First things first, let’s get the uncomfortable question of “why do you call yourself Aunt Becky?” out of the way right now. Because I know, I KNOW, before you want to learn ABOUT Aunt Becky, you want to know WHY she’s called that – we can ALL agree that assumed familiarity is awkward and uncomfortable. My real name is Becky Sherrick Harks. My nickname, “Aunt Becky” started out as a joke:

The Evolution of Aunt Becky is right here.

The Evolution of Aunt Becky’s blog, Mommy Wants Vodka, is below.

In 2004, one of the first things that my then-boyfriend, The Daver, told me when we first met was that I should think about getting a “blog.” I was being stalked, you see, and he thought the stories from my stalker would make for some great material. Never having heard of a blog before, I thought that he was insulting me.

I asked him what the hell a blog was and when he explained, I shuddered violently. “Dude,” I said, “No one would care about the stupid crap that I would write about. I mean, REALLY, what I ate for breakfast is not national news.”

To me, blogging seemed like the epitome of everything wrong with the world: the most self-indulgent narcissistic tripe spewed out for anyone with a modem and a Google Search Engine to see. All the blogs I’d seen were just that: worthless garbage. I hadn’t, of course, seen the almighty Dooce, or I wouldn’t have said such a thing.

Fast-forward a couple of months and a number of bottles of booze; my buddy Pashmina and I, drunk off our asses one night, decided to start a blog, Mushroom Printing; an anti-blog kind of blog. It’d be meta if I had any idea what that meant. Rather than ponder such pontiferous points as “why pomegranates are sorely underrepresented in today’s mainstream media” we chose instead to focus on “Why My Left Armpit Smells Worse Than My Right: A Hypocritical Essay.”

Then I got a Big Girl Job.

At aforementioned Big Girl Job, I got the old bait-n-switch, and, not liking to be duped, I soon quit.

But I didn’t quit blogging. Not entirely. But I didn’t want to turn our raunchy blog into a rant about my gigantic nipples, boob juice, vaginal births, or newborns who look like garden gnomes, so I decided to branch out on my own. For me, this was no small feat, as I’m overly-critical and shy about creative endeavors. I’m not much of an artistic person to begin with, so the thought of not being able to hide behind my blog co-host was daunting. Plus (and FAR more importantly) who would check for my various and sundry spelling and grammatical errors?

It took me months to come up with a name for this blog. “Mommy Wants Vicodin” sounded too suburban, “Mommy Wants Bourbon” doesn’t roll off the tongue and while I am not an avid vodka connoisseur, “Mommy Wants Vodka,” made it to the top of my list.

Despite my fears and inability to work on a blog with someone who has a Master’s in English Lit correcting my spelling, I learned something totally awesome – the Internet is RIFE with people who like to correct my grammatical errors and WordPress has a handy spell-check program (well, it does now). It’s a win-win, people!

Here, in it’s most bare form, is the briefest of brief rundown of my life so far:

My first son, Benjamin was born in 2001, while I was a (mainly) single parent. I broke up with his father when I realized that I had no desire to allow my son to watch someone treat me like garbage.

About Aunt Becky

I chucked my dreams of becoming a doctor – along with half a degree towards that – and became a bachelor’s prepared nurse. Despite my best intentions, I realized on the first day of school that nursing wasn’t the field for me, but stubbornness won out, and I completed the degree anyway.

About Aunt Becky

In early 2004, I met The Daver, who, as I previously stated, plugged me into a blank WordPress box to get me to shut my hole. I mean, I talk, A LOT. Who could blame him? We married in September of 2005.

About Aunt Becky

Once I got pregnant with my second son, Alex, I thought I was going to die. Between puking, insomnia, rib-spreading (DID YOU KNOW RIBS SPREAD? That was NOT covered in “What To Expect” unless it was to tout their stupid pregnancy diet.) and antepartum (prepartum) depression, I spent my days creating an ass-groove on the couch, wondering if I had died and THIS WAS MY OWN PERSONAL HELL.

After grimly informing my doctor that I would, “give birth in the back of a Pinto RIGHT. NOW. So. Get. this. baby. OUT. OF. HERE,” Alex entered the world in March of 2007, drenching the entire room with his urine as his way of saying, “Howdy.” Not much has changed. He’s a mini-Carl Sagan, obsessed with the cosmos, adores numbers, and redefines the word “intense.”

about aunt becky son alex

On January 28, 2009 I was officially dethroned as the Reigning Queen of The Sausages when my daughter, Amelia Grace, was born. You could say we were pretty thrilled, especially since I’d been stimulating the economy one pink thing at a time. Which would have made for a cross-dressing boy, had he been a she.

about aunt becky daughter amelia encephalocele

She was born, I should mention, with a very rare, normally fatal birth defect called an encephalocele, a neural tube defect. Somewhere in the very, very early weeks of pregnancy, her spinal column didn’t fuse together properly and her skull was malformed. Part of her brain developed outside of her body.

encephalocele pictures about aunt becky

There’s nothing funny about that and I’m not going to pretend that there is.

