Through the daily life of what I like to call Alex’s obsession with his mother, I am unable to walk outside of his sight for more than about 0.5 a second. I posted about it before, close to a year ago and things haven’t changed much in that time.

While it’s highly flattering since my first born can barely be swayed to acknowledge me, it has some unexpected side effects. Namely, Alex has discovered The Internet.

It all started innocently enough with watching a video of Maddie, my friend Heather’s daughter. She happened to be laughing like a loon–Maddie, not Heather–and this only solidified Alex’s love for her. Now, he frequently comes up to me while I’m sitting on the computer and demands “Baby.”

We’ve watched that video so much (sorry, Heather) that she’s going to be convinced that we’re hiding out somewhere in her front yard, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Elusive Maddie. You know, like those nature documentary people do?

Thankfully, Alex has also begun requesting that we go see “Kitties” at I Can Haz Cheeseburger, as well, so the video does get an occasional break.

In a fit of quiet desperation (I could probably act out this particular video BY HEART now), I searched You Tube for videos of both “cows mooing” and “kitties meowing.”

(as an aside, how sad is it that THIS is now what I watch on You Tube. No more “Penis Cake” or “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” (same difference, right?) for me. No, NO, it’s now all about REALLY G-rated things now. O! How the mighty have fallen!)

Well, watching animals behave like animals is as close to Heaven as Alex can get. He takes after his mother in his love of all animals, his first word being “Kitty” and his favorite place on the planet being the zoo (altho I don’t like the zoo, truth be told)

He sits there in my lap, slack jawed and smiling at the computer monitor. And for one moment, his face bathed in the computer-y and pixilated glow, just one moment, I can see Dave’s geekiness in him. Especially the slack jawed part.

32 thoughts on “That’s Why The Baby Is A Geek

  1. I have the same problem with my alex-at 6, even. He will not let me leave his sight,and frankly it’s getting a little old! I got the cutest video email from a friend, of a lady who had quadruplets (I think, I haven’t watched it in awhile) and they are maybe 5 mos….she has them all laughing at once at something their daddy is doing…it is SO cute. I’ve saved it forever on my email because just watching it makes me smile. I should email it to you–your Alex would love it! I have no idea how to get it on my blog, or I would.

  2. Oh if ever a time as to when I could feel as a kindered spirit. My daughter is so extremely attached to me. I swear she needs to find a 12 step program to seperate from her Mommy. I am giving her a crash course starting in a week… *gasp* the horror.

  3. Awww, how sweet. Bonding over cows and kitties. 🙂 Geek is the new black. Kitty was one of my son’s first words too. Only he said it “titty” which could be rather embarrassing in public. Except that I found it hilarious and rarely bothered to tell people what he was actually saying. 😉

  4. I work from home part time, and I have to keep the laptop up on my breakfast bar or S will demand that we “play games” on or that we play with the webcam photobooth thingy. Or watch Shamu or Youtube. Or watch videos of him. Or look at kitties on ICanHasCheezburger, etc. He also likes to hit the keys to see the letters pop up in Word.

    ” F F F F F F F F FFFFFF!!!!!!!! G G G G G G GGGGG!”

    It was cute for like a week, now it makes me pretty crazy.

  5. Landon recently discovered the crack that is Sprout. It’s the only way I am allowed to cook dinner. Or pee. I have never been so grateful to a TV channel in my life. He does the slack jaw for that. Just like his daddy.

  6. My son has always followed me around, but so do the dogs and the cats, so I’m NEVER alone when I’m home. I put my old laptop in the kitchen so that my son can amuse himself with it, but all it has done is make me check my e-mail and my blog so much that he can never get on it.

    Webkinz is his crack during the winter, but other than that, he just wants to spy on me. He’s always saying, “What’s so funny on your blog now,” to which I reply, “Me.” He laughs every time.

  7. Thank God for You Tube!

    My big boy is obsessed with watching Tractors on You Tube.

    What a generational thing, right?

    He walks up to me and says, “Mommy, let’s You-Tube.” (lol)

    10 years of go, we wouldn’t have had a clue as to what this meant . ..:)

  8. My 8 year old told me yesterday morning he wants a MySpace account. I told him no. In my head, I told him, “Shut the F up! No way in hell are you going to be on MySpace when your mom still is. I’m not THAT old yet.” Because then he’ll be all, “OMG Mom, your MySpace page is so embarrassing!” and “I have way more friends than you do!” and I’ll be all, “Ok, I’m going to the psych ward now to check myself in!”

    Be happy it’s still cows and kitties, and laughing babies!

  9. Oh just wait until he is old enough to look up “lighting farts’ on your tube- an activity I recently found MY 2 hellions, I mean kids, doing not too long ago…
    You need to video him, watching YouTube and then put it on YouTube so he can watch…that is a kind of zen mind clearing to think about..the baby watching a video of the baby watching video-rofl..

    I need to see a picture, he has got to be adorable!

  10. ah yes– Sam is Supper attached to me at the moment as well… I love it for about 5 minutes… then I need to keep moving in order to get things done….

  11. First word was kitty? That’s a kid I could get along with!

    My brother has commented that he now uses his digital cables for the baby channel rather than his premium music and movie channels.

    I do love the slack jawed imagery. Too cute!

  12. Hey, if he loves animals, you should check out this Africam of a watering whole in Africa! It’s very cool. We watch it at the offic (shhh don’t tell!) and IM each other when the animals show up!

  13. Oh, there’s one of those clingy kids in every family. At least he’s next to you at the computer, and not while you’re on the potty!

  14. Becky,

    please put out the word, Baggage needs all the support and love we all can stand to send her way…..


  15. Ever seen a video of a baby chimp climbing up its mother? That’s my son on me every minute. He’s obsessed with the bubble screen-saver we have. If the laptop is open, he yells “bubbles!” at top volume until I shut the damn thing. Hubby thought it would be cute set Cheeks’ up with her own e-mail account, so now that’s all she wants to do. Bad enough I have to fight him for time on the laptop, now I have to fight my 6 year-old. Harrumph!!

  16. I had this very thing this morning… Diva#3 wanted to play while I unpacked my scrap room. She is becoming a geek like her dad… or me. Wow. That was enlightening.

    PS I don’t know if we can be blog friends anymore. You are WAY too cute for me…LOL! (90210 Ho pic) Love it!

  17. A-DOR-able.

    When I was about to meet my husband’s childhood friends for the first time (they are still close) he said, “you might hear some strange language that you don’t understand; that’s because we speak nerdish.”

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