My friend Mitch sent this to me and I scoffed indignantly at the name of the picture: “The Best Picture on the Internet.”

Certainly, I said to myself, this cannot possibly be THE BEST PICTURE on the Internet. I mean, really. The Internet has porn and 3 Wolf shirts and who can forget (no matter how hard they try) my infamous Epic Soul Portrait? This couldn’t possibly be The BEST picture on the Internet.

You know what? I’ve thought about it for a week now.

It really, really is. This is the best picture on The Internet.


Pranksters, THIS is TRULY the best picture on the Internet. I challenge you to disprove me because I know that it is impossible.

This is possibly the best picture in the world.

57 thoughts on “This Really IS The Best Picture On The Internet

  1. Seriously thought nothing could beat the epic-awesomeness of your soul portrait but… duuuude… this thing? That picture right there? That thing is epic-disturbing-awesome, which beats even wolf-sponsored epic-awesomeness hands (or candelabra headress) down EVERY SINGLE TIME.


  2. As I was reading, I kept thinking, “Uh huh. Right.” And then I slowly scrolled down, and nearly choked on my cigarette when I got to the cat in the dress. That was perfect.

  3. I don’t know………what my favorite part is, the cat walking a fish or how the cloud that is lit up looks like a buck tooth cat scull or something.

    1. holy effing crap! is all i can say to this link. where do all of you come up with this bizzare stuff and who the hell makes these pictures up? i am going to google strange pictures and see what i get.

  4. At first I wasn’t sure, but then I zoomed in and saw that the cat in the button down shirt is wearing bifocals. Yes, unequivacably it is the best.

  5. I wanna know where that cat in the blue dress is going, and why she feels the need to carry a perfectly coordinating bag. Switch it up, cat, jeez. Your matchy-match bag & dress are making me kind of hostile.

  6. What is the deal with having a pet fish on wheels. That’s akin to me taking bacon for a walk. Smarten up cat, this is America, we don’t have things we eat for pets! Also is that “Dad in Heaven Watching Over You” cat behind you or “perfect boyfriend/husband” cat? Because the latter does not exist, not to pop your nip flavored bubble or anything, just sayin…

  7. You know…it just looks chock full of the symbolism. Those dying flowers, the spectacles on the male cat, the wheels on the fish. I have the feeling they all have some deeper meaning, conveying the artists confliction over the soul and it’s ability to rise to a higher plain. Or maybe he was just tripping. But it seems like it should mean *something*

  8. I know what I’m using for Christmas Cards this year.

    “Aunt Schmuckface, I because I like you *so* much, here’s a picture of a cat.”

  9. Aunt Becky, you know I have a serious case of the bloggy love for you but, as much as I adore your picture, the one pcc posted with the kitty that has lightning coming out of it’s paws wins hands down.

  10. I laughed so hard at this picture that I almost choked. I love that you thought about it for a week hahaha. There’s something about cats being dressed up that gets me every time. Similar to dogs in outfits, but better because cats are just bizarre in general. I now actually realize that dogs in costume have nothing to do with cats in your picture but whatever. Stream of nonsense.

  11. I walked away from the computer and left this post up. My husband sat down to the computer and saw this picture and said, “What the hell do you look at online?” Nothing but the best.

  12. i hadn’t even scrolled all the way down to see the whole picture and i already KNEW it was the best picture on the internet.

    i want to pose my cat in a picture like this now.

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