While my initial plans for Thanksgiving included sitting on my ass at home alone, I’ve been kidnapped by my savage crotch parasites (who were aghast that I was planning to avoid the festivities) and am in a car on my way to Wisconsin. I’m hoping they’ll drop me at the Mars Cheese Castle, but I doubt it’s open.

Simply put, the Mars Cheese Castle is the 9th Wonder of the World (my ass is #8) and while Wisconsin and Illinois have a longstanding war, I like to think the Cheese Castle is really in Illinois.

I’d been planning to write something different here today about what I’m thankful for, but really, I think I said it best over on Band Back Together. And since the Internet is closed on holidays, I expect a whole lot of Viag!a robots to “read” this.

But I did mean it and it showed that somewhere in there, I do have feelers beyond “pass the donuts.”

Happy Thanksgiving, Pranksters.



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