I can’t believe there’s even a question here. If you’re going to buy inappropriate boots, why on EARTH would you stop at “just a little inappropriate”?

    Buy the pink ones.

  9. i think the white are *trying too hard to be mod* and the black are *trying too hard to make gogo boots appropriate.* my vote is for PINK. and come on, 27??? don’t you know 30 is the new 20???

    then again, you may want to steer clear of my advice, as my whole 2000 person village will soon be turning their noses up at my not-one-but-TWO huge brand new arm tattoos come spring…

  10. I too feel like I have perpetually sick this winter (and am trying not to blog about it anymore) but I know I would feel better if you got the pink boots. Seriously. But you have to wear them with black tights because that would look so cool.

  11. Now see…all this time I thought you were a dominatrix. 😉 Okay…I say the last picture, white ones. They’re the freakiest. I would break a leg if I wore them…so you do it for me. Not break a leg for me…I mean wear them for me. Well, not ‘for’ me, they don’t really do anything for me…. Okay. I’m done.

    Get well soooooon! 🙂

  12. yeah, go for the PINK,
    they’ll be cute if you wear them with some skinny dark skinny jeans, and white top, and a matching bubble-gum colored coat!

    yeah, I have some(very very little) fashon sense.

  13. I say go with black, but you can not refer to them as Go-Go boots. You must refer to them as either Hooker Boots or Fuck Me Boots.

    That’s what 27 year olds do.

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