Dear Amelia,

When you were two, you were a tiny Muppet of a girl, all curls and whirls and bounce and fire.

Pink Birthday Balloons

When you were two, you danced when you were happy; clapping your hands and snorting and giggling.

Amelia Mommy Wants Vodka

When you were two, you could also kick the ass of anyone who needed it with your fists of fury. Your fury is legendary.

Fists of Birthday Fury

When you were two, Hello Kitty was your best friend. You called it “Hi Kitty.”

Hello Kitty Stuffed Animal

When you were two, your laughter sounded like the tinkling of a thousand bells.

Mommy Wants Vodka

When you were two, your mother tried to make you a heart cuppity-cake. It looked like testicles.

Cake Wrecks Aunt Becky

When you were two, your mother bought herself a present to celebrate your birth.

When you were two, your house was filled with balloons and laughter and love and light.

Mommy Wants Vodka

And for a moment, on the day that you were two, my heart took flight.

Happy Birthday, My Princess of the Bells, Amelia Grace.

56 thoughts on “When You Were Two

  1. For some unknown reason this is making me cry. She’s glorious, gorgeous, and I’m sure she saw it as a heart.

    I’m glad the Princess of the Bells had a day of balloons, laughter, and Hello Kitty (who I also love, at much older than 2). Happy late birthday Amelia 🙂

  2. Every time you write about Amelia I get tears in my eyes. Your unyielding love and strength for her makes my heart so happy. Happy Birthday Amelia!

  3. Happy birthday one of the best kick-ass chicks out there.

    And that cupcake? I’m thinking more ruptured spleen than testicles.

  4. Just lovely. Happy birthday, little chickie! My 8 and 1/2 year old boys are starting to look like teenagers these days. I am ready to go kidnap a little 2 year old girl now for the cuteness and cuddles. (Don’t worry, not yours… you live too far away!)

  5. awww! TWO cute!!! She needs her a good pair of ass kicking boots to go with those fists of fury. She’s a force to reckon with!

  6. That was sweet; nothing like reminiscing on when they were young.

    I remember when the fruit of my loins was young. Of course it was 5 billion years ago (I am quite old), and it was the earth (my loins are quite large) but still…

    When it was only 2 bil or so, her surface was just hard enough in some places, the primordial soup (it was more of a broth, but let’s not split hairs) had simmered down enough to let the first strands of RNA come together, like two ‘tweens at their first school dance. Ah, those were the days…

    Then they grow up and invent genocide and global warming. Kids -what’s a father to do?

  7. My Zoe has that same shirt- well, she DID, until the dryer ate part of the cake picture… irony, much? Target is full of the AWESOME. Happy Birthday Princess of the Bells Amelia! <3 <3 <3

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