Yesterday, our Early Intervention therapist came over to evaluate Amelia and for the first time I was pretty sure what she would find.

I was right:

My Daughter is a Genius

My daughter is clearly an Evil Genius.

I have no doubt that in several years, when this is really all in our rear-view mirror, and she’s taking over the world from her bedroom, plotting and scheming, I’ll laugh when I remind myself that I ever thought that she might not kick the world’s ass.

I don’t pretend to understand how or why and honestly, at this moment, I’m still in shock. I cannot believe the statistical bullet that she dodged. I can only imagine that she was put on this earth to do Big Things.

As for now, my daughter is no longer in Early Intervention. She’s still eligible, thanks to her diagnosis, but she no longer needs the evaluations, so I had her therapist close her case. She never actually needed any therapies.

So look out, world, Amelia’s here and she’s ready to kick your ass if you stand in her way. Sweet as pie until you fuck with her, that’s my daughter, and don’t you forget it.

My Mimi


118 thoughts on “The Girl With Curls Like A Halo Kicks Ass

  1. Kick some ass, sweet baby girl! Your mamma (and your mamma’s friends) are counting on you!

    Congrats on all of this. It gives me happy goosebumps to hear news so full of The Awesome.

  2. This makes me smile. Her mind may be the mind of an evil genius, but that face can only bring good to the world. As a father to two amazing young women, we all celebrate with you.

    *returns to lurking*

  3. Amelia is fucking awsome! Maybe she can marry one of my boys and he can assist her with her rein. My youngest is pretty damn evil so he may be best suited for the job.
    Seriously though, I am very happy for you and your fam.

  4. Great news.

    And she has already done big things for so many out there.

    She is destined to do bigger things…so watch out world!

  5. If only you’d had your miss 7 months earlier, she could have had chess battles with mine… They’d likely just try to eat the pieces, but it’d look super cute.

    It would also display their world-dominating plans at work, as they masticate the proletariat, with no regard to their royalty.

  6. OMG, look at her EYELASHES! What a beauty!

    This is fantastic news–I’m so happy for you and your family! You go, Mimi! Keep kicking the world’s ass!

  7. That is just the best news! What a great day for all of you!

    So in, like, 10 years, you will be gushing over her straight A’s and you will be telling her, her story for the 457th time and she will be all, “Ohhhh Mother!”

  8. Oh hells yes! Thats like the best birthday present ever, totally better than socks. Way to go Amelia and Becky, we knew you could do it! Now go take over the world Pinky & the Brain style.

  9. That’s fantastic. Fan-freaking-tastic. Congratulations? I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to say, but it certainly seems like an occasion worthy of a few balloons and a lot of fanfare.

  10. After having a son teetering on the line of being on the spectrum, it’s such a relief to know that my daughter is typically developing. Granted, she did not have brain surgery, but I get how you feel on some level.

    Girl wanted to be born, and clearly has big plans. So glad!

  11. Ha. She’s plotting to take over the world, and when she gets caught doing something she shouldn’t be doing, she’ll be all ‘But I had my brain coming out of my skull at birth – I can’t be held responsible!’ I see that look in her eye…

    She’s beautiful, and I’m glad that she’s right where she’s supposed to be.

  12. and she’s going to do battle with my son, who also, is too smart for the world’s good. Eventually, the two of them will destroy the world in tandem, and rule over the ashes of civilization.

  13. I can’t stop smiling. That’s brilliant, Becky! Give your wonderful little girl a big hug from me (then throw in a couple of hugs for your adorable boys – I’ve been looking for an excuse!).

  14. Congrats to you darling! Though I must admit Little Man’s early interventionists and speech therapists were like family to us for awhile, and I still greatly enjoy him attending public school years early for therapies (woohoo free daycare!)

    Seriously, I’m so glad she’s caught up!

  15. I am absolutely skipping with joy to see this 🙂

    Well done to all of you. She might not have had any actual therapies, but regardless of that it’s your skill as parents that has helped her developed so perfectly.

    We have our session in February- I’m hoping against hope for the same result.

  16. Rock on, Amelia!!! You should buy her one of those ridiculous world leader tshirts that crack me up. I’m considering buying one for my scrappy little 3 yr. old who was diagnosed with “failure to thrive” at 9 weeks, spent most of her first year in the hospital, and caused more worry for me than anything else in my life. She’s currently running around like a banshee in her superman costume. I LOVED telling our ECI therapists to go away when she was 13 months old. Happy day.

    You can see Sarah (aka “Scrappy”) at

  17. That is such great news! Isn’t it one of the best feelings to have someone say, “Case closed.”? I still get chills when my daughter’s neurologist said, “You are discharged from my care.”

    Way to go, Aunt Becky and her little Mini Me!

  18. tears of joy for you babe.

    But if you tell ANYONE that I said anything but something smartarsed I will kick your arse. And get my Damn Emos to come and teach your baby girl a few things that will turn your pubic hair grey. Comprende?

  19. Mimi is awesome!!! I’m SO happy hearing how well she’s doing ~ it’s about time SOMEONE dodged that damn statistical bullet! I’m glad it’s your girl!

    P.S. Please check out my blog. (You told me to remind you, so here I am, reminding!)

  20. Girls with curls all kick ass. Just let me know when she needs product. She’s damned lucky. In 1985 there was no product and we just had to suffer through the tenors in Chamber choir all calling us “Brillo Pad” and throwing stuff into our hair to see if it would really stay there until the bell rang. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, Aunt Becky. Your curly haired gal’s doing us proud. xoxo

  21. Congratulations! Yes, someday you will be amazed that anyone ever thought she was delayed–when you are preoccupied with trying to delay her growing up by just a little bit.

  22. Yay, Amelia! Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy angel girl!! She is gonna end up more beautiful and smarter than all of her peers, mark my words!

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