This would be the pictures you wanted after yesterday’s post, Pranksters.


I suggested that he get a spider tattoo there for street cred, but he said no. Shockingly. Even AFTER I gave him this awesome mock-up of what he COULD look like.


Some people (psssst *nudge, nudge* THE DAVER), it seems, don’t appreciate HIGH ART.

He says he’s going to “get me back while I’m sleeping,” but I’m not worried about my hair. I’m worried he’ll rig up something I can’t turn off that will play to every single Rush album throughout my house over and over again.

Hair grows back. Being traumatized by Rush is for LIFE.

36 thoughts on “Baldo

  1. Ok, tell Daver that even as a girl I have authority on buzzed heads (my husband used the 3/8th comb on my head at my request as per usual). It grows back fast and will be SO MUCH COOLER this summer, really he’ll thank you.

  2. That’s not sooooooo bad. My hubby was shaving the back of my head last year, and the guard fell off the clippers. I had a 3×3 bald spot in the back of my head! And, since the rest of the hair was so short, we were using a #6 guard, there was no way of covering it.

    Tell your hubby that I feel his pain. Hopefully it will grow back soon. Or he can bite the bullet and just shave the whole thing off. It’s summer, he can get by with it.


  3. BAH! I take back the sympathy I gave yesterday….this is nothing more than an unfinished regulation fade. Stop by after work and I’ll fix you up, wont take but a few minutes.

  4. It’s not that bad. It’s not that good either but that’s neither here nor there. Like I said yesterday, tell him it’s like that tall skinny dude on Ace of Cakes. Weird is the new normal for hair.

  5. My hubby is a Marine. Tell the Daver that its just the start of a high and tight. Tell him it was in honor of Memorial day!!

  6. What the hell? That’s how my husband’s looks all the time. He gets a #2 every 2 weeks. It’s basically bald. It’s stunning. 😉

  7. It’s not THAT bad – I do like the mock up though – surprised he won’t go for it! Next time inadvertently carve your initials into his hair…hee hee

  8. You have Sharpies don’t you? He sleeps doesn’t he? I think it could do with some bedazzling too, but I’ve heard from my brother that crazygluing shit to a bald head stings like a sumbitch (yes I’m related to a man that crazy glues stuff to his head. He’s also used caulking)

    And RUSH sucks ass. Or maybe not, but it’s totally a guy band.

  9. I think the next time Daver is asleep, the permanent markers need to make an appearance. If he won’t go the tattoo route, you should totally decorate his head with markers.

  10. You are a wicked, wicked wife….but damn funny. Why must all men be obsessed with that Rush crap? Every boy/man I have ever dated thinks that Geddy is a skinny God. I think he sounds like his nuts were crushed in a vice. Tastes…

    Watch your back, woman.

  11. You should tell him he could even get the spider tat done in Henna so that it will fade about the same time as the shaved spot does. Instant street cred with out a life time of commitment. Whats not to love?!

  12. Daver let you take clippers to his head? LOL!

    Thats awesome, you have secret powers of influence and stuff.

    I can’t even get near my significant other’s crotch-forest with the clippers, even if I promise the “heavenly reward” after.

  13. Guys love Rush cuz Rush are a bunch of SOCIALIST Canadians, and even US guys are secretly socialists (cue maniacal laughter). At least the good ones … Plus, how could you NOT love Today’s Tom Sawyer?

    I love Rush. And I love The Daver. Because he loves you. And Rush.

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