One word: amnio. Tomorrow. Lung maturity.

Also: scared.

Hold me Internet?

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55 thoughts on “What’s A Big Ass Needle Among Friends?

  1. If they’re checking lung maturity, they must be thinking of ending your misery soon, right? And that’s a good thing, right?
    Hoping and praying for you and your family, can’t wait for baby pics, and of course, all the gory details of the birth.

  2. AAAAAAHHHH! Big Scary Needle!

    I hope Amelia is taking a nap when they do that, and has nice healthy lungs so she can join the rest of us out here.

    Good luck!

  3. Good luck Becky!! I’ll be thinking of you and Amelia. Just remember to breathe – oh, and don’t LOOK at the needle!

  4. oh, holy hell! i hope the results come back just fine. meanwhile, close your eyes, so you never see the needle!!

  5. Ok- longtime lurker- but seriously, you’re gonna be fine. They just want that baby out safe and healthy. When I had an amnio, somebody told me to breathe real fast- kinda like hyperventilate and you won’t even feel it. And it works! Good luck and I like your blog alot- thank you for being so honest about motherhood. Even when you are completely blunt about the trials of parenting, your absolute love for your children shines through. Amelia is a very lucky little gal.

  6. Oh no! Good luck! Hopefully her little lungs are mature and you will be holding Amelia soon.

    I will be constantly refreshing tomorow until you post an update. Who needs to work.

  7. Words of assvice dont look at the needle..I did and it was so scary..close your eyes imagine a happy place lol like thats possible but try..keeping my fingers crossed that its over soon..take care will check on you all day tommorrow..

  8. Love, hugs, and prayers!

    Don’t look at the needle (duh!) and have the Daver keep us nosey people up to date!

    Here’s hoping Little Miss Sausage Patty joins us tomorrow!

  9. I’ve had two; don’t look, and it isn’t any worse than a blood draw. I had results within 45 minutes with Beans. Hoping this is it.

    So are you around 37ish weeks? One things for sure; it’s moving day, wee Amelia!

  10. holding you firmly in my mind and surrounding you with a cabal of fluffy kittens’ worth of white fuzzy loveliness. Her lungs are going to be perfectly ready.

  11. oh my!!
    well, that means they think she needs to come out too…
    and you are within the 36 week mark if I remember correctly….so I am sure all will be fine w/ her lungs…

    just don’t look at the needle..lmao..I have never done the amnio, so no real advice, but I know that I wouldn’t look

  12. Feel that? It’s a huge hug from me. Don’t look at the needle. We’re all thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. Amelia, puff up those lungs, kiddo, it’s time to greet your public. ((((HUGS))))

  13. I agree don’t look at the needle and try to stay away from any doofus who might remark on said needle’s size.

    True story – I was giving blood for the first time, in high school. They had set up in the auditorium n the stage and the beds were just kind of lined up next to each other, no real dividers or anything. I had just completed my donation. I sat up on the bed, so they could assess whether I was okay to leave. I glance over at the girl next to me as they were inserting the needle in her arm and announce, “Oh my GOD, that’s a HUGE needle!!” Her eyes got bigger than her head and she was all “WHAAAAAAT?” and I realized what I had done, so I was all “Oh, no, sorry it was something else, the needle’s not that big.” Hopped off the table and ran away. Moral: Don’t look at the needle.

  14. We are all right here with you and Amelia, sending love and hugs and all that other gooey shit. She’s going to be just fine, and so are you. I know it.


  15. Bring us back a baby, with mature lungs.

    It’ll all be just fine, don’t be scared, be happy, it’s nearly over. You will meet your darling daughter, very soon.

  16. Oh, I’m queasy just thinking about what you must be feeling. Don’t look, hold hands, take deep breaths, and believe that they know what they’re doing and you’re going to get to meet your little girl soon now. I’ll be thinking of you all day long!

  17. Meh. Close the eyes, take controlled breaths. and dream your on a beach somewhere. It’ll be over before you know it. And the bonus is you get a peak of the bebe before and after, and usually a bit of NST afterward, so woot! As long as the doc isn’t twittering and you are, I’m not worried.

    Mature lung vibes.

  18. Girls’ lungs mature faster than boys, so I’m not even sure why they are checking except to torture you and assure themselves that they aren’t going to be sued for malpractice.

    I had an amnio. The fear of it was much worse than the actual procedure. You think, “Big needle = big pain.” But really, not so much. It hurt a little, but part of that might have been because I was so tense it was like driving a needle through a 2×4. Try to relax and squeeze the Daver’s hand. It’s over in a flash.

  19. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,…just close your eyes, tap your heels and you’ll be back home with Ameliia safe and sound, in no time.


  20. i’m w/ the others…they are looking at inducing…or the possiblity of her coming early

    swelling up is a sign of toxemia…no good for you or the little one

    if the lungs aren’t mature enough they can give you meds to speed it up and limit the risk to baby if she comes early or if they take her early.

  21. What all of them up there said! Much love, big hugs, and soon a beautiful baby girl in your arms to erase all this nonsense from your psyche…

    Deep slow breaths!

  22. I feel for you. It’s not that bad…I’ve had one..I got startled when the guy did it and jerked my knee up and hit the metal table with all the instruments on it which all went flying all over the floor. Nice.

    I think that my embarassment distracted me from anything else going on in that room!

    Do something like that!

    Big Hugs and Well wishes!

  23. Thought I commented before, but I just wanted to say that I’ll be thinking of you and keep your eyes closed when they get out the needle. **hugs**

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