Without further preamble, I present the back of my daughter’s head:

Fracking huuuge, isn’t it? But shit, it looks good and hopefully she won’t get female pattern baldness. Or if she does, she can wear some kicky wigs.

What’s that? You DIDN’T ask for an obligatory cute baby pic? Well, too bad.

This is the reason we can’t have nice things. I was being all good and stuff and ordering diapers online like an intelligent person would, right? Except I shouldn’t be allowed credit cards in my sleepless state because look at the size I bought FOR AMELIA. Who weighs MAYBE 9.5 pounds.

That’s right, I bought the size BETWEEN 1 and 2 rather than the size between Newborn and 1. They’re dwarfing her delicate butt.

All you can do is laugh, right? Because diapers, they don’t spoil.


That’s right! Since about a week postpartum, my feet have returned to their pre-pregnancy size and my cankles have been banish-ed! Hooray for no cankles!

Anything else you want me to answer?

44 thoughts on “You Asked! I Answered!

  1. You are so much braver than I. Daniel’s “this is what the back of your head looked list post op” pictures just aren’t for public viewing. Or anyone with a heart and stomach. I only took them so HE can see when he’s older. And the tube pictures? Oh forget it.

    It does look good though, for what it is.

    And hey, those bigger diapers are handy to have around sometimes, when the kid decides to start blowing out of her regular size, those will fit right on top!

  2. omg she is so pretty…please give her a squish from me…
    i love your tattoos… how bad did they hurt?

    much love,
    your BBFF

  3. Wow, her incision is healing so nicely! It will be just fine in the long term I think. She is so blinkin’ cute! And so are your toesies. Now:P

  4. Actually I’ve heard of disposables expiring! But I think it takes, like, years.

    Very cute baby. Isn’t it amazing a whole human can weigh so little? And yet.

  5. She’s cute, but my kid has more hair than yours 😉 Thanks for the comment on FB.

    Those sizes mean nothing to me. DS wears the ones for 35+ pounds. He’s closer to 24.

  6. The hair will grow over it, or she can always do the ‘comb over,’ like a balding old man. Or she could get transplants, so the kids at school don’t make fun of her.
    WTF did that surgeon use to make an incision that long, scoop out the grey matter and sew it up all in 45 minutes? A hack saw and a portable sewing machine?

  7. Dude. Those are sexxy feet. And a gorgeous baby. And big diapers. So what do the brothers think of the little wiggle worm?

  8. Cute baby! I’m so glad I clicked to come over and visit you!

    The reason I clicked to visit is to say thank you for your support in my Super Heavy Duty Post on Violence Unsilenced. I appreciate it greatly.

  9. She is beautiful and think of all the stories she can come up with to explain that scar away!!! One tough little baby and georgous tats mommy

  10. It’s amazing how quickly babies’ skin heals-when t had hernia surgery at 7 weeks, they didn’t even use stitches, they used that clear tape that just falls off after a week or so. I was scared to death that it would pop off and internal parts would leak out. Glad she is doing so great, girl.

  11. Amelia is too cute. I am sure that her hair will grow back and you won’t even be able to tell that she had surgery. Glad to hear that your cankles are gone! I had terrible cankles while pregnant, so I feel your pain!

  12. You crack me up with the diapers. I went to the store 3 times for preemie diapers and came home with the wrong size each time. Who knew “N”, “1”, and “12-15 pounds” wasn’t some weird code for “preemie”? Cuz I sure thought it was. New mom brain…you’re allowed. And your ankles are beautiful.

  13. I *heart* you and Little Missy. She is BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been reading (Sorry I haven’t been commenting) and she couldn’t have a better mama. Love to you all.

    Ankles are a good thing.


  14. Cute baby, nice tatts. =)

    I did the same thing with the girls diapers, I didn’t even notice that they made a size 1-2 until I got them home and they were effing HUGE on them.

  15. So cute! And it looks like the incision is healing rather nicely. She can definitely use the “I got this in a bar fight…” line.

  16. Feet look good, head looks good, all seems to be in order. This has truly been amazing.

    Has the doctor given you something to put on the incision to prevent scarring (after it’s completely closed)? I know that Mederma works, but they also have Dr. Blaine’s scar patch things that are supposed to work miracles. I know the hair will cover it, but if you can minimize the scar tissue as well, that would be so much better. Especially since her head is so tiny, by the time it’s adult sized, it should be nearly invisible.

  17. Great pictures! She is ADORABLE. She’ll have a scar that she can wear with honor! My friend had a tumor in her head that had to be removed and the only reason I found out was because she (crazy girl that she was) decided to shave her head in college.

    Yeah on ankles being normal. Huge relief.


  18. Actually, her incision looks pretty damn good, if you ask me. I swear by Neosporin for scar minimizing – when I blew out my windshield with my face at 18, it was all I used and you can hardly tell. And she is so freaking cute! I want to boop that little nose.

    Also, your feet are super sexy. I love the foot tats, did I ever tell you before?

  19. The scar looks great! And when she gets older her hair will cover it anyway. You will be really glad you ordered those diapers on a few months. And wook at the cute wittle feet! Yeah, yours!

  20. She is so cute! I’m drooling over those baby cheeks, you know. Looks like the incision is healing up nicely! Amazing powers of recovery, those little ones. And sexy feet, mama. Sexxxeeeee…. 😉

  21. I had no idea they made between sizes diapers…although I had to use huggies because pampers have perfume in them and SOMEONE has a sensitive butt.

  22. It actually looks great! (your feet look great too. How do you have such a great looking pedicure with a new baby?!) Did you take any pictures of it before surgery? (sorry. the doctor part of me is dying to know!)

  23. She is stunning. So glad you included the obligatory cute baby pic, though, a better description is beautiful baby pic. I think her scar looks remarkably well. Think of the fun she’ll have telling her friends how she got it!

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