(hint, it’s not me)

For putting up with my moaning, pissing, and general woefulness, I’m giving you, Pranksters, a gem.

Let’s just not discuss how damn long this took me to put together.

20 thoughts on “Who’s In Love With A Criminal?

  1. Now I feel the need to film my 8 year old singing Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good”-which she is sad I won’t let her sing at her Montessori talent show.

    1. I meant to say I would much rather hear Amelia sing the song in the video than hear Call Me Maybe at my house on a daily basis.

      I’m not awake yet.

  2. To age myself and my kid, I remember her renditions of Damn I Feel Like a Woman at the same age.

  3. My kids like to sing that song by Fergie “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. It’s cute.

    I am so happy to see how well your little miracle is doing 🙂 She is a doll.

  4. Woooooooo Mimi!!! ROCK IT GIRL!!! I am sick of Call me maybe. So my boy does a version in our dog’s voice singing “i just met you, this is crazy, so here’s my booty, SNIFF IT MAYBE” – the boy can crack me up!!!

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