My baby, she wrote me a letter. Or a blog post. Or she would if she could. She still needs to master that whole “speaking thing.” Whatever.

But even without mastering speech (yet. Perhaps at 2 months of age? I forget how these things develop), my daughter is an obvious prodigy. How do I know besides knowing her impeccable genetics (well, half of them at least)?


Life can begin now.

Never underestimate the power of prayer. Thank you all so much.

62 thoughts on “With Apologies To Joe Cocker

  1. Whoo Hooo Amelia glad you’re home and now Aunt Becky enjoy all your beautiful babies and especially the little champ. We knew she could do it and you too. Now rest and enjoy your little bundle of pinkness. This calls for another candle lighting of thankfulness…..Big ((((HUGS)))) from Texas.

  2. YAY…… HOME!!! SUCH awesome news, and we so need pics (you know to make sure you are properly caring for “our” baby Hahaha)

  3. Whew, I am so tired of worrying about you. Seriously, now I have even more grey hair than before.
    SO what are you going to do now that you have won the baby stakes??? I think Micky land is in your future!!!!

  4. Well, of course she is amazing I would expect no less from your little girl. You all deserve some ice cream.. Rum raisin perhaps, )I don[t think ice cream comes in vodka flavors, sorry)

  5. What an amazing little person. Please do let us know when her first words come out in the form of an Italian aria or something. That does seem to be the direction she’s headed…

  6. It’s quite obvious Amelia is brilliant and amazing!

    Congrats to everyone and now enjoy that baby, at home, in peace at last.

    Sending much love your way, babe. It’s been a rough road, but you drove like a Nascar champ.

  7. I know I’ve kept up on twitter, but now having finally all caught up with you *here* with the full force of your feelings, conveniently in time to see clearly that you will both be beautifully alright, I kind of wish I could kiss you.

    So incredibly ridiculously happy you and your cherished darling Cinnamon Girl are happily relaxing with your boobs.

  8. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, with your babe AT HOME!!! Becky, I’m so happy that things went well and she’s home where she belongs, with her kick-ass fam.

  9. Now you can start complaining/worrying about normal things, like sore nipples, obsession with the color, quantity and consistency of poop (hers, not yours), and how tired you are. I’m looking forward to it.

  10. Have been lurking on and off, and decided to come out.

    What Betts says about poop and sleep and sore nipples. . .

    How wonderful that you’re all home!

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