We were at Target this weekend (also known as My Social Life) (also known as My Boyfriend) buying both groceries and pants for my middle child. The groceries, I should clarify weren’t strictly for Alex, but rather stuff that we could all safely enjoy. Deliciously, even. Especially Uncrustables, which are pretty much heaven in a wee package.

Alas, I digress.

In the children’s section, I happened to come across a shirt for my daughter that I found to be the proper amount of sass-a-frassery AND adorability and as such, I picked it up and exclaimed to Alex, who happened to be in the cart I was pushing (yes, we take two carts)(no we don’t FILL them), “Oh! Look at this cute cupcake shirt for Your Sister!”

Upon examination, Alex said “I want a cupcake shirt for Alex!”

What went through my head was this:

“Oh shit, Dave will kill me. This is a BABY FUCKING BLUE SHIRT with a frilly blue collar. And look at the cupcakes! They’re SPARKLY. I mean, there is not a single doubt that this shirt is for a girl. You couldn’t make this shirt more girly if you tried.”

“But I mean, he’s two years old! How the hell can you possibly tell a two year old that he can’t have a shirt because it’s for a girl? This is probably the most manly two-year old boy ever. His second word was penis. Who gives a fucking shit if he wears girl’s clothes? He’s a baby! HE’S STILL IN DIAPERS. I will CUT someone who looks at him funny for wearing girl’s clothes.”

So, I looked for the shirt in a 2T and I handed it to him. He grabbed it, hugged it and said, “I love you, Cupcake Shirt.”

Dave glared at me for a second before bursting out laughing because really, what the hell can you do? The shirt is pretty fucking cute. I kind of want one in my size.

(yeah, the coloring is off because I messed with the flash by accident)

The shorts, he insisted upon wearing, are actually Mimi’s.

Never one to let an opportunity pass him by, he insisted that his sister wear her cupcake shirt as well. This is exactly why I love kids, even if they poo their pants and teethe on my legs.

149 thoughts on “They Call Him Prince Of The Cupcakes

  1. I want a cupcake shirt too! No wait, I want a Target store . . . still have to cross the border to go to one of those!
    Amazingly cute, I can see this photo showing up in Alex’s high school yearbook.

  2. Too cute..He may want to string you up if you stick that in the HS yearbook..but at 2, FREAKin’ adorable!

    Oh and I kind of like the cupcake shirt too!

  3. I am with Daver too. I laughed, and think he is cute too. The little puffy sleeve is what did me in though.

    Total blackmail picture for the future. Too cute (and funny)

  4. Hey, if it does make it into his high school yearbook, he could always argue that he was flipping you off in that middle photo.

    I didn’t think he could get any cuter, but he just did. Although those cheeks look suspiciously unsmooched. Get on it, woman.

    1. The smootching has commenced. And Alex is so strong willed that I hope he realizes by high school that I didn’t stand a CHANCE over arguing him out of that shirt. He would have simply worn Mimi’s.

  5. I saw that shirt at Target and pointed at it and told my DH I wanted one. He said, we had a boy and the answer was no. But, seriously it was so cute! Im glad you got one!

  6. Who could resist those eyes? Answer: NO ONE.

    Alex, babe, you are rockin’ that Cupcake shirt! Don’t let anyone give you crap for it, either, because your Aunty Coco will run them over with her car for you.

    *Long distance smooching to the Cupcake Kids*

  7. At least have the common decency to take a Sharpee and write “Penis” with an arrow pointing down in that blank space below the cupcakes! Imagine the karmic points you’ll score if you ever pass those clothes on!
    By the way, something about that top pic makes me think of Mick Jagger circa “Dandelions.”

  8. We really need to hang out with our kids because my son loves all of Isabella’s girly things and loves it when I paint his nails and begs me to put mascara on him (I did buy some of the clear stuff and he does wear it every now and then)……….The way I look at it is that he is only TWO years old.

    But the kid is all boy….he blames his toots on Isabella and laughs about it, he forces toots out and thinks it is funny. He loves cars, trucks, planes, and trains………..

    But he also loves the mall and Target. Go figure! He’s my son!!

  9. Just bought the same one for my daughter last weekend and honestly if my little boy wanted one…you can have it. My son wore his power ranger costume everywhere and everyday for 2 months until we finally bought him a transforemer costume to wear. Enjoy little boy 🙂

  10. Well, if Dave insists upon having A Manly Son, he could cut off the frilly collar and the puffy sleeves, turning it into a cupcake wifebeater. I prefer the ruffly puffy version, myself.

  11. Fing Target. Could they do anything more to target us moms. Seriously, that place is a mommymecca. It’s worse than the damn P&G Olympics moms commercials.

    My oldest knew the way to Target at 2 yrs old. Doesn’t know her address, but could get anyone to Target from 2 miles away.

