So, I’m all, ‘DAWN, I dunno what I want,” when I went into my tattoo appointment, and because she knows me, when I said, “just draw my soul,” she laughed because I was kidding and sketched some stuff on my arm. THAT, Pranksters, is how you know you have a fucking awesome tattoo artist. For SERIOUS.


Scroll to the previous post if you want to see the “before” snaps, because I don’t want to put the pictures up again when you’ll be all SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET TO THE NEW SHIT, AUNT BECKY.

This, Pranksters, this is the “after” (until I go back in a couple months for the clouds below it. EVENTUALLY, I want to do a sun, but I think I need to wait for the sun)(GOD that sounded convoluted):

And for those of you *ahem* ZOMBIE JULE, who have asked me where the Phoenix’s head is, I have included a diagram:

(yeah, sorry about the boobs. I’m not a big “show us your tits” person, because, uh, I dunno why)

Also, if you look closely, you can see that I bleed RED, not green. So I’m not a damn reptile. SEE?

Anyone who wants a better angle better get their butts over to my house with a bottle of narcotic pain killers and a econo-vat of vasoline.

P.S. Please?

124 thoughts on “Tattooed You….Again.

  1. WOW! That is stunning!!! So beautiful 🙂 You really do have an amazing tattoo artist. My tattoo artist selfishly moved away, to a bigger and better city with more clients. (I know, how rude).

  2. I love tattoos. And I must say yours is intricate and exquisite. Also…If I had a bottle of narcotics I would so share them with you. Over a few tattoos of course!

    AND, please to forgive my typos. I’ve had a long week and it’s only Wednesday.

  3. Oooh,it’s lurvely! And lots of nice, painful line work. My artist gave me a tube of some neosporin type stuff (stronger than) – said to not use vaseline. Healed up rather well and quickly, despite having my clothes stick to it once or twice (it’s on my shoulder blade).

  4. I have to look again tomorrow. I so totally see a geeky dude with a weird beird for the Phoenix head right now.

  5. it’s so SWEET! LOVES it!!! & uh…i could totally see the head ;0)
    i’m currently getting a 1/2 sleeve – & some work on the other arm…a work in progress, but i can’t wait til it’s all colorful & perty like ur’s!!!

  6. Wow…makes me want to run out and get a tattoo. And by “run out” I mean “drive to the airport, fly to Chicago, find your tattoo artist and beg her to make me something that awesome”.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’ve never loved a tattoo enough to go for it before. But I think I wouldn’t go to anyone else but your artist now.

  7. That is a kick ass tattoo Becky! The colors and intricacy (sp? Too hard to look up spelling on dumb phone) aretruly fantastic. I’m super jealous.

    1. Thank you! It’s taken many, MANY sessions (people ask “how many tattoos? and I’m all, uh, well, 3, but like 6 sessions) to get that way. I’m very proud. It’s not going to be done for a long, long time I don’t think

      1. I never thought the words “tattoos are addictive” would come out of my mouth. But they are. I, too, have three….and am dying to for a fourth. My old man is all …”I didn’t marry a biker bitch”….and I’m all…”Piss off…another tattoo is cheaper than a divorce.”

        😀 I win.

  8. omg that is awesome! it looks great so far. you know you have a great artist when you can say something like ‘draw my soul’ and they start sketching. you’re so lucky to have her!!

      1. Tattoo artist on the cruise! Can you imagine a whole boatload of people disembarking with “Shut Your Whore Mouth” inked on their foreheads or tramp stamped on their backsides!!

        1. Yes,you should. On anyone else it would be derivative. Can you imagine if that saying got so cliche that it was like a tattoo of a puppy & a kitten & a dolphin & a unicorn under a rainbow?

  9. That looks AMAZING. I can see the Phoenix image more clearly with that addition — before I wasn’t quite sure where the Phoenix head was either; but before I even got to your picture where you pointed it out, I was able to see it! I think that’s a perfect add-on, makes it look just that much more complete.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous tattoos! I’ve been thinking of getting another tattoo, but haven’t decided on a design yet. It won’t be long and something will flash through my mind, the little lightbulb will go off above my head, and I’ll be heading off for some new ink. 🙂

    By the way, when I do get that wild urge to get new ink and go ahead and act on it, I’m totally blaming it on you. My mom and her wooden spoon have smacked me around enough for the ink I already have. I’m spreading the joy on this one! LMAO

    1. Bwahahaha! That’s what I said when I pulled the design down my arm. Seriously. I’m like, “shrugs, well, I’ve gone THIS far, and I DO love arm tattoos…” My mother, on the other hand, HATES tattoos.

  11. That is teh SECKS, Aunt Becky. Gor-gee-us.

    Also, A&D ointment for healing tattoos. My bestie has over 100 hours under the needle and swears by it. 🙂

  12. Gorgeous!!!!
    Went back to see all the previous work in the last post. Awesome. Dig it!

    You are continuing to feed the tattoo lust I’ve been feeling lately. Gah. 😛

    But I think I’m going to wait at least a year & a third-ish, to have plenty of percolating & fermenting time. And, um, because even though I’m fairly counter-culture, I have the feeling that I don’t want to be a tattooed bride. Heh. ;p *blush*

  13. November 9th …

    You have been such an inspiration for me to finish my own work – to connect the past with the present in a positive way – embracing what is rather than remaining stuck in what I thought would be.

