The forecast today?

Sunny with a chance of PINK.

Looks like we’re having a girl. My wallet is aching already.

92 thoughts on “The Sausage Factory Meets The Pink Taco

  1. Yippee! A baby girl to keep those cute boys in check! You’re still outnumbered, but Ms. Pink will definitely help keep them in line. She’ll have them wrapped around her little fingers in no time. Big hugs to all of you!

  2. Wooohoooo!!!! Congratulations!!! Girls are so awesome. Until they are teenagers. Which in my daughter’s case started at the age of 7.

  3. Now that you referred to your impending girl as “The Pink Taco” my admiration for your has grown exponentially!

    My wife wouldn’t let me find out what we were having so in retaliation I referred to our unborn baby as “Cletus the Fetus” for 8 months!


    You’ll love having a baby girl – I have two , trust me!
    I’ll save my Barbies and Groovy Girls and Polly Pockets for you!

  5. YYYAAAAYYY! You needed a little girl.

    I so didn’t see the pic of Ben yesterday so my comment was a little weird I guess. I noticed last night. ss

  6. Oh! How exciting! Congrats!

    Will you please let me make something really girl for her?

    I cry a little bit every time I see a gorgeous little girl dress at the store and have to pass it up for jeans and t-shirts for my boys.

  7. congrats! Maybe when you talk to Alex more about the new baby, you can frame things in terms of “having a sister” (something new), which might come off better then having another sibling (potentially a boy, like his other sibling) which might be more threatening to him. Then again, he might be too young to make those distinctions…

  8. Congratulations!!!!!! I love the fact that I have one of each. My daughter was so much fun as a little girl. She’s 17 now so you can understand why I said “was”. She’s still fun but in a different way.

  9. Hehe, I am so going to enjoy your posts about the trials of having a daughter….I’m of the opinion that boys are soooo much easier!!!

  10. Being a mom to only a boy, I can totally understand any fear/worry you may be having – but think of all the fun Barbie’s you’ll get to buy now – and personally, I totally think that Polly Pocket and Baby Alive are good enough reasons to have girls – I would LOVE to play with all those girly toys every now and then and not play Pokemon and army dudes.

  11. congrats! I am having a blast shopping for a girl now (course i still love shopping for a boy too so my kids have WAY too much clothing)….

  12. Congrats!

    I do feel for you… I’m the same way. I live vicariously through my BF’s daughter and have been shopping for her lately. For a while, my boys were so well dressed my bank account was severely depleted. You ever wonder who the hell buys cashmere sweaters and $100 Italian shoes for their baby? Yup, this moron right here.

    I actually sighed relief when we found it our second’s a boy.

    I’m sending you something girlie!

  13. You’re so going on my list of “traitors” – the friends with all boys that go on to birth a precious little girl.

    Congrats on finding out for sure!

    A research question for you when the time comes: which one hurts more when stepped upon in the middle of the night – a Hot Wheels OR a Barbie high heeled shoe?

    Now go prop up our economy, and shop til you drop!


  14. Ok if I laugh at you . . . er, with you, when little sister announces she’d much rather wear her older brothers’ hand-me-down-sports-related clothing than what’s in her closet? No? Ok then.

    Carry on.

  15. Beans beats the stuffing out of her dolls and runs like mad for her brother’s trains and trucks — I’m just saying. BUT that totally doesn’t stop me from making her *look* like a girl (the pink cardigan with faux fur dalmation collar that I bought today, for example). Little girl clothes are so over the top hysterical; you just have to buy it to see them in it. Have fun blowing the benjamins. I know you will, reigning Queen de la Sausages.

  16. I’m humming “Thank Heaven for Little Girls!” (It’s a song – from the movie Gigi – way before your time!) I’m so happy for you!

  17. Ruffly butt bathing suits! Hair pretties! Fun sun dresses! Awesome shoes! (Can you tell I live in the south and we have winter for a whole 2 weeks here?)


  18. I KNEW it’d be a girl! I just KNEW it! Few people get off scott free.

    I’m kind of hoping for a girl. Because that girl will be lucky if she can sneak around. I’m very Sherlock Holmes-y and that girl ain’t getting NOTHING past me.

  19. Pink Rocks! I’ll have to send you the words to a great song called “Daughter’s of Feminists” I think you’ll like it!

    PS: I’ve tagged you to share 7 things about yourself! You can check out my 7 things here.

  20. Yeah for pink tacos!!!!! I mean that in the most congratullary way possible of course (is that even a word or did I spell it wrong?)

    Oh I remember my first girl…4th child, 1st girl and then came #5, another girl.

    Girls will change you beieve me or something like that. I was so excited to have a girl…I was ready when all I ever wanted was boys. It was great…then I got enough of girl and became a boy myself…kind of sad but hey thats like right?

    I am very happy for you. You will have fun buying something other than blue or army. They got some real cute stuff for girls and let me be the first to say that there is a difference between boys and girls no matter how much we don’t want to admit it.

    Enjoy..enjoy..enjoy…yeah for girls!

  21. Rock on! We’ve got a GIRL!!!!! Team pink can be fun. There are certainly a lot more clothing available for little girls than little boys. (said the mom who had a girl first and then a boy and was surprised to discover that).


  22. Oh YAY! A little pink to spice things up! CONGRATS!
    Thanks for your comment as well–I’ll definitely be in touch about “boy things” :0)

  23. I knew it! Don’t know how, I just did!!!!


    (Holy crap that’s a ton of exclamation points. I think I’m out of them for today…)

  24. Hey, I’m a girl, and you know how cool I am ;o) Yeah, the wallet’s gonna take a hit, but just imagine the sex talks you’ve got to have eventually. You think the boy ones are rough.

    Seriously, though, congrats! Girls are a lot of fun.

  25. OMG! Jumping up and down for you. Or for me. Because I now have someone else that is entering “Diva Hell” with me. LOVE IT!!!

  26. Congrats to you & your family
    Now have fun shopping for that Girlie stuff.
    I know I do when shopping for mine..

  27. Well, well. You’re going to be only slightly outnumbered now rather than the previously possible 4 to 1 odds.

    Will you know what to do with a girl? I put bows on mine, make her play with dolls, that kind of thing.

    A girl, hurray!

  28. Yahoo!
    The only thing better than a lil girl is 2 lil girls, says this mom of 2 lil girls. My second was born 2 days before my first turned 2. #1 did not consider #2 to be a kickin birthday gift, but she did like the cake.

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