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(I’ll be adding some more through the day. Why? Because obviously)

36 thoughts on “When The Best You Can Do Is Come Up With Some Lousy Cards

  1. Oh, these are SO funny!! Thanks for sharing…you brightened up my day considerably! Keep em coming, Jana. I tweeted you and shared on Facebook…my friends will love your humor.

  2. Dear mom,

    Thanks for letting me wreck up your vagina, in ways dad never could.

    Love, your son.

    Wait til you see the Mother’s Day post I’m brewing. My mom is a hoot. And a half… You’ll be scarred for life!!

  3. My mom would love these. But Aunt Becky, she thinks you are the greatest thing on The Twitter and one of the only reasons she checks her Twitter.

  4. I’m designing a card to send to my grown kids on their birthdays. Something telling them that I am spending all the cash I can get my hands on before I die and I’m leaving them my old 60’s CDs. Or maybe I’ll just wait until I get into the GOOD Nursing Home and then tell them I left everything to that cute bartender at Chili’s.

  5. Oh I love them… thanks for sharing those. My mom hates Mother’s Day and she would LOVE to get one of those. Good giggle, just what I needed.

  6. AB, you totally rock! If I spoke to my crazy ass bitch of a mother, these would be perfect for her! Hmm, but NOTHING at all is better!!

    You are great! LOL


  7. Thank you Aunt Becky, I have been looking for the perfect mother’s day cards for my mom & step mom. Now I am just gonna sent them this post. (((HUGS))) Happy Mother’s Day to you, and thanks for raising your own fucking kids! You are a hero.

  8. OK, so when are the “Shut your whore mouth, MOM!” Mother’s Day cards coming out? That’s what I want to know…

  9. I love the first one! I’ve been telling my mom that she is going into a home with “State run facility” in the title. All 20/20 sytle where they leave you in your filth parked in a corner.

  10. Dear Aunt Becky – instead of giving my mom a card this Mother’s Day, I think I will remind her that she popped me out of her belly (umm…C-section, you know) just to put me here on this earth to lip-sync to gangsta rap. Since she doesn’t know how to use a computer, I will have to pull up my blog for her. SEE? EASY? Not to mention better than a card.

  11. AB, I sent the last one to my mom and she wrote back “Lol, you are! you are!” she then forwarded the email to my dad and said, “well at least one of our children thinks of me” and he said, “you should be so proud.”
    I called her later and she told me about this. Then she said she was going to send it to my brothers and say “see! this is how you honor your mother!” but she decided against it since she and I have that type of relationship and it hasn’t occurred naturally with the little boys (ages 21 and 25). i then forced her to read the rest of them and we had a good laugh.
    All that said, I LOVE when you do these. they make me happy in the pants.

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