8 thoughts on “When All Else Fails…

  1. Three Word Slogan…

    Three Word Slogan…

    Three Word Slogan…

    And, I think kids are great… As long as they’re someone else’s.

  2. Odie sent me over to read this. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that feels this way! It also amused me to know I’m not the only one that has friends like that. Have you ever noticed that single people without children seem a little self centered? haha

  3. It’s mostly stopped now that I am in my 40s but it used to annoy the shit out of me when people asked why havent you had a baby yet. I tell them I cant and they say of course you will change your mind! I used to say I CAN’T, didnt say that I didnt want to. And still they pestered me further. The ones that did go too far I would tell them, umm if I were to get pregnant (again) the baby would die and so would I. That stops just about everyone in their tracks.

    BTW – there are some uptight douchenozzles on that comment board. I wouldnt look either. It would hurt your feeling. I know it hurt mine.

  4. great post as usual, becky! wtf is wrong with those (a few) people….? no way you sounded bitter. Your wit and humor with a pen is just too much for their peasized brains.

  5. The only thing in life that really tells you the world does not, in fact, actually revolve around you is when you have kids and thus spend all of your money and time on them. People who have chosen not to have kids never learned this. That is why they appear to be so fucked up: I am the goddamn sun, YOU revolve around me, and why cant you go the bar with me in 15 minutes you selfish bitch!

  6. hmmmm, what a buncha cunty bitches over there…and why are they trolling around reading there would be my first question…well, my only question, vecause who can say why bored bitter ppl with time on their hands visit anyplace in the internetz?
    Fuck them, I thought it was a great post, am still trying to cut my comment down to 1500 tho…ack,,,

    I loved the post Aunt Becky, thanks for saying what so many of us want (need?) to say out loud!!

  7. I’m childless by chance and not by choice (I love kids! By the time I met my hubby, I was too old to have any.) . I feel so grateful that when my late best friend had her three girls, that we didn’t drift apart and were as close as ever, even when her husband got transferred to the next county and they moved an hour’s drive away. But then I loved her girls like they were my own (and still do, now that they are adults), and would sit on the floor for hours playing barbies with them and doing crafts. I loved being the fun auntie!

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