I know, I know. 2 whole posts in one day! And none with pictures! Cats and dogs, living together, absolute chaos.

But yeah. Anyway.

As soon as The Daver gets home, I’m off to L and D to get checked out. Apparently, swelling up like a balloon even without other symptoms can be cause for alarm. And my legs and feet? Well, I’ll SPARE you the picture. I’ll take my thanks in the form of gifts and money and possibly a housecleaning. Or a foot rub.

Let me leave it at this: I have extreme doubts that I’ll be able to put shoes on. At all. And I wore them yesterday. I’ll be the freak in flip flops, if you see me out and about.

Man, I wish I could make ’em induce me now. Sadly, tho, I’ll be back later to tell you all about how it was somehow related to me peeing my pants or something equally trite and humilating.


Come on baby girl! Come on out!



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