Firstly, Pranksters, I love you. I love you so much that it makes my heart swell and my guts go gooey. You don’t know how much your comments mean to me on a day like today when it’s all I can do to put one foot in front of the other. So thank you.


Secondly, enough of that gooey shit, it’s time for some TATTOO shots!

The Daver in his natural form. I couldn’t resist. You can’t see the Blackberry in his hand, but rest assured, it’s there. It’s ALWAYS there.


The Phoenix Tattoo, Round One.

The Phoenix Tattoo, Round 2.

Now, for the dramatic unveil…

(drum roll, please)




(if you look closely, you can see that I do, in fact, bleed red, not green)

That is my Phoenix, Pranksters, and she is lovely. Emerging from the ashes to be reborn again. We all fall down, we all get back up again.


Now, of course, I have decided that I am going to do my entire back. With what, I do not know, so any suggestions are appreciated. Seriously, I’m all ears.

95 thoughts on “The Order of the Phoenix

  1. I loooove it. What about some nice stylised tree of some kind… sounds stupid but only because I can’t explain it the way I see it in my head. ..glad I could be so helpful.

  2. Holy Mary, mother of God, that is some kind of awesome you’ve got going on there!! I am considering stealing said photos and sending them to my parents or my brother, or maybe my husband in the middle of a particularly long business trip, simply to freak their shit out. And I know you’d approve of that particular pirating technique, so thanks in advance! xoxo

  3. That tattoo is a-mazing! It’s a powerful image & a beautiful work of art. Now my desire for another tattoo is raging again…too bad I have to wait at least 4-6 months. *Le sigh*

  4. Beautiful! Having that piece done, I think you can be finished with the serious tattoos. How about doing your whole back in one of those ‘find the object’ style games. Then you can incorporate everyone’s ideas! I think it’d be great and it could keep the kiddos entertained in a pinch.

  5. Dude, that totally took my breath away (seriously).

    Oh, and the tat looks good, too.

    KIIIIIDDINNNNG. 😉 (Seriously inhalation of breath when I saw the colour – gorgeous!)

  6. Gorgeous tattoo! It makes me want more ink! Something really lush and garden of Eden like would look good and maybe work in your kids names.

  7. A phoenix kinda needs some flames…ala some racing stripes, but with flames…and bacon. Why bacon? Because bacon is fucking awesome, as are flames and racing stripes and phoenixes (is that the correct plural?)!

  8. OMG! that is FULL of the Awesome and i am so wantin one!!!

    as for the rest of your back – i’m gettin a harry potter vibe…you know dumbledore and his phoenix and wizards and magic wands and voldemort and quidditch, etal!

    HA! JUST KIDDING!!! (got all the name from my kid)

    i’m sure you’ll come up with somethin fantastic! (a republican elephant is always in good taste :O)


  9. Wow! Your phoenix is beautiful!!

    P.S. Do you watch CSI? If so, did you see the one where the people killed were all bleeding green, like a bunch of them? I didn’t see the whole thing, but weirdness.

  10. HOLY. CRAP. I know nothing about you and clicked on this when I saw the word ‘tattoo’ thinking, “Yosemite Sam with a blow dryer, perhaps…?” STUNNING, and yes – I have tats so I can appreciate.

  11. Looks fantastic. I am in awe of not only your marvellous tattoo but also that you managed to sit still long enough to get it. I’m too impatient to even sit still for a temporary tattoo to set properly.

    COngratulations on your Pheonix awesomeness.

  12. I recently came across a pheoenix tatoo that I admired:

    At least I think it was the tattoo I was admiring….

    I don’t have one. I would like to have one, but doubt I will ever bother. Sadly I feel it is mostly b/c I don’t like my body enough to adorn it.

    Anyway, Becky, it looks great!

  13. Such beautiful details and colors! Good job, Beck (and tattoo artist).

    Here’s what I thought when I saw the first picture – “DAMN Becky is all skinny and shit!”