    Anyway. Kids can only do this stuff for so long. Before we know it they are in grade school and asking for Juicy sweats and cell phones. ENJOY IT! My 3 yr old goes to school in a mismatched tutu, leggins and YES a Target cupcake shirt. Her dad could die, but I just smile and wish it came in my size.

  12. You know what makes me crazy? The shoe aisles at Target! How come they don’t make glittery red flats in adult sizes? Where are my size 9 lady bug wellies? WTF Target?!?!

  13. Love the shirt! if the cupcakes were not so pink both my boys would have asked for it. They were born with the idea that ‘pink is girls’. I’ve had to argue with them about lavender not being pink & it’s just trim anyway so put on the darn hand me down shirt already

  14. *shrugs* Eli wore all of Hannah’s hand me downs until he was over a year old. I really didn’t care much. hm, still don’t. Cuteness is cuteness, I always say. Well, I have never actually SAID that, but you get what I mean.

  15. I had the same problem, but mine was with boy clothes on girls. All of the good Sesame Street clothing was in the boys’ section, so I ended up shopping there. And my daughter both failed to grow much hair at all until they were 2, so I got used to explaining that ‘Laura’ and ‘Katy’ are in fact GIRLS names.

  16. So, yeah I was totally going to comment about the post, but I had to share the latest bit of conversation I just had with a co-worker because everyone here will appreciate it.

    Clark: What do I do? How do I fix it?
    Me: Learn to be Chinese, that’s how you fix that problem!

    No, I’m not going to give any context to ruin it.

    In other news, I don’t need to worry about cross-gendered clothes for my son, considering he has no sister. Though I will say he often wears pajama tops as shirts, and he’s metro-sexual enough already (perhaps my fault) that he’s often mistaken as a girl, which irritates me to no end.

  17. When my son was that age he like to put on one of my daughter’s dress up costumes. It was a leopard print shirt and skirt with matching high heels and purse. My husband was so appalled he made me give it aways as soon as it was too small for my daughter. Of course I took pictures first! Nothing like a crew cut wearing leopard print heels!

    1. I think I have that same photo of MY son! My best friend and sitter has 4 girls… and they are all in dance class… they dressed my little guy in a leopard dance costume and heels and I have never seen him so proud of himself! (at the ripe old age of 6, he is now mortified that I actually still have that photo tho! Just WAIT until he gets married!)

  18. I love it! Save those pics for when he is older, you can USE them as blackmail!

    I am pretty sure I just bought that same one yesterday as I swiped pretty much everything adorable on that display because I am finally learning that Target doesn’t re-stock and if I don’t buy early – I will never see it again!

    They had teh cutest shorts with pockets. My toddler has to have pockets these days which pretty much sucks since $100 in pants have been spent without pockets 🙁

  19. target puts crack in all of their merchandise. no one can resist. i’m sorry he got hooked so young, it’s going to hurt your wallet.

    but that crack cupcake shirt sure looks precious on him.

  20. There is nothing funnier/cuter than a 2-3 year old saying “I love you, inanimate-object-of-the-moment.”

    Why don’t they make cupcake shirts for boys? Everybody loves cupcakes! What’s not to love? *Remember’s Aunt Becky’s Easy Bake Oven Cupcake* Uh, never mind.

  21. I think cupcake shirts rock, and your kids in them? To DIE FOR!!!! He’s freakin 2 dude. Who cares!!! Hell, my 3 year old son walked around with his stuffed animal frog attached to his nipple (giving the baby his milk, of course!) when I first had baby #2. I thought it was the best. And yes, I damn sure took a picture. 🙂

  22. He rocks that shirt! It is all kinds of awesome and I kinda totally want one myself!

    Who says ruffles and sparkles are for girls only, pssh whatevs.

  23. My son never wore my heels, because I don’t own any. He did wear my shoes and clothes as a toddler, and always carried a purse with him, just like mommy. He grew up just fine and now wouldn’t be caught dead with anything like that. And the cupcake shirt? Love it!!!!

  24. Awwww . . . man. That is adorableness. My son had me paint his toenails until he was around 5 or 6 years old. Blue and sparkly. He has outgrown that, but I always did find it precious.

  25. Johnny Weir is so fucking jealous that he didn’t spot that shirt first.

    I love it. He looks absolutely adorable and you’re damn right Aunt Becky. He’s two. If he wants to wear Mimi’s tutu every day, so be it.

  26. That is one heckuva girly shirt! Maybe you can butch it up my cutting off the sleeves and the neckband.
    My son used to love to wear my daughter’s princess gowns. There were no cool dress up clothes for boys at that time. He’s now 10, and as masculine as can be. No permanent damage done.

  27. LOVE it. And hey, when Amelia outgrows her shirt, she’ll have another one she can grow into. So also a practical purchase.

    Last, but not least, I heart Target.

