It appears as though I am in the market for a new highchair, since Alex’s has been summarily destroyed by Captain Destructo himself (also destroyed is his crib).


I guess all that I can say about this crap-tastrophie of a weekend is this: hey, at least we’ve developed our Ninja-Like method of removing toxic wastes.

I managed to not only record a video of my daughter eating real! food! but edit it (or beg and plead with The Daver to do so for me) AND post it to Facebook* and now I am feeling all sorts of accomplished.


*We can be BFF! On FB!

38 thoughts on “The Only Thing Better Than A Ninja Is TWO Ninjas.

  1. What a doll! Love the dimple!

    On this weekend last year Hubby was enjoying a week-long business trip to Boston while I was home with two kids and a dog who had some ‘digestive issues’ on my carpet. This year, Hubby is in Las Vegas and I am home with three kids. The dog, however, is digesting just fine (and doing his business outside during the light of day instead of inside in the middle of the night), so I am calling it a good weekend.

  2.…my weekend has been great at the tourist mecca that is Waterloo, Iowa. Sorry yours was full of the suck. I have seen barely dressed men and women whose clothes barely contained body parts not usually displayed on purpose in polite company. I wouldn’t have expected Waterloo to be full of exhibitionists or adults who look in the mirror and say, ‘yes, that is a good look for me.’ And I keep hearing bagpipes…

  3. Too adorable. Sorry about your weekend. I had a decent Friday. Yesterday, not so great. Especially not great was being woken up at 4 am, not by a child mind you, but by a grown man who would not stop texting me. Men, can’t live with them; can’t legally castrate them.

  4. Sorry you had a craptacular weekend! I hope the week goes better for ya!

    YAY for solid foods! Way to go Cinnamon Girl! A video on Facebook?! I’ll have to go check that out! Cuz we ARE BFF’s on FB!

  5. If you were closer to me, I’d give you homemade baked noms to make you feel better. Alas, you don’t live super close to the Twin Ports and so no noms. Sad.

    But if you ever come through here, I’ll send you home with noms. Check out my FB album of pretty baked deliciousnesses, and I’ll check out Mimi’s vid tomorrow! (Cause my only full internet access is at work – this is being done on my phone)

  6. That is one CUTE-ASS baby!.

    If there’s an Ikea near you… they have a super cheap highchair that’s great. Like $20 cheap. We bought ours in probably 2005, and it’s still goin’.

    Just thought I’d give ya that tip. Because that’s what BFFs do.

  7. That is the face of one happy little girl! Adorable! Plus, holy hell, how is it possible she’s old enough already for solid food?! I ask that as the mother who was so clueless with her first born child that he was nearly a year before we realized (and only after someone asked “So, how does he like table food?”) that maybe we should start feeding him some. Apparently teeth are not just for biting skin! Who knew!?

    Well, everyone but me, I guess, including those who have never had children.

  8. Love the angle on the photo. Very cute! She’s conquered solids, now….the universe!
    My weekend was suckbag too. I’m just counting the hours until I can put the kids to bed. We should have gotten together and bitched.

  9. Do you have any spare vodka this weekend? They don’t sell strong liquor on Sundays here in the “Bible Belt.” We can get together and see who comes out on top in the “My weekend sucked more than your weekend” contest.

    BTW, my 3 year old got 7 stitches at midnight last night in the ER. I win.

  10. OUCH – I think that picture just made me ovulate! STOP harassing me with all that cuteness – hubby says we are done having babies and you flaunt that beauty in front of me. Have you no shame? Mean, mean Aunt Becky.

  11. I need to figure out how to edit videos. It never fails that I’ll be in the middle of taking a cute video of Jackson crawling or laughing or whatever, and my husband will just start screaming FUCK! in the background. He thinks it’s funny. His mother doesn’t.

  12. I had a great Saturday and Sunday totally kicked my ass. Raging, nausea inducing migraines tend to cast a pall over everything.

    What program did you use to edit your video?

  13. My weekends have been a huge pain in the ass lately– we end up snarking at each other and the kids and saying stupid things like “I thought we were supposed to relax.” Also, we just replaced high chairs with plastic booster chars, and we have saved like 8 hour a week of cleaning food off the high chair time

  14. She is adorable!! I second the suggestion of Ikea, and will add in craigslist. I’m also dying to know what you used to edit the video. I need this bad!

  15. I bet I have an uglier light fixture than you…We should have a contest. oohhh…a blog contest. Let’s post pictures of the ugly shit in our house! What great fun! 🙂

  16. We had a Destructo in my house growing up (aka youngest brother). There was nothing this child did not take apart or destroy trying. Now, he’s 30, an attorney, and all around great guy. Thank God my dad understood our Destructo’s actions were generated by a curious mind – because of this understanding he was encouraged more than he was disciplined (and boy, was he disciplined).

  17. Amelia is so.stinking.cute!!! And I totally had a way ugly light fixture in Sushi Boy and I’s bedroom at the house we just moved into and I’m moving out of. To top it off, it was majorly, revoltingly off center. Rediculous!

  18. She is so freakin adorable. Love the turtle face.

    And be careful, she is going to totally take over the world….we need to find a highchair too….someday….

  19. So cute! Sorry to hear about the lousy weekend, but I’m taking the IKEA tip; we have two largely ruined high chairs (the seats are held togeher with a combination of packing and duct tape–classy).

    I hope your week improves!

  20. Oh man, just catching up finally (I’ve missed my blogs). Those dimples are keeey-ute! Now I’ll go stalk you on facebook to see your video. I mean, when I’m done reading the other four billion blogs I’ve missed.

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