…am I fucking up more?

The one who loves to write insanely complex lists?

Or the one, despite a recent cutting, who cannot help but rock a Bon Jovi hair cut?

You be the judge.

21 thoughts on “Which Child…

  1. Oh, the educator in me is so proud that your oldest can take a set of instructions and reproduce them! What great linear thought development! Huzzah! You have taught him wll.

    The other one, on the other hand, looks like your husband in this picture. I think it’s the forehead.

  2. I am hardcore, thankyouverymuch!

    At least, this is what I comfort myself with when I am feeling frumpy and gross.

  3. We set aside a fund for each of our children, but my husband and I call this different things. What he calls “College Fund” I call “Future Therapy Slush.”

    Only time will tell what the money goes towards.

  4. SUCH.A.CUTE.PICTURE. Your Alex is absolutely adorable and I just wanna squish him!

    And I am very impressed by the list. I love how he had to write down to eat the waffle. 🙂

  5. As a list-er myself, I must say that Ben will rule the world!

    I *thought* those may be the infamous Burberry muffs, nice.

    As for Alex, Beans tells me she’d like us to schedule a playdate! He’s cute!

  6. Oh yes, those are the earmuffs. BUT, in my defense, they really just happened to be right there. It wasn’t posed on my part, BUT I didn’t move them.

    Alex would love to meet The Beans. He has a thing for the ladies.

  7. Well, the one with the pacifier, of course. You know those things ruin a child’s teeth, sense of self, ability to jump high, etc. I’m sure you know this but I’m joking. You aren’t screwing your kids up anymore than anyone else on the planet. Myself included.

    My son has that same board. Instead of writing lists on it he draws photos of me with my arms coming out of my head. Good times.

    Alex is a cutie pie. 🙂

  8. See, by now I’m doubting the whole nature thing. The older Ben gets, the more he is turning into Dave. He’s seriously beginning to LOOK like him, which is strangest when you remember that Dave looks nothing like Nat OR me.

  9. I spend each night quaking in fear. I’ve created a monster and IT’S ALIVE, IT’S ALLLLIIIIIVVVVVEEEEEE!

    Or something.

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