So, yeah. Yeah. Rules. Yeah.

Now, I’m not much of a dog person. Really, I’m not. We have Cash, the dog equivalent of a house plant whom I love dearly. But we both know that he’s The Daver’s dog, and we’re okay with this.

And if I’m not a dog person, I’m REALLY not a puppy person. Sure, they’re cute and all, but so are puffer fish, and we both know what can happen when you tangle with one of those. Honestly, neither is The Daver; we both like established dogs whose personality is able to be determined upon meeting them. But Cash is a really territorial house plant, so getting another dog was out of the question.

But we found this puppy. This teeny-tiny puppy who looked like a mini-fox. And rather than walk away from him like we should have, we instead chose to hold him. It was then that this dog turned the cute to 11 and we were hooked.

We vacillated wildly as we always do in these situations, knowing that all we’re really doing is posturing for comedic effect. The dog was as good as ours when he first nuzzled into Dave’s neck. The puppy knew it, I knew it, The Daver especially knew it.

Sure, we TRIED to put him back into the cage, but it wasn’t gonna happen.

So we now own the world’s cutest puppy.

Problem is, he needs a name. And I suck at coming up with names. I just suck (one might argue I suck at many, many things) at this. Between the two kids with 15 names each, the foster animals, and my regular animals, I’m tapped out. I especially suck because I insist that the names be something either clever or ironic. Not an easy combination.

So far I’ve come up with

a) Little Guy

b) Vincent D’Onofrio

c) Gary Indiana

I’m not a cutesy name dog person, nor am I intending to become one. Mr. Jubbles, Foxy, Bear-Bear, or Sweetie are not okay for me.

Any ideas? It’s a dude and it’s a Shiba Inu mix.

Here he is!

And I hope that everyone had a great Mother’s Day. Or at the very least, that it wasn’t too brutal.

52 thoughts on “What’s That I Say About Rules?

  1. Shiba’s yodel. They do not bark. You could be ironic and call him Barkley. That’s all I got right now, as sad as it is. He is a doll though!!!
    I would have a very hard time not squeezing him to pieces!

  2. I don’t even watch the crime show but I loooove Vincent D ‘Onofrio or however you spell it. So that’s my pick. We have a corgie named Lucinda Williams. I’m not a dog person either but that dog is fuckin cute. Till he grows up.

  3. mister shnowzer wozzer cutie mcpharland..yes he is..yes he is…

    hee hee. i don’t follow the rules.

  4. For some reason, the two dogs I have met that are lil dudes like him had two names: Mary Lou and Jim Brown. In each case, calling a dog that small by two names never ceases to be hilarious. So my vote would be for Chuck White or Lou Moreno or something. Like any obscure movie characters?

  5. I’m not really a fan of Vincent D but I am a fan of Paul Anka, I vote Paul Anka. A rather ridiculous name for a ridiculously cute puppy. Seriously. I think I just got a cavity looking at that puff ball.

  6. hmm…
    i’ve always been good @ coming up with dog names but that pup draws me blank..he is very very cute, and I can’t wait to hear what kinda antics he gives you..its just like starting with a baby all over again with the wimpering in the middle of the night. fun fun fun..

    I love animals but I despise a puppy in the nippy age..thats to much..

    train him well, and early!

    he looks like he would be a “trotter” or you could call him “banks” to go along with

  7. Oh my freak – that thing is a dog? Hmm…
    Why “Gary Indiana”? I’m just curious because I have relatives that live there, haha.
    I suck at naming things. I call my kids Monkey and Boo, for crying out loud. 😉

  8. Okay, he is WAY adorable! I don’t name pets anymore. Our dog is Potato. Because if he gets hit by a car, he will be a “mashed potato”. Really. That’s why he’s named that!

    Can’t wait to hear what you decide on!

  9. I stay away from the puppies — it’s too tempting. I love naming things: kids, dogs, fish, cars, whatever… really. I do like Vincent, but I’m doubting your sincerity there 🙂 .

    Let’s see.


    Okay, I’m tapped out for now. But he needs a name, and you need to tell us what you choose!

