There are no words to express the awesomeness of this except for #winning. Thanks, Prankster Dorothy for making this for me. It will be treasured always.

I’m off to Type A Parent, where I’m certain to horrify everyone with my Type B-ness (it’s a nice way of saying, “I’m lazy as fuck.”).

I’m hoping for some hot TSA action.

Because I AM Type A about mah blog, I’m certain that I’ll be blogging ON LOCATION. Which sounds so much fancier when I put it that way.

Happy Trails, Pranksters. Be good. Or as good as *I* am. Which isn’t very good at all.


19 thoughts on “You Best Believe This Shit is Going Up On My Wall

  1. Classic! And now when my husband complains that my ass is on the couch too much or laundry needs to be done or *insert some lame chore here*, I’ll tell him I’m a Type B, I can’t help it!

  2. Oh hey that is me!!
    Sorry I haven’t responded. Pop’s been sick. Pneumonia again. Hospitalization then two days of hospice and then when he didn’t die after two days he gave up on dying (because we have attention spans of gnats).
    Now he is in rehab.
    Sorry I didn’t respond Aunt Becky.
    Glad you like it!!
    Prankster Dorothy

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