Look how far we’ve come, Baby Girl. Look how far we’ve come.


I also wrote this. Someday, I’ll stop calling AAA the AARP. Someday, but not today.

8 thoughts on “Wayback Machine

  1. This is my first day to read your blog – directed here from halalamama.com My own children are your age and I’ve been blessed with grandcritters,but no grandchildren, so i think part of my enjoyment in your blog is remembering what it was like to be a young mother – but without the connection to other young mothers via the internet. I’ve taken the evening to read your beautiful, heartwrenching, sit on the edge of your seat (even though you’ve been told the outcome!) story of your sweet Amelia’s beginnings, and cried, howled, laughed, and celebrated at your side. Then went back to the Home page to enjoy Amelia eating – laughing out loud at “mmm, pre-digested!” – and crying tears of joy that you get to enjoy your three children’s awestruck look at the world around them. You are the kind of parents every child should be lucky enough to have as their own. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with others. You’ve made my day!

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