So, a couple of you suggested astutely that I vanity publish my essays. Besides the fact that I am a total cheap-ass, I just.can’

I can’t tell you the story, though, because I can’t do it justice. So I conned someone that could tell the story for you into guest posting for me. In turn, I owe her my firstborn son and the story of Vanessa, my she-beast roommate.

Without further adieu, I present to you Pashmina, my former blogmate, the Stimpy to my Ren, and a good damn friend of mine.

3 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Vanity Publish

  1. yes, sadly I have encountered one too many self-published poetry collections. In fact, I did one myself when I was 21, though it was just made of photocopies I did at the social security office, hehe. Poetry is particularly prone to vanity publishing I have to say, becasue no one else wants to publish whole collections of it. And there’s a LOT of Really Bad Shit around.

    Why did I decide to be a poet, dammit?

  2. You know, you could have stopped after Esther Lester, because I was already wiping tears at that point. Who knew Lake Michigan was so inspiring? And I’ve already been lurking about your friend’s blog prior to this link ’cause I’m creepy like that ;).

    Now. About Vanessa. Spill it, Beck.

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