  10. Oh my god…he looks like a Kenny. Actually, that’s what I wanted to name our new puppy. But we ended up with a year old doggy yesterday (fully trained…jealous?) and we’re just going to keep his shelter name…it’s Felix.

    Good luck with your new puppy! Patience.

  11. No question: Steven Smirnoff.

    The nicknames are endless…

    Smir (“smear”)

    (or maybe I just haven’t had coffee yet this morning and it totally sucks, but whatever.)

  12. That dog is too cute!

    If it were my dog, I’d probably name him something weird, like Wolf, since he looks like a fox. 😀
    Oh, and I’ve always wanted to get a huge ass dog and name him something along the lines of Tiny, or Mouse. I guess the equivalent in this situation would be calling your dog Giant.

  13. two words:

    Jack Daniels.

    Much Love on the otherside of Mother’s Day, which was not TOO brutal, but I DID think of you….much….

  14. I have sincere dog envy right now, as I’m not “allowed” to have one. Boo hoo.

    I won’t be much help in the naming stakes, as I want to name every pet ever with an old person’s name. P’s fish are called Doris and Dean for this very reason. Doris was my pick, Dean, the husband’s. I like names like Flo, Reginald, Norman, Betty, Conrad, Gilbert, Ira, Gladys, Ida, Myna, Melvin, Wilbur…I could go on and on.

  15. Yep- to cute. Never should have held him! In my family we like to name animals afrer roads in our town. We have had an Ashworth, Grand, Ingersoll and Pipen.

    Yeah- we are not very creative!

  16. Oh he is cute! But no, I’m with you on the no puppies thing. I second Smirnoff – it IS a type of Vodka and goes with the name of the blog, no? Or Stoli or Absolut? Hmmmmm. I think I like Stoli the best 🙂

  17. Gary Indiana. No doubt about it, that puppy is a Gary Indiana.

    He is, also, the cutest freaking ball of fuzz I have ever seen. I’m jealous!

  18. I suck so bad at naming animals that my parents have my 17 year old cat. A cat I named Buffy. Because I couldn’t think of anything else.

    I vowed right then to think of names of new animals ahead of time. So when we got our first cat I named him Alexander the Great, immediately (We call him Alexander, or Alexander Salamander…but you know how that goes). And when we got another cat, it took someone else thinking of Ivan the Terrible. To go with him…now, since you already have Alex? I think you might need an Ivan. Ivan the Terrible.

  19. Well if you go with Vincent D you could cal him Vinnie??

    I had a neighbor who had a german shephard named Muffin. So HIGHlarious. You could name this little dude Spike or something really ferocious.

  20. I love naming dogs and I seriously cannot name them cutsie names. But the first thing I thought of when I saw your way cute dog was something evil like:
    (Lucifer is too blatant)

    The name of the hell hound from Harry Potter was Fluffy so it’s not ironic enough, but I do like the irony of a big dog name like:


    Something along those lines. Good luck. And that little one is UBER cute!

  21. Oh my gawd. I cannot believe you got another pet!

    For names, I like Nelson, too. It could be after Willie Nelson, one of the (awesome) Nelson Twins (of Nelson fame) or the “ha ha” hid from The Simpsons.

    ..Or Axl. That would be sweet.

    Now I want a puppy!

  22. That dog is SERIOUSLY CUTE!! I’m agreeing with the person who wants you to name him after a brand of whiskey. I used to have a beta fish named Captain Morgan! 🙂 haha.

  23. Oh, my gosh…Yep, I woulda totally come home with him too! Our dogs are named Zip and Candy, but I have always liked Scooter. I had a cocker spaniel named Hooter…that was kinda cool!

  24. Oh, and? I once had a white cat named Splodge – because I always wanted a white pet I could name Spot, but she was too freakin’ cute for something so ordinary.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  25. I once had a dog named Sae (say), so that I could go to the door and call Here Sae (hearsay?). Too much fun?

  26. ha! you noticed what I noticed just now reading other peoples comment on the dog names..

    your how does the abc’s

    Cash (he soo counts!)

    so now I think you need an E name..


    eggo..leggo my

    shit,now im hungry…

  27. People still buy dogs from pet stores? Hmmm…I’m anxiously awaiting the day when that is NOT allowed anymore!

    How’s your shiba mix doing?

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