  28. lol! I think letting a kid express his indepenence and creativity is awesome. My almost 10 y.o. used to wear sister’s shoes when going out. Not just any shoes, either. But one sparkly red Mary Jane, one black patent Mary Jane. Had a pediatrician give me a lecture. A pedia-f-ing-trician. Gave him a death glare and informed him that I didn’t see the problem with encouraging creativity in my toddler. The kid STILL loves shoes. He’ll make a good husband someday.

  29. Well, at least he matches. If he does turn out…uh…you know, let me know. I suspect my boy is…uh…you know and being the caring and supportive mom that I am, I’m lining up dating prospects from both teams now….because it’s important to have solid options from the best families.

  30. So much cuteness going on in that last pic! I have shots of my son when he was 2-ish coming out of my closet wearing my heels. Tell me that one isn’t going to be blackmail one day.

  31. My husband was raised with seven older sisters. He spent most of his early childhood being photographed in dresses and thanks to his lovely sisters I have a pile of photos that I threaten to send to his friends if he gets out of line. So, there’s that.

  32. I LOVE IT!! And, honestly, so would my ten yr old son, Emerson who wants to be a *fashion designer* (not kidding) and just learned how to sew.


    Gotta love these boys.

  33. Is everyone with Target?.. I feel so dirty – in a good way.

    When my son was 2 he was into feather boas. He’s 7 now and the boas are behind him and the only girly worry left is his scream.

  34. Also, check out my blog today. I linked to you a bunch of times. I also pledged my undying love for your writing.

    But, I’m not, like a stalker or anything.


  35. Farty has started this endearing habit of putting on bras over his shirts. I just shake my head and tell him ‘no honey, the cups go in the front.’
    My dad would drop dead if he knew.

  36. Aunt Becky your kids rock – I only hope that when I have mine they are as cool as yours. My husband and I laughed our asses off at this story – because kids are damn funny and super cute. Alex is super cute in his cupcake shirt.

  37. I *heart* “I love you, Cupcake Shirt.” Mine is going to be 4 in May, and last year he had to have “pink toes” (painted toenails), and every one of the My Little Pony toys out of the Happy Meals (2 of the orange ones in fact). I think that all the “that’s for boys/that’s for girls” crap at that age is stupid.
    I was at the pediatrician’s office last month and there were 2 18 -24 month olds, 1 girl and 2 boys. One of the boys “wronged” the other and wanted to hug and kiss to say sorry. His daddy FREAKED! Boys don’t kiss boys! Dude, he’s 2. I’d worry more about the swine flu if I were you. Just a tip…

  38. My husband would kill me. He won’t even let our son wear a sweater because it is gey.

    Although, there have been accidents where only my daughter has a change of clothes with us and he ends up in leggings and pink frills.

  39. That is way too cute… Maybe by the time he’s older the whole gendered-clothing thing will have evolved to the point where ruffles on guys’ clothes are in fashion again – think of pirate shirts!

    Nico is always attracted to the pink and yellow shoes at the store, although they’re never his size… plus he really wanted pink sunglasses, and I didn’t get them because I thought his dad would freak. His dad surprised me by saying that I should have got them! But of course, he then went and got him orange ones with red trucks on them… hypocritical much?

    Wish we had Target, not sure if and when they might cross the 49th parallel. They certainly haven’t made it here yet.

  40. That little man in his cupcake shirt is representing for the toddler men of the world. Real men are not insecure about their sparkles!

    I know I say it again and again, but GORGEOUS, undeniably gorgeous! Take a photo of those 2 posing in their sweet shirts, (if that is at all possible.)

    I have no boys of my own, but every year until he was 7, my nephew wanted dolls for his birthday and we gifted him with dolls of every kind. He’s now a 22 year old normal, studly young man who will probably be the best nurturer to his own kids, thanks to those dolls.

  41. I’m so glad you let him have the cupcake shirt. Little kids don’t need to worry about “appropriate” clothes at that age…and, oh, the blackmail opportunities when he’s a teenager and you don’t like the girl he brings home…

    But seriously, he looks adorable.

  42. I think that it’s great you guys have such a great sense of humor. Life is too short.

    Doesnt it feel great to watch your kids be happy over the littlest things.

  43. I love this. He’s so fashion forward.

    People not having a Target makes me sad in my heart. And vagina.

    Target=Social Life is so very true for me as well.

  44. Possibly the cutest thing ever. And if I could wear my cousin Jeff’s baseball stuff for all my toddler-hood, there’s no reason he can’t wear a cupcake shirt. At least his is new! 😉

  45. That is the sweetest story. And the cutest picture. Just ever. My daughter got a tutu for her birthday this past weekend, and just today I had to tell the 4-year-old boy I watch that it’s okay for boys to wear tutus if they want, that we don’t have toys that are just for boys or just for girls. It makes me sad how early those ideas set in, so amen for Alex!

  46. I know I am late on this but that is pretty much the most fucking awesome thing ever….I mean like ever….I now give you an award of super superlative awesomeness (don’t get excited I made that up and it comes with no prizes). Anyway- awesome!

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