    Here’s what I thought when you asked for tattoo suggestions –
    1) The faces of all your children (and maybe The Daver, too)

    2) “It’s Becky, Bitch” in old English lettering

    3) “Where are my pranksters at?” in the same

    4) “Queen of Sausages” and below that, “Bow Down”

    5) A face photo of Dr. House

    and the best for last

    6) A face photo of Dexter fucking Morgan

    You’re welcome.

  14. You have to somehow incorporate a LELO LILLY in your back tat..and I agree, wrap it in bacon for your awesomeness (seriously tho your tattoo is beutimiss)

  15. Awesome does not even BEGIN to describe your Phoenix! Wow. Beautifully done. I myself, could never see myself getting a tattoo. Well, they use needles, and as soon as someone creates a way to make something so beautiful, without using aforementioned needles, I am there. Until such time, I shall sit back, and admire your glorious rising from afar! With much admiration, and some jealousy!

    Also, bacon, while it deserves its own food group, because, well… obviously. Its the best… I would have to pass. But, Amy mentioned a tree of some sort. And an image of the Tree of Life popped into my head. It could be full of the awesome.. if it was done by the same artist that created the Phoenix.. (it deserves capitols)

  16. That is stunning! Can I rip your shirt off at BlogHer to see it in person? 🙂
    Seriously, this is a gorgeous work of art. You are one tough chick to endure all of this work – it’s really beautiful. Congrats on your Phoenix!

  17. It’s beautiful Becky, just perfect! Of course, it occurs to me that now you will have to go topless, well, okay, at least be in a halter top, non stop, so everyone can revel in its glory, ALL THE TIME!

  18. OMG! That is the most beautiful tattoo I’ve ever seen. Flames to go with it are the obvious answer- other than that, I’ve got no idea.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been down lately- I haven’t commented for months ’cause there’s been much of the same in my neck of the woods, but I still read every day 🙂

  19. It’s absolutely gorgeous! The colors are just stunning. Unfortunately, I’m not much help on the idea front. I’ll admire from afar, but my needle phobia gets in the way of anything else. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, though.

  20. That is beautiful and amazing and I’m unbelievably jealous! The fantastic colours, the gorgeous flowing lines, it’s a work of art. Thats definitely the kind of tattoo you will be proud of for your whole life. xx

  21. Great work. Let us know how it heals.

    Also, you should try and take the tail and incorporate it into your banner image instead of the current shapes you have there. (You’re welcome, Daver: another project for you.)

  22. I think about how this idea started (just a little tat on my shoulder) and how beautifully it grew into what it is today!

    Hmmm … kinda mimics your life doesn’t it?!

  23. Oh.My.God. You are INSANE. I mean that in the nicest way, probably because I am jealous that you are so much braver than I am. The IDEA of getting a tatoo at all, much less one that big, gives me the chills in the NOT good way. It looks great!

  24. God Damn, girl! That is just gorgeous! I’ve always thought about getting a tattoo, but never been ballsy enough 🙂 Commitment and cash have always been issues. Big props!

  25. I LOVE it! I am now experiencing crippling tattoo-envy. The fine detail is A M A Z I N G! As soon as I can figure out something meaningful for my son’s name, I can get mine. I have my daughter’s part all planned, but my son is tripping me up. As he does in most ways. 🙂

  26. I think Sam, above, summed it up nicely: “crippling tattoo envy.” This.

    It’s gorgeous. And now I want to get that peacock feather I’ve been musing over for a year!

  27. OUCH! But it looks AWESOME. (I am not full of the awesome…I am full of the wimpy and the crybaby.)

    Hope you’re feeling better today. Some days just really suck donkey balls.

  28. OH WOW! That is truly stunning. I don’t know what other designs you might want but I know I could design one for you (I designed my dragon/dolphin yin yang symbol).

    BTW, did you get your hat?

  29. Looks great, Becky! (is it ok, if I call you with your first name, ’cause “Mommy” would be a bit weird, considering I’m a guy? 🙂 anyway…)

    I think that mighty phoenix will do great alone as well, but if you want to do the whole back (or majority of it), it’s really easy to continue the same shapes and shades. That will be a work of art. Do what feels right.

