Shit I Found Saturdays is a weekly feature here at Mommy Wants Vodka, that’s more fun than a basket of kittens,  except that the Internet is mostly closed on Saturdays.


Who likes RULES anyway? 

So, let’s fuck that noise and get into cool shit we’ve found around the Internet and bring Saturday back.

It’s like bringing Sexy Back but awesomer.

Join in! We have donuts!

(that’s a lie)

Shit I Read This Week:

(Cake) Balls In Your Mouth: Drunk baking? Brunk Daking? Who knows. It’s just fucking hilarious.

Reused Books and a Love Note: Bring tissues. It’s a wonderful story from a great friend.

Cratering: I haven’t stopped laughing.

Shit I Wrote:

Songs To Break Up To – Why? Because every breakup needs a soundtrack.

Bedtime Battles Rage On: My kids hate sleep. Clearly, we’re not related.

Shit I That Made Me Shit Myself:

Stand back, ladies. He’s my new boyfriend. I’m not fucking around.

Shit That Made Me Realize I Need Photoshop:

And who could forget my favorite diabetic?

shit I found saturdays

Which reminds me of….

(which my kids jam out to – substituting “Penis” for “diabeetus.” Because we’re related)

Shit That Just…Listen:

And if you’re feeling particularly suicidal, DO NOT listen to this one:

Shit That Scares Me:

shit I found saturdays

Shit Around My Blog:

Blogroll, yo. You want on it (if’n I’m on yours).

I do ads.

I’m on The Facebook.

And The Twitters.

Also THIS.


Now it’s YOUR turn, Pranksters?

What rad shit have you found this week?

14 thoughts on “Shit I Found Saturdays

  1. Two things

    A candy machine that gives head, cool. I mean A head…


    I never man handle my balls.

    Morning Young Ms Aunt Becky. Hope you have a nice Saturday.

      1. Doing well, so far. Everything in the garden is still alive and we are getting some much needed rain this summer. And, I’ve discovered stir- frying. After cutting everything up, it takes about five to ten minutes to cook.

        Don’t take this wrong, but, I hope you have a boring morning.

  2. Damn. Yet another reason to love Saturdays. I don’t think there was any shit you found that I didn’t like. And I totally added you to my blog roll. Word.

  3. Wilfred Brimley and his badass shirt are the shit. I freaking love the doll head machine. And Leonard Cohen…just beautiful 🙂 Once again you’ve made my Saturday!

  4. Oh my god, holier than thou mothers are bitches! Fuck sake. I read your grrrr sleep post n some of the mothers were so fucking bitchy- gee, Id never thought of trying the same thing two nights in a row… I probably shouldn’t have read the comments, and I definitely shouldn’t have “politely” replied… :s
    Any sight of the parcel from England yet Becky? I think its been about a fortnight which is usually how long it takes for a package to get to the states…

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