In an effort to outdo my tooth surgery, The Daver’s appendix decided that it was tired of living inside his body, on a constant stream of Doritos and Funyuns.

It rebelled.

So I’m sitting in the hospital, mullet-watching and hoping to score some morphine.

I brought my nursing badges and am planning to go scrub in and assist in some surgical cases.

You guys’ll bail me out, right?

35 thoughts on “Stupid Vestigial Organs

  1. Just had a falling out with my appendix, too, and had to part ways. Hope he got the laproscopic surgery; so much easier recovery than being opened up (although not being able to pick up my two year old for weeks was a problem, because I looked ok to her).

  2. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a stay in the hospital. I’ll be there with Joey four days after Christmas. Santa is just so good to us, making sure we land in the hospital and all. God Love that Fat Jerk.

  3. Poor The Daver! Hope it’s not complex and he’s back home soon.

    That’s the worst Christmas gift ever. No one wants an invalid for Christmas. He’d better buy you a sports car to make up for it.

  4. So sorry – having lived through an appendectomy I can assure you two things. He will be high as kite for Christmas. He will also feel much better. Another positive? If it’s gangrene he’s part zombie which is very cool!

  5. well i’m sorry for the appendix business. i especially understand how frustrating it is when someone cuts in on your whining time for your previous grievous ailment. it’s like “can you please wait for a minute i’m not done complaining and i’ve still got about a week left on this one thanks.”

    oh and p.s. i had to quick complain to someone who will understand: i just got a PRIVATE message from someone telling me that they enjoyed reading my blog but don’t anymore because i’ve started to use “language.” i counted the swearwords. i used TWO in one post and…well a few more in the other but still. honestly? language? grow up. it’s just a word.

    p.p.s. my blog is not well-read at all. no commenters, no followers to boast about. trying to get there, but apparently i’m throwing everybody off with my potty-mouth. what. the. fuck. any advice??

    1. Hmm, what does it say about me that I instantly decided I must read your blog as soon as I saw that someone was complaining about potty-mouth? (I suppose technically it says that I’m one of those people who will spend Christmas dinner desperately hoping that I don’t drop any f-bombs on my unprepared relatives.)

      1. hahaha! i accidentally dropped on in front of my husband’s grandma during thanksgiving. i was like “ummm i mean…shoot??” luckily she’s hard of hearing and i’m not sure she actually registered what i had said. now i’m going to go read your blog you made me laugh. 🙂

        1. She probably heard you. And was choking back laughter at the idea that anybody thought she’d explode or something. Old ladies are a lot stronger (and often a lot saltier) than you’d think!

  6. I was reminded of course of the story of the Vestigial Virgins of Rome, keepers of the eternal flame of Vesta, which, as we all know, now resides in the London offices of Virgin Airways and is soon to be carried into space aboard the first commercial space-liner. It is good that we have organs, Hammonds are my favorite although it’s hard to beat a good old-fashioned custom pipe beastie for tonal off-putting, to remind us of important cultural and historical phenomena like virgins that have fallen into the dusty bins of ‘that’s so yesterday’.

  7. Sorry I confused Vesta, ancient goddess of useless things like nipples on men, with Vestigia, ancient goddess of dead ends and double entry bookkeeping, not that there is much difference between the two when you think about it. Funny that both should require the servitude of virgins though, don’t you think?

  8. That manufacturer really ought to recall those appendixy bits seems they cause nothing but grief for such a big proportion of the populace. Cheers to the Daver. As my DD would exclaim welcome to club “shitblood” (long story)

  9. As an avid mullet junkie, I respectfully demand under threat of death any awesome shots you may gets of aforementioned hairy goodness. Many thanks!

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