On Friday, I was sitting around, wearing ass-grooves into my chair while chatting on IM with Jana and Crystal, when it dawned on me: we needed a theme for May’s World Tour. And not one of us had any good idears as to what it should be.

I went off to vacuum, which is what I do when I’m Deeply Thinking (okay, sometimes I eat tater tots)(potatoey goodness seems to make my mind all free and shit.) It dawned on me, mid-vacuum-session that this month, it was time to confront our fears.

Shit, I thought. Now it’s time for me to figure out what I am afraid of.


Sure, I’m afraid of earwigs, the color orange and the Facts of Life Theme Song, but really, without some extensive CBT therapy, I’m not sure I could fix any of those. At least, not in a month.

However, I do have something I am terrified of. Something I didn’t admit to myself. Something I had to both confront and let go.

(no not Little Debbie Treats, you assholes)

For the rest… BB2G World Tour: May Edition

14 thoughts on “Time To Find My Overachievin’ Pants

  1. ahhahaha!!

    I should make a post with a full list of things I am afraid of…
    endless post, I guess…
    FIrst one: me being pregnant of my first child…I am afraid of “the x day” !!
    maybe I would say, even terrified…actually.

  2. Jesus I have so many fears I am not even sure BB2G has enough space for what I am afraid of. Hmm to think of one that’s going to take awhile. But You are a star in my eyes, and you are already won the GOLD!!

  3. I love you.

    Also, if anyone finds they need to let go of some Little Debbie Treats, I’m willing to accept them. What can I say, I’m a giver, a lover, a great friend (and am slightly addicted to Nutty Bars and Star Crunches).

  4. I never knew tater tots could be used to aid someone in finding clairvoyance. How zen.

    And don’t worry about the overachieving pants. Pants are overrated.

  5. Awwww boo, orange is my favorite color. It’s so happy and, you know, orange. I LOVE orange 🙂 I’m afraid of brown. The color brown never brings anything good with it. Usually it’s land mines planted in my yard by my dog or overflowing assplosions from my son. Ick.

  6. I’m afraid of having my blood pressure taken… which always makes my blood pressure go up. Now I’m on meds for it and still it goes up when I’m at the primary care doc, but strangely, not when I’m at the OB/GYN! You’d think that it would certainly go up when I go for my yearly check-up, but NOOOOOO! When I’m at the regular doc, they have this blood pressure cart with squeeky wheels they roll in to take my BP with Cruella at the driver’s wheel (that’d be Rose, the assistant). I can feel my heart race when I hear that thing… I think next time I go in for my check-up, I’m gonna bring a bottle of WD-40! Maybe that would help!

    Rock on, Becky!

  7. YAY! I assume your long lost, travelin whore pants came home. Now you can put ’em on and write that book. It will ROCK! Ha! what an understatement….you are a truly gifted writer. (i can barely write a grocery list…but i know talent when i see it).

  8. It feels I don’t comment as often as I used to and I’m sorry. But I just wanted to drop in to say that your blog still rocks my socks off and you are amaazing in every way. Thanks. Keep writing!

    and…I’m afraid of just about EVERYTHING

  9. I did a double take, because the first acronym that I came up for from CBT was not cognitive-behavior therapy. I’m beyond confident that you don’t have the correct anatomy for what I was thinking, and then I got thoroughly confused.

    So, don’t mind me, I’m sitting over here, in my corner, realizing that maybe it’s best to keep my mouth shut up sometimes.

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