After spending 90% of last week sicker than I’ve been since I was pregnant with Alex, arguing with Ben over who deserved the coveted couch space more and who hogged the blanket with alarming frequency (answer: Ben), poor Alex has finally come down with his first real illness.

With a 1st grader in the house, this is no small feat that he’s remained healthy for so long. I, myself, have had a low-grade cold since this winter began approximately 4 years ago (give or take), and somehow have managed to avoid passing it onto him. Until now.

Thankfully for my guilt complex, however, Alex has finally reached an age where I don’t worry/feel as badly as I would if he were a wee bit younger. That doesn’t mean that I don’t feel sorry for him when he looks at me with those sad, red-rimmed and glassy eyes, but he’s been such an asshole that I’m less sympathetic.

While it’s sweet that he follows me around like a monkey, clinging to my legs and whining for me to do, well, SOMETHING, but he, like me, has no idea WHAT I should be doing to help him, so we both wind up whining loudly at each other for extended periods of time.

It’s no wonder that Ben was begging to go to school and The Daver is happily ensconced in a “project” at “work” which is likely code for “going to the bar to avoid us.”

I can’t really blame either of them. Collectively we’re annoying and we know it. AND YET WE’RE POWERLESS TO STOP OURSELVES.

So, I suppose I can only hope and pray that this virus runs it’s course, leaving my less demanding toddler in it’s wake. Because if he remains glued to my legs and shrieking wildly, I may have to start self-medicating or check myself into rehab just to get away from him.

13 thoughts on “Into The Thick Of It

  1. “It’s no wonder . . .The Daver is happily ensconced in a “project” at “work” which is likely code for “going to the bar to avoid us.””

    Oh, that’s priceless! I accuse my husband of doing all kinds of interesting things as he dredges his ass out of bed at 6 a.m., runs errands and rushes home. It’s important to keep them on their toes:) Hope you feel better very, very soon. A four year winter is difficult to survive!

  2. This has been the worst flu season ever. I have been sick more this winter than I can ever remember. If you and Alex feel half as icky as I have felt – I have TONS of sympathy.

    Get well. Be well. Annoy the crap out of the Daver.

  3. I am still waiting for the “lamb” part of March to come! I hope you feel better soon-but don’t look outside because it is snowing again!

  4. having pulled the 3 a.m. shift for the barf o rama game myself this mornin, all I have to say is, when you check in, save me a spot! I hear they have really great drugs in rehab:)

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