I don’t have any idea how to follow up my last post with anything of any substance. How do you go from raging against the death of your friend’s child to talking about poop and fart jokes. I see no way of doing so without seeming tacky. And feeling tacky.

So I won’t try.

Instead I will once again proclaim that I believe, I BELIEVE in the collective good of people. I always knew that people would often do the right thing if given a chance, and here the Internet proved me right.

Within 2 days of Maddie Spohr’s death, her March of Dimes donations had gone from under $3000 to over $20,000. And no, while I am stupid, I did not misplace a zero there.

All over the world, people are wearing purple for Maddie and mourning the loss of a wonderful, amazing little girl. If I could figure out how to turn my blog purple for Maddie, I would.

Operation Purple Balloon has a new participant (me) and I’ll be buying the party store out of every shade of purple balloons they have.

Within hours of posting about it, my friend Stef was able to secure food for Heather and Mike for the next two weeks.

But what we still need to do, how you can still help is to donate to the Spohr’s to cover the prohibitive cost of the funeral (around $7,000). Go to the PayPal site and punch in the email formaddie@hotmomreviews.com if you want to donate. Give what you can, when you can. Let’s ease their burden as best we can.

15 thoughts on “The Collective Good Of People

  1. Hey Becky, everytime I click the PayPal link, I get a “Your transaction could not be completed” message. Probably overloaded. Any chance you know the account # so we could go in through the main page?

    Much love to you for standing in witness.

  2. I love this idea. though I did not know of or read about little maddie until after she was gone, I will plan to do a purple ballloon release this weekend. What a beautiful tribute, and I hope that it will provide even a timy amount of comfort to her parents in knowing that she touched SO many peoples lives.

  3. Thanks for doing this. I didn’t know of Maddie before all this started…but am humbled by the support and love that everyone has shown. I will pray for her parents, who I can not even imagine the heartache, and for those that knew her. Thanks again Becky…..My daughter and I will release our balloons this weekend.

  4. Becky,
    I keep getting rejected by freaking Paypal too. If there is an address that I could just send a check to that would be easier, maybe, I don’t know. The whole situation is just wrong. No one should have to be planning their child’s funeral. She was just a couple months older then Marjorie. I tear up just thinking about it.
    Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

  5. In honor of Maddie’s life, We will be releasing our purple balloons on Sunday. Also, I have changed my blog background to purple (which as a committee member for the Massachusetts chapter of March for Babies, is also a significant color in our household) I will make a donation to their fund as well.

  6. I want to donate to her too..that is something NO ONE should ever have to do..worry about burying their baby..it is just not that natural order of things…
    I have read her blog in the past and find it incredibly heartbreaking that this happened…

    and always believe in the general goodness of people..in general, people are good and loving..its just that some people are stupid and make us crazy..
    You are one of the excellent people Aunt Becky..and smart too!

  7. you are all kinds of good. i went purple for maddie. but i can’t get to the site to help with the funeral costs. can you email something? or even an address for a check.


  8. Mike & Heather Spohr
    11870 Santa Monica Blvd. #106-514
    West Los Angeles, CA 90025

    That’s the address to send Heather and Mike donations directly. Just thought I’d help your readers.


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