I don’t do politics. Which is why this is kinda a weird change of pace for me. But go read it (and comment if’n you have time) because it’s also funny. Or, um, it was in my head.

8 thoughts on “Wherein I Get Marginally Political. Sorta

  1. I wanna comment here instead because I feel like it.

    I want him to get collection agencies to settle the hell down a little. Yes, I’m in debt up to my eyebrows. Yes, I know I owe you people tons of money. But when I tell you I’m living paycheck to paycheck and I can’t afford to send you a dollar a month, I mean it! Trying to discuss with me for 15 minutes how “We really need to get this settled” doesn’t make money magically start poring out of random orifices.

    Trust me, if it did? I wouldn’t be in debt.

  2. I don’t have depression. Except when those commercials come on. That sad music and the depressed teenager. OMG! I just want to die. “Depression can hurt.” It does! It does hurt!

    I don’t know if that guy can bring about social change in the business world, but it sure would be nice if there wasn’t so much predatory everything.

  3. I want the “last chance to merge all of your credit cards to one low rate calls” to stop. In fact, just for honesty’s sake, they should actually say, this is your last chance EXCEPT for the next 15 calls we plan to make to you. I hate them.

    And, yes, it was totally worth going to read. You were on a funny roll!!

  4. Gods, please, stop the commercials for meds! While we’re at it, have those collection calls down to no more than one a month. And make those collection idiots who say you can take care of your debt for half the amount you owe tell you it’s still going to fuck up your credit when you do. Also, take those damned lawyer commercials off the air. If I have to listen to one more pitying face and sincere voice telling me I can get money for taking a med or fighting social security disability, I may puke!

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