I’m getting a tattoo on Tuesday (win!) but I’m not entirely sure what I want underneath, except that I do NOT want fire. I’d rather get a poorly misspelled name than fire under the phoenix tattoo. But you know, I need something else under there. A scene.




68 thoughts on “As Close To Naked As You’ll Ever See Me.

  1. i love this tattoo! don’t have any helpful comments as to what you’ll want to get next (cuz i think tattoos are waaayyy personal) but that looks fantastic, and i’m sure your next piece will too. : ]

  2. I can’t decide if this sounds dumb or awesome, but maybe a spiral tornado thing formed out of the words “Band Back Together”?

    Or a portrait of Michael C. Hall. You know. Either.

  3. A nest. Or a variation on the theme. It seems to be the opposite of fire, anyway, given how the phoenix is born and un-raised…

  4. Naked in the kitchen! Woot woot!
    Perhaps a quote you find inspiring or meaningful? I think it’s good as is, maybe you should start fresh somewhere else.

  5. Either your blog logo, which is kick ass, or representation of the potholder on the counter and plastic car on the floor, like a coat of arms. Or flames. You can NEVER go wrong with flames. Thus necessitating the potholder, no?

  6. I really like the nest idea. A good continuation of the phoenix theme and it also works well with the whole family/ mommy part of your life. For me anyways, tattoos have to have some sort of meaning or importance, and it seems like your others have some deeper significance to them as well. A nest, the idea of home or family, etc makes sense. Any desire to put your kids names in there somehow as well?

  7. How bout a teardrop for every person you’ve killed? he he, or seriously, I like the nest idea, that’s kind of cool. Or a unicorn with a glitter horn lifting up it’s hoove and on the bottom of it’s hoove it could have a mushroom print on it. No matter what it should definitely have a personal meaning for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck! We better see another naked picture of you, we have to see what you decide to get!

  8. It should be a “Mommy Wants Vodka” tramp stamp done to match the blog OR a sweet unicorn on a unicycle with sparkles

  9. LOL – little truck on the floor in the background…

    You know you are a parent when you take naked pictures of yourself and incriminating evidence appears somewhere in the picture.

    Well if you aren’t gonna tattoo “SUBLIME” in big gothic letters on your back, maybe a design styled the same way as the part near your phoenix’s head that extends to your shoulder on the left and above the tail on the right? If the design was similar and under the phoenix but colored differently, it might hint at flame, without being flame.

    And I have a big Japanese dragon that extends down my left arm from the shoulder to past my elbow and he has flames ๐Ÿ˜›

    Still, I’m thinking “SUBLIME” might be kinda cool…

      1. RIGHT. That’s what’s always kept me from getting a sleeve. But now, I realize. I’d have to change my name to be anonymous and get hired (quick google search pulls me up) so I’m not going to bother with worrying about the sleeve now.

  10. Beautiful tatoo…how about getting a rising sun, just about the jean’s line – in an elaborate design to compliment the phoenix? Tatoo’s are addictive…I only have two, so far, but a third one is coming!

  11. A bright and shining sunshine with various shades of yellow/orange and small amounts of red…………you can put on some body glitter daily to make it illuminate the phenoix more brilliantly.

    Glitter is pretty and I love glitter.

  12. I love it! I’m currently trying to select my next tattoo which I will get in honor of my mom. My brother, a graphic artists, decides to research white ink on skin and has totally messed it up for me by telling me that the gardenia image that I previously wanted won’t look good. So now I’m back to the drawing board.

    I don’t know, I think that looks hot all by itself. Maybe throw some flowers in a vine or something. If you can’t think of anything creative, MOM can be your default ;-).

  13. I love it the way it is. I’ve got nothing if you dont want the flames. Though the sun idea is interesting, but I suppose the sun IS fire technically right?

  14. 1. thug life
    2. it’s near impossible to tattoo ‘glitter’. i strongly advise against it.
    3. stephgas + auntmotherfuckinbecky 4EVA
    4. i hate to be a buzzkill, but i don’t dig the idea of a tattooed nest. :/
    5.professor dumbledore
    6. i like the idea of drawing up a design that is in the same style as the phoenix’s wings and continuing that style under it.
    7. piano cat
    8. ‘honey badger don’t give a shit’ in gothic style lettering.

  15. What about a celtic knot tree of life? I was thinking of something like this one (btw, don’t worry about stealing the design…it is based on a design by another artist entirely) but something like this one (not really a celtic knot but still gorgeous) would be way cool too.