    Beautiful – BEAUTIFUL – work!

  14. ZOMG! I love it. I want to make out with it a little, but that wouldn’t be hygienic or pleasant and really I meant it *metaphorically*. Of course. And I love it way more than mine because mine is really just good for Awkward Moments at Parties, that I’d blog about, if my buddy’s husband weren’t a regular reader. She was all “What about yours that looks like a pentagram” and I’m all “No, it really is a pentagram” and she’s all “Oh. I thought it just looked like one.” and then I joke about how I don’t really kill cats on the sabbath and I love cats and….::crickets::.. whatever. Mental note: Don’t joke about pentagrams with former Baptists. Anyway. I love your tattoo INTENSELY.

  15. 1. So what you’re saying is, your soul is kinda loopy and going in all different directions?

    b. Do guys see vaginas everywhere? I’m referring to Backpacking Dad up there…

    47. A&D and Neosporin are both Vaseline with added stuff, so take what you will from that…

    The new work compliments the old art nicely.

    1. Yeah, she was going with the same idea. Because she’s awesome. Also: using A & D. Seems like tattoo people have VERY specific ideas about what’s what for topicals. Me? I’M IN AGONY OVER HERE.

      1. A&D works well, or get some stuff called Tattoo Goo. You only need ointment for 3-5 days, applying it 3 times a day (or any time it’s drying out).

        After that, switch to lotion and that’s something you’ll want to put on constantly throughout the day.

        The key is to avoid anything with alcohol in it (read the back of the bottle). Alcohol will extract the color from your skin and leave it blotchy. Neosporin has alcohol. Most lotions have alcohol.

        PS – Uncle Pervie appreciates the chesticles.

  16. Oh, I’m in love with it! I planned on having a phoenix (nearly half-sleeve) too but my tattoer believes you need more space (as in: half your back). I love how yours it’s done… can’t wait for more progress! By now your pain must’ve been gone… and instead you’d want to scratch yourself like crazy… hang in there.

  17. lovely! and by the way, that’s how you end up with a sleeve. you’re just like hey, i need a dodad right underneath there, lets go get it! and then a few months later… oh, my dodad looks lonely! i need a dinosaur with a fanny pack to keep him company! and before you know it your arm is covered. trust me, i know.

  18. If it weren’t for school and 2 kids who hate being in the car, I would totally drive the …what is it 300 miles? To Chicago to meet you and see your tat in person.

  19. That is a very nice piece. My son is a tattoo artist and has a body full of work. He swears by the A&D ointment.

  20. Beautiful.

    I would like a better angle, but I think you’re a few hundred miles away from suburban Detroit, and I don’t have any way of justifying a “business” trip this week.

    P.S. Despite the ongoing saga of me trying to not always Be Uncle Pervy, the better angle I have in mind is for the tattoo

  21. AWESOME work, dude.

    Also, you were RIGHT BY MY HOUSE last night when you got this (you said Uptown-ish, yes?), but I was stoned on klonopin, nitrous, and vicodin (because what else would I do on a Wednesday?), so I didn’t tweet to find out your particular location and track you down. Am a bad friend.

    Anyway, that is a rockin’ tattoo. If you come into the city to get the next part and I’m NOT having dental work drama day, I’ll totally come out with you.

  22. Ooooh, you have me wanting more ink so baaaaaad. Yours is so pretty tho. I’m all corporate logo-y. Have the Raiders logo on my left ankle along with my 7 favorite players numbers. Not girly at all. Lately I’ve been wanting the “Maximum R&B” poster from The Who (sans Pete) on my right thigh with the arrow pointing sort at my girly bits. That makes it more girly, right?

    Spellcheck doesn’t like “girly” so I’ll type it one more time: girly. What a rebel.

  23. Dear Aunt Becky,

    I love your tattoo, but I love you more.

    Just popping in so you know I’m not dead. How’s our invisible monkey butler, Mr. Pinchey?

  24. it really is a beautiful tattoo. my boobs are always trying to be the center of attention in pics too. they’re all ‘don’t look at the uber cute baby–look at me!!’ or, ‘us’. whatever.

  25. kind of redundant but seriously abso-fucking-lutely stunningly gorgeous. wow, if i wasn’t such a wuss/ someone could draw my soul and make it look beautiful …..

  26. OK, that really is a work of art. If I could just send the woman saw I Target last week to your state for a touch up of her “Raggedy Ann on a swing” that covered her entire bicep, it would make me feel better. I had nightmares about it. Bravo on your lovely creation.

  27. So. Very. Gorgeous. I’m in extreme awe here. I never (and I really mean actually never) comment on blogs. Yes, I am one of those lurkers. It’s just the way I roll, people. But this. This is – A. Freaking. Mazing. I have been waiting years to get a tattoo but I keep waiting for the right artist. I may need to fly to Chicago….
    You shut your whore mouth if you diss my Aunt Becky! She’s gorgeous and has a rocking phoenix and I want to be her when I grow up!

  28. stunning. awesome. and if I loved nearby I’d totally give you my oxycodone, because that shit gives me psychotic nightmares.

  29. I absolute frikkin adore you. I am so glad to know there are others like me out there and even though I am new at all of this that I can come here and remember why I wanted to start all this in the first place.

    The tattoo looks amazing, you are amazing, and I am so glad that I found your blog… Much love.


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