    But what’s up with the bacon & Queen of Sausages? Maybe I’m missing something…

  30. I love it too. As for your whole back I say wait on that because you may have just a tad of shoppers impulse.

    Also, I am not really for the flames. First thing that came to mind was the Phoenix lighting its farts when I saw those suggestions.

  31. OMFG your tattoo is freaking a-maz-ing!!!! I thought it was beautiful, black and gray, but WOW oh WOW is it even more stunningly beautiful in color!!!

  32. Awesome. Simply fucking beautifully awesome. Someday I’ll grow the balls to get my own tattoo and pics like this inspire me!

  33. Tattoo the names of your Pranksters… 🙂

    (PS loooving the title…all I can think about when it comes to phoenix’s)

  34. That’s so full of teh awesome! It’s gorgeous. You’ve made me want another one, dammit.

    If you were into that sort of thing, you could have some sort of fantasy scene on your back (since you’ve started with a pheonix). I’m not much of a sketch artist so I can’t really put it into words- maybe it will give you something to consider, though.

  35. Oh my God that’s GORGEOUS! I thought it was lovely even before the final colors were added, now it is vibrant, and lush and just amazing. Will those colors stay that bright and bold forever and ever or do they have to get touched up in years to come? (I’m tatoo-clueless)..

    I have one myself – it’s sort of a cat – my bff is a graphic designer and I wanted her to design something just for me, so it has a couple of symbols in it, but esentially a nice simple sexy cat-line-thingy on my side.
    I also have ‘Amor’ on my wrist (latin for love, also Italian) and a Virgo sign on the small of my back (I was 19 and actually, it’s pretty rad).
    The cat is my fav though. Good for you!
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the rest of your back!

  37. That is the coolest tat ever I have no good ideas for the whole back but maybe something with trolls.
    How about that book of yours it is some kinda awesome can’t wait to read more. You have a way of making that health food store sound like a trip to hell.

  38. Oh WOW! I’ve often thought of getting a phoenix myself… but I don’t know that I could top that one. Just beautiful!

  39. A relative of mine has her wedding vows written in hebrew in a big purple heart on her back. It is very sweet, and purple is her favorite color so it is very fitting. You could totally do something like that!! It would be full of The Awesome.

  40. That rocks.
    On all levels.
    It may be the second coolest tattoo ever. (or tied for first)
    It seems like you get tattoos to tell a story or to document an important moment.
    Seems like you should wait until you have another one to tell before you decide to put on your back.

    In other words, don’t do it just to do it.

    Seriously amazing tattoo.

    And thanks for the post yesterday. It hurts my heart every time you have that post. And sometimes the pain is a great reminder.

  41. Ya know, I’m not usually one for tatoos but that is goregous! I mean that is an incredible piece of art. Wow.

    However, as much as I like it, I’m yet to like anything enough to volunteer to be stabbed thousands of times with a needle. For fun. LOL.

  42. I’m SO behind on my google reader, so I know I’m entering this convo late, but OH HOLY GOD THAT IS GORGEOUS. Seriously. Beautiful.

    I have just one so far (left forearm) but plan to do rest of that arm and possibly my back and/or other arm.

    My dad showed me a line puzzle when I was little and told me he’d show me how to solve it when I turned 18. He died ten days after I turned 11, so I never learned the secret. I have the puzzle on my arm, not completed and shaded in yellow, his favorite color. 🙂

  43. I’m SO behind on my google reader, so I know I’m entering this convo late, but OH HOLY GOD THAT IS GORGEOUS. Seriously. Beautiful.

    I have just one so far (left forearm) but plan to do rest of that arm and possibly my back and/or other arm.

    My dad showed me a line puzzle when I was little and told me he’d show me how to solve it when I turned 18. He died ten days after I turned 11, so I never learned the secret. I have the puzzle on my arm, not completed and shaded in yellow, his favorite color. 🙂

  44. WOW. that is so beautiful. I have been looking for a paisley looking phoenix and I must say yours is by far the best I have seen!

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