So, last night in a fit of mad organizational skillz, I had The Daver help me to import some of our old pictures onto my Mac, something I’ve been meaning to do well, forever now. And what kind of blogger would I be without sharing?

(Oh, LOOKIT THAT, I finally joined the 21st century and got a Flickr account that I somehow need to add to my sidebar because I am totally adding additional pictures almost daily! Bonus! They’re all almost the same!)

Here’s Ben at his 3rd birthday party and holy shit does he look young. Damn, do I feel old now.

Daver rarely makes a photographic appearance here because he’s extremely un-photogenic. Just ask him. Oh wait, I just did. And he said “I’m really un-photogenic.”

I also rarely put my pictures up here. Why? Because I’ve been pregnant and/or nursing and thereby whale-like (La Leche League lied when they said breastfeeding would remove the pounds effortlessly). So you normally see older pictures of me if any. But don’t worry. I’m going to bring sexy back and get this weight off. Promise.

Also: am I high here? I THINK SO.

Here’s a trick: Which one of my kids is this?

Wait, the yellow might give it away. Oh well.

But who is THIS?

Okay, you win. Those were both Alex. So you’ll know THIS face from the acne and pink and bruising.

34 thoughts on “The Obligatory Picture Post

  1. Great pics! I’m trying to lose the post-pregnancy weight too. I lost about 10 pounds while Carter was in the NICU, but now I’m at a stand still. If you find something that works let me know!

  2. You and your babes are wicked hot. And I’m so glad you’re including some pics now! It makes me feel like less of a crazy person if my “imaginary blog friends” (as my mother calls them) have faces.

    Plus, who doesn’t like to ogle over adorable baby sweetness?

  3. LLL are total liars, I didn’t lose weight until I stopped pumping and was only nursing once a day. Of course it probaly didn’t help that nursing made me so hungry I ate everything I could get my grubby little hands on.

    All of those are lovely pictures.

  4. Yeah, you look way too tan and high. How might we have accomplished that? And you don’t look whale-like at all. You look hot and tan!

  5. Very cute family!! BUT… if you think you look like a whale, you really need some therapy LOL. You look great and I can only wish I looked that good.

  6. The Davver looks like that guy on the office – John K…..something, plays a character named Jim, engaged to the receptionist named Pam. He was also in that movie with Robin Williams, where he’s the man that has to go through couples’ counseling before Robin Williams would officiate at his wedding.
    If you can stay awake to watch, it’s on NBC tonight at 8 EST, must be 7 PM your time. If not, you can watch an episode online.

  7. Finally, faces to put with the names!!!! You have such a beautiful family, and for someone who is, um…how shall I say…”rude & crude” you are freaking hot! So glad you shared.

    P.S. The Daver is a cutie;)

  8. The Daver has a look that say, “Do you think my armpits smell?” But he’s a fox, nonetheless. You look beautiful. I was expecting more of a biker chick look… you know, the look to match the mouth.

  9. beautiful beebies and OM goodness Aunt Becky-you are a stunner!
    I forget how pretty you are till I see a pic of you every 6 mo or so. 😉

  10. see, when you said un-photogenic I was thinking like vampires (or is it werewolves?) that don’t show up on film. It’s nice to see faces

    LLL is full of shit. I put on 15lbs while nursing because I was craving fatty foods the whole freaking time.

  11. Was that pic of you in a hospital? Why the sunglasses on your head? Oh yeah, I guess from all the UV rays they apparently have in the hospital now, judging by that tan everyone keeps commenting on. You look great. And I love baby pics!

  12. Thanks for the pics, how fabulous. And if this is a photo of you right after bearing a child, you can suck it, Aunt Becky. My youngest is 8 and I still have 28 lbs to go. 🙂


  13. You were too darn tan in that photo to have that be taken in the winter. Unless you were doing pregnancy spray tan or something. Do you think that is a thing. I think I might invest in that or something.

  14. Gorgeous! All of you! But I think I’ll just stick to gnoshing on Amelia’s cheeks. And maybe Alex’s. You, Daver and Ben might take a restraining order out on me if I started slobbering on you. 🙂

  15. OK, seriously, for a split second before I read this, I thought Dave was like 15, and I thought, um, go back – who is THAT guy? No way she has a kid that old.
    You, my dear, are lovely, especially for someone who’s been going through what you have been lately. My hair would be a mess, and food all over the front of me, and that’s just a normal day. And those babes are all very squeezable.

  16. Okay your kids are really cute, but check out that baby you’re holding. I know it’s just the top of the head, but wow!

    I seriously looked at the pic and thought I was a crazy person. I mean who knows their child by the top of their head? Then I enlarged the picture and saw my massively swollen foot in the background (ok, my brother didn’t hurt either).

  17. Your babies are beautiful. They have that wonderful expectant look, like they’re just about to nurse. I love that look.

    The Daver is very photogenic. And So. Are. You.

    so there

  18. Um, that’s you at four or five weeks postpartum? And you think you need to go on a diet?

    You look awesome! (Found you through Drboymom) Keep up the good work!

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