It’s nearly always fatal but my daughter not only survived, but went on to kick neurosurgery in the balls at three weeks of age. The whole story of Amelia’s Encephalocele is here.

She’s her mother’s daughter, all right. I couldn’t be more proud of her or any of my children. Currently I work as a freelance writer with my now-three children, which, when I envisioned my life as an adult, never included anything quite so *ahem* glamorous.

In July 2010, I founded Mushroom Printing, a group blog for anonymous snarky, funny non-hateful rants (also: my first blog URL).

In September 2010, I founded Band Back Together, a user-submitted group blog brimming with support, educational resource pages, and a place to pull all of those demons out from the closet and make them dance. Band Back Together won a coveted Bloggie Award in 2011 for Best Kept Secret Weblog. It is my pride; my joy. All are welcome.

In July 2012, after nearly 10 years together, The Daver and I decided that it was time to call off the marriage and head out to divorce-land. Thus ends one chapter in my life. While I will always mourn our divorce, I can hardly wait to see what comes next.

I love my life fiercely, but some days I wonder what the hell I was thinking.

Doesn’t everyone?


So that’s me, Becky Sherrick Harks, or Your Aunt Becky.

Come on it, pull up the floor and pour yourself a cocktail – we’re ALL family here!

© Copyright 2004-2012

Stealing gives you herpes.

50 thoughts on “About Aunt Becky

  1. Becky- I am so sorry about your friend. I have lost several friends to this disease and I loved what you wrote about loving the person beneath. Give yourself time to grieve- you will never forget your friend, but in time, the pain will not be as bad as it is now- most of the time. Wow, that’s cheery news- aren’t you glad I posted? Thinking of you.


  2. I did the stay-at-home mom thing for 5 years. I too often wondered what I was thinking. But, then again, I am thinking that about several things at the moment! Keep the faith.

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  4. Dear Aunt Becky,
    God, you’re funny. I hope the freelance writing thing works out. (what’re the odds of that, tho?:) I just found your blog and plan to continue joining you for a vodka and a bit of a laugh until I pee just a little. (My daughters/co-bloggers (yes, your three will grow up, too and then you’ll find out what they really think of you) tell me that’s how we know when something is really funny.)

  5. Dear Aunt Becky,
    You are awesome and funny and I can’t leave my house in the morning before I have checked your blog. I had also never heard of the term “meat curtains” before this blog. But someone must have, because I was sent this and immediately thought of you:
    Please don’t stop writing, and good luck getting published! I put in a request.

  6. Wow Aunt Becky I am glad I took the time to read your bio. I have been enjoying your tweets on twitter and stopped by your blog to check it out. Love your writing and your spirit! You have a new fan.

  7. i went back and read everything i could find… are so talented!! NBC today, just did a piece on mom bloggers—-you are in a different universe, (thank god) so beyond them, aunt becky….keep on writing and thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi there,
    I am taking a look around your blog and enjoying it.
    I look forward to connecting with you and sharing humorous banter.
    Your personality suits me well. I love a woman that can make me laugh and excite me at the same time. I’ll sign us up for a lifetime supply of the Vodka of the Month club, if you’ll just be mine. hahahaha


  9. I must say you are my favorite on Twitter and my favorite blogger. I gave you button love on my newly created blog and aspire one day to be one tiny bit as cool as you. You rock.

  10. Funny funny stuff. I think I actually laughed out loud like 4 times. And I mean laughed out loud. not that gay ‘lol’ we all know that’s just an internet conversational filler. I am certain I will read your blog regularly.

  11. As a former immodest ballet dancer/cruise ship entertainer who inspired her parents to watch Greg and Dharma because “she’s so much LIKE you,” and a current boring ass mom who’s afraid to break any rules of etiquette, your blog gives me confidence to bitch slap more people. Thanks. I just called someone a whore. I feel much better.

  12. Honey, you are a RIOT! Just found your blog and laughed so hard I scared the cats (who needed scaring since they were clawing the furniture – thank you.)

    Wish I had some spare cash to donate to your redecorating quest, but I have a cheapo suggestion: SHOP at the Salvation Army, as well as donate to them. A more fascinating selection of the tacky and bizarre you will never find…

    Off to scoop cat poop and yell at the neighbors *

    – RS

  13. You are strong woman and you kick ass, no doubt your children got that fighting characteristic from you! Starting out as a single mom is no easy task, but you made it work and I’m sure your kids look up to you a lot and realize the hard work and sacrifice you made.
    Yeah, we all start out shy and are awfully critical of ourselves when putting thoughts out there in public, but you made it work and your blogs are one of the funniest ass blogs I’ve read lately!
    For what you’ve been through, you sure look great on that feature article! WTG!

  14. very interesting and humorous work. like often, stumbled across your work and it was worth my time. Although, part of the reason is I don’t know exactly what I am reading, which makes it interesting, and to tell the truth, I’m still not sure.
    Anyways, keep up the good work.
    :^) I hate mayo too; noticed something about that, unless that’s code for something else. Down with mustard too.

