Should you, Pranksters, decide to start dicking around with your blog, please take it from me and do it on a TEST site. Then you will not have to throw up garbage posts like this that serve no particular purpose, save from allowing me to test one thing.

I will leave you with this:

This is a picture of The Daver. I took it at my surgeon’s office. He’s smiling because I just gave him a pamphlet on Male Breast Reduction.

25 thoughts on “This Post Is Only A Test

  1. Fuck! I need a copy of that pamphlet. I went on an internet ‘date’ with a guy a couple weeks ago who described himself as athletic – but his titties were definitely bigger than mine.

  2. Surgery, what surgery? (I know I should know but I suck and I suck.)

    Hope it all goes well, the surgery and the test!

  3. The interesting angle of the picture made me think he was wearing a jean skirt at first.

    Add in male breast reduction and I’m all “…whaaaaaa…?”

  4. I miss the blogroll – how else do I find other like-minded snarky, funny, warm bloggers who meet the Aunt Becky approval award. I was looking for it while creeping yesterday. I’m a mom of teens – it’s what I do!
    Also seriously – why not a “Full of the Awesome” T shirt? Can’t wear the other awesome ones to church…well maybe I can get away with them but I did mention teens here? If momma pushes the envelope, they will leap far over it and run – oh wait, they already have… darn teens.
    thanks Aunty B. be well – drink lots of water (yes I’m a mom AND a nurse – you get the unsolicited advice)

  5. I have met many men with breasts that were a little too big, but I had fun squeezing them so I say, keep them breasts men! Love this post even if you didn’t…

    check out my blog @ <– Shamless blog whoring

  6. Pffft….I wish my hubby needed male breast reduction. I’d milk that shit and make him feed our son for once. This mama needs some freakin sleep!

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