  16. A Japanese wave, not under but next to the phoenix, with the top of the wave even with the blue feather. Not so it is crashing into the phoenix, but just missing it.

  17. So, this isn’t really a scene, but how about a stick of butter with wings? I have a friend who is dying to get this but doesn’t gave a place to put it. I think it would be full of The Awesome!!!! A Butter Fly!!!!!!!

  18. > 6. i like the idea of drawing up a design that is in the same style as > the phoenixโ€™s wings and continuing that style under it.

    Your colours Aunt Becky, are wonderful. In your site logo,
    and in the Phoenix. I copy the poster above with respect to
    keeping style, and if possible a continuation of the colouring
    also. Perhaps a near-vertical flowery, stylized script of
    “Mommy Likes Vodka”?

    I also echo the poster who said it’s beautiful like it is!

  19. I’m picturing a tree, then you can put a nest on it (in it?)
    And then you can sing that annoying song that they had on Barney about the hole in the ground and the tree in the hole and the green grass grows all around…not that *I* watched Barney or anything.

  20. I am so planning my next three tattoos right now. well two are matching. hee!

    if it were me, I’d get cherry blossoms or something like that to balance it. but I think it’s lovely.

  21. Maybe some sort of flower/jungle undergrowth the phoenix is rising from? Vines and leaves mimicking the lines of the phoenix’s tail, lots of flowers and colour, and cracks where the light gets in, maybe have it contour along the lines of your body.

    Uh, that last line was a lot less creepy in my head.

  22. You could always steal my (as yet uninked) idea of an empty birdcage with the door hanging open… Kinda gives the pheonix another dimension in meaning. Not only has it been born out of death, but it has escaped captivity too.

  23. CycleNinja nailed it!
    I kind of like the idea of a punk fairy flinging glitter, because that’s a little of how I perceive you, Aunt Becky. But it doesn’t so much go with the Phoenix. I’ve never heard of a Phoenix associated with a nest, so that’s a bit intriguing.
    I love the swirly motif on your Phoenix, it’s similar to what I tend to doodle: vines, leaves, flowers. Maybe an extension of that ~ something natural.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your choice!

  24. I think Pete in Az. nailed it with the wave (water)….Tho i also like “and still i rise” if you wanted to put words….A beautiful wave just missing the phoenix, with those gorgeous blues…..ahhhhh

  25. I agree with the wave idea also since you are looking for a scene. My only concern is that the phoenix is so beautiful I would hope it doesn’t get lost in the mix

  26. One of my favorite Ani DiFranco quotes is from a song called 32 Flavors:
    “god help you if you are a phoenix
    and dare to rise up from the ash
    a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy
    while you are just flying past”

    Also, I like the idea of a Tree of Life, perhaps starting catty-corner from the phoenix and reaching across your back, towards it.

  27. You notice, Madame Mommy, that a lot think you’re perfect already, including me. Is there any way I could whistle or – shrieking out loud – tell you that now? Very Pretty, and handsome as is. But. You are mistress ..

  28. Well, it is fairly obvious that you need a 1980’s inspired rose with a waving banner that says Guns N’ Roses with a backdrop of the Dixie flag tearing through your skin. I can just see it now…

    And just kidding. However, I must direct you to my tattoo artist’s page: http://www.seppukutattoo.com/page11/page11.html

    His name is Matt Lukesh. He used to live here in Savannah, but has since relocated to New Jersey. Can you believe we DRIVE up there JUST to get tattooed. Yes, we think he is THAT good. Cause he is. He is on magazines and in documentaries and shit…we are just glad we found him in Savannah before he went and got all out to the world with his awesomeness. Also, he has REALLY cute kids – twins. Which has absolutely NOTHING to do with tattooing.

  29. Here is hoping that you got creative and got something like, “Slippery When Wet” on one of your inner thighs….

  30. I was picturing the same stylized feathers that the phoenix has, sort of blowing/falling in one direction, they could wrap around your side or go down your side. Like the phoenix has just burst into flight (to get to where it is on your shoulder) and some feathers got left behind and are drifting down on a breeze.

  31. I like the wave idea or the cherry blossom tree, very asian type feel going on, which I love. Or an Ewok. The husband and I are getting video game tattoos so I might not be the best to give advice. I’m getting Princess Zelda and he’s getting Link and it shall be awesome!

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