I’ve been in the paper before: one time I got busted shoplifting (shut UP! I was 14 and it was HAIR PICKS)(SHUT UP), I was typically on the honor roll because I am a complete over achiever, but for fear of a vicious ex-boyfriend, I didn’t even put my wedding announcement in there.

I didn’t really want a rehash of the last scene of The Graduate–this time with police and guns and restraining orders! Oh My!–on My Big Day.

So imagine my surprise when I get a shout out in an article about my friend Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, from The New York Times. Certainly you should all take to the editor with your spears and torches to tell nay, to SCREAM to them that I am highly unworthy of such an honor.

Because, obviously.

46 thoughts on “Surely, Mr. Editor, There Must Have Been A Mistake

  1. Congratulations. The accolades are rolling in of late, and I say you lap them up darling, lap them up. No mistake Mr Editor, this girl is literary genius and liberates mothers the world around with her honesty and wit.

  2. meh.

    The rest of us think you are worth it. Even when you forget there are people without feet.

    An honest congrats. It’s spectacularly well deserved. . .

  3. I’m surprised the days that you’re not in The New York Times. The crime blotter section.

    (btw, I’ve started leaving the “xo” to show that I’m kidding. Clever, right?)

  4. Have to agree with Pete in AZ in this one. I guess it was just too much fun to mention the blog name’s to bother actually reading it, you know.

    Too bad there wasn’t someone on their article to point out that “mommy wants vodka” does not mean the same thing as “mommy sucks down mass quantities of vodka all day long while leaving the crotch parasites to fend for themselves.” Which, admittedly, would be way too long a name to fit on a URL, but would be pretty cool.

    Does anyone else think that Crotch Parasites would be a cool name for a rock band?

  5. Well…

    The editors at that rag obviosly didn’t bother to come over and take a look at this site before their cute little smear job.

    The implication that you promote boozing it up here is Waay off the mark.

    Apparently… Since they’re from “The City” they’re experts (YeaRiight).

    Screw ‘um (naa… they probably aren’t that good looking). Hell with them, I think you are one of the cool kids on the block.

    You obviosly love your kids and you are trying very hard to do right for them. You just have an “interesting” web address.

    Shallow people suck.

  6. Misleading, yes but you got a shout out in the Times! I think those that read your blog, get it. The shout out and you.

    Congrats, love! You’re an amazing writer and I love reading!

  7. Um… I never got caught for shoplifting. Like, ever. And I used to snag quite a bit.

    Of course, I wonder how badly a store wants to nab a kid for shoplifting much needed cold medicine so she could breathe through her nose. (node, whudeber)

    Congra Rats.

  8. I had to raise an eyebrow at the overall tone of the article, but I thought this:
    “Blog titles like Mommywantsvodka have become a euphemism for mothers just wanting a break.”
    …was actually fine. Because who wouldn’t want a break. (Or vodka, really, ha ha).
    It makes me insane that they link a woman who got totally bombed – on multiple substances – and then went SPEEDING ON THE HIGHWAY – to women that say kids make them feel like drinking. Because I’m a teacher, and let me tell you, kids make ME feel like drinking. But even if I had a blog called “Teacher Needs a Drink,” it wouldn’t mean that I drink at school (ha, how could I hold my tongue then??! I can barely do it sober!), and it CERTAINLY wouldn’t mean that I would get drunk, get stoned, and go speeding on the highway and kill four kids & four adults.
    Things like that make me want to punch journalists 😛

  9. That is so completely awesome. Reading The New York Times is far different than reading our local paper. I think the St. Louis Post-Dispatch needs new editors because if they had a quality staff, they would obviously ask you and Stefanie to be writers for at least three or four days per week. Tell me again, why do I subscribe….oh yeah, my husband wants the sports section for his lunch break at work.

  10. I read the entire article and really liked it, but yeah, it is a bit misleading when it comes to your blog in particular. And I also totally didn’t get the reference to the woman who was going the wrong way down the HW and killed her family. It didn’t belong in there. Pretty cool to be in the NYT, right? Right!

    Also I am going to have to go check out your friend, because I really felt like I AM her (or the pre-sober her) from the description in the article. I love my Handle (vinomom) and I like what it conveys, I really do. I don’t just talk about drinking, I think it’s just the two biggest struggles in my life. Parenting and Wine and trying to find the balance.

    Great job!

  11. Congrats on the mention. You are a great writer, and oh sooo funny. You deserve all the praise and recognition you get!

  12. I had three vodka tonics last night on my first date night in about ten months. How can I be this tired? It cannot be the vodka . . . must be the baby. Celebratory vicodin is more my style today.

  13. *un-stalk*

    I think the New York Times can suck it.

    You don’t need a ‘shout out’ in a national magazine. You KNOW that you are awesome, that your kids are the shit, and that your husband is the bomb diggity.

    ‘Nuff said.


  14. I was like “yeahh whooooo” when I read their reference to your blog. I agree misleading, but those of us, your obedient followers, know that you are not a drunk mama, ok well most of the time youre not. You so deserve that shout out girl! I actually posted the whole thing on my blog yesterday.

  15. I just read the paper after returning home late after a weekend away, and let me tell you I felt that I’d had a brush with greatness when I saw you mentioned there. In my internal monologue, I was like, “Yo, I already read that blog!” and felt superior.


  16. See, I’m torn, because the reference implies you’re part of the problem with mommyblogging, and honestly, well, my mother always said if I don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. 😉

  17. Congratulations, and you deserve all the attention in the world!

    I don’t know, maybe I misunderstood the article, but I thought the comment was flattering to you, that your blog is an example of people referring to alcohol as a metaphor for needing a break, that alcohol is becoming more part of our vocabulary. Not “here’s another drunkie on the internet.” But I don’t know. Either way, congratulations on the press! I hope more people come over to see what all the fuss is about!

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