  15. Dear Aunt Becky,

    Just wanted to say how much I love your blog, especially the past few posts. Your insight, honesty and ridiculous humor are a joy to be around, even on the bad days. Thank you for writing as honestly as you do and for inspiring (or at least entertaining me! 🙂 with each post. I hope you know how many people you affect and how powerful your voice is. I work with children with autism and their families, and it is helpful for me to get your perspective on what it’s ‘really like’. (And I LOVED LOVED LOVED what you said about your neighbor’s mother’s dog sitter…) At 34, I don’t have children of my own yet, as it is pretty much the most terrifying thing I can imagine, but I’m thinking about it. Your blog makes me think that maybe I could do it. I’m sure it can’t be easy to write each day, while maintaining a family and an identity of your own, I’m so glad you do it!! Keep up the good work (and the videos!)

  16. Aunt Becky, what is your email!??!
    I was just reading on Band Back Together your post about blogging, in which you said that you love to receive emails, but almost never do, and that your email is all over your blog…
    This led me to desperately want to send you an email. So I looked for it. Now, am I blind/mentally incompetent, or have you removed it??
    This is all very confusing!
    One of your newest pranksters,
    Frankie (girl Frankie, not boy Frankie).

  17. Aunt Becky your blog is too excellent for words. I just love what you do here, don’t ever stop! I’m such a fan I’ve put your awesome blog on my lowly blog roll so people could hit themselves up with some of the best blogging around.


  18. You rock. Your honesty and general perspective inspire me. My fears about blogging mirror yours, in fact this passage resonated so deeply with me I HAD to respond and say ‘hi’.

    “To me, blogging seemed like the epitome of everything wrong with the world: the most self-indulgent narcissistic tripe spewed out for anyone with a modem and a Google Search Engine to see. All the blogs I’d seen were just that: worthless garbage. I hadn’t, of course, seen the almighty Dooce, or I wouldn’t have said such a thing.”

    I felt exactly the same way before I really started writing and just letting myself be as superficial or as spiritual or as ridiculous as I wish on my blog. For over two years the stuff has flowed out for me-a wonderful way to creatively blow off steam.

    Go you, and to a long and happy Mommy Wants Vodka!

    All my best,

    Aka Desert Magnolia

  19. Wow! I have to say you are a very good writer. I have been in the writing mood for the last six years but just started to write the story of my childhood to my kids. It explains why and how I am who I am. Full of salt and tuff love. Its also an apology for not turning into the father I should have been from the beginning. Hope all is good and wonderful for years to come to you.

  20. Wow. I have just begun my blog (about 3 weeks ago) and, like you, had never read a blog nor understood their appeal. Reading your About page (without reading ANY of your other posts yet) was like a voyage into my own mind. But less scary.
    thanks !
    Can’t wait to read more of your stuff.. Please check out I’d love your feedback!

  21. I went to Band Back Together to check up on other people with family in jail, as my son is, and somehow got here. I really didn’t intend to stay for long but I got into your story and read on. You are very engaging and your children are beautiful.

    So, anyway that’s that. You’ve got a new reader and I look forward to my next visit.

  22. You are my voice. Thank you for your blog.
    I stumbled upon your website when I was searching for “to commemorate loved one suicide”. One of my closest friends and I will be flying to Oregon to do some sort of “memorial” for my best friend/ex-bf of 5-7 years but have no idea how or what to do. It’s a long story. Anyhow, I, too, prefer Vodka. Cheers!

  23. You are a very good writer. You certainly paint a vivid picture with your words and it is very entertaining to follow along. I can tell you certainly don’t sugar coat things and have a good sense of humor as well. I just stumbled across your blog and will be sure to go check out a few posts now.

  24. I’ve been a big fan for around 2 years now Aunt Becky and I just went back to read this About page again. Thanks for the great update! I’m so glad to see you say you’re loving life now. Makes my heart sing! Rock on!

  25. It’s been awhile! Now that I am back blogging myself I have started reading some of my old blogging haunts and you happen to be one of those. Just read all of the above and it was like a walk down memory lane, cept for the divorce part. Sorry about that. Can’t wait to catch up love! Oh, and I so want to check out Mushroom Printing and Band Back Together!!

  26. I freaking love your blogs! My fiance and I were just reading them and your awesome and kickass! So happy your daughter is ok, and can’t wait to keep reading more! I hope you have more, we found this while I was procrastinating on Cognitive Psych (how funny huh) and reading about the haunted train tracks. Sheesh! How the mind works and makes decisions!

  27. Just found you today & it if I could I’d do my version of the”happy” dance; but considering tomorrow will be 1 week since my TT with liposuction & breast reduction & lift…feels like I’ve been hit by a rhinoceros…your blog made me laugh & that made me happy; except for the excruciating pain…lol. Interested in reading more…found you on fb…& planning on telling my friends about the”Vodka” girl that they are just going to love…

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