Amelia loves books. Shocking, I know, since I’m barely literate, but there you have it: genetics are fucking weird.

Anyway, for her birthday, she got a good number of books. Being the last of three, it’s nice for her to get something that’s NOT a hand-me-down from her brothers, so she eagerly tears into them. And, really, anything else, but that’s neither here nor there.

I was laying on the couch trying to beat a particularly vicious level of Angry Birds on my iPad when she padded over and plopped a book – from her birthday – onto my lap. Politely she asked me to read it.

“Okay,” I said, giving the stink-eye to those stupid pigs on Angry Birds, “come on up.”

Wow. That’s fucking cute! I thought to myself as I began to read.

Aww, they’re friends. I bet this is gonna be an ebony/ivory kinda story – you can be friends with anyone! What a great moral that is for kids.

And now a monkey as a friend! Wow, what a great story this is. And the pictures? Amazaballs. Plus, I mean, a PRESENT? Who doesn’t love a good present?

Okay, now you’re losing me, book. Cooking is bullshit. CookBOOKs are bullshit. But okay, the kid prolly thinks this is great. I’ll soldier on.



I thought they were BFFOMGLOL. And now we’re talking about EATING our friends? What the shit kind of story IS this?


There’s dead mouse every-fucking-where! But! But! Mouse loved to PAINT! They were BFFLOLOMG!

How can you EAT your BFF?


It was then that I closed the book.

Who the hell WRITES these kind of books anyway?


38 thoughts on “Story Time With Aunt Becky

  1. What?! Whoever wrote that book is sick. That’s terrible! And yet – I keep giggling thinking about how horrible it is and the fact that someone somewhere thought it was a good idea.

  2. WTF!!?? That is just evil!! But i do have a funny story. I live in the country and we have cats (and lots of mice). My cats bring the mice in (alive and unhurt) to play with them. (before consuming them). Yesterday, Niko brought in a tiny shrew…..i yelled at him, he dropped it and laid down. The little shrew looked around and then ran straight to the cat….to HIDE under him. Niko just looked at me with a ‘what the hell is wrong with you?’ expression.

  3. ROFLOL. Reminds me of the time we started reading a childs bedtime story and right away one of the mice in the story falls into the pot of porage and boils to death….and they keep saying he boiled to death on every page!

  4. Omg, that damn monkey strikes again. It’s not Cat’s fault mouse looked so tasty. It’s Monkey’s fault for being an asshole instigator AGAIN! He’s like that in every story. I think he has problems.

  5. That is HILARIOUS! You have to read the ending and share it with us. Maybe cat redeemed herself by realizing that friendship is more important than food and the cat and mouse both turned vegan. …or ate the monkey.

    …and from reading the other comments, we are all now hanging – please share!

  6. Thank you for the laughing headache, but please, pictures of how this story ends!! Won’t you think of the Pranksters?! We’re all DYING to know!! BWA HA HA HA HA

  7. K, now you HAVE to tell us how it ends, or I’ll have to go buy this book! BECAUSE! This is what one of the reviews said:

    This unusual story about friendship, loyalty, and the power of love in overcoming obstacles is disguised as a children’s book. I used it with my class of ESL 6th graders who adored the pictures and really got it. There is humor that isn’t too childish for older readers, and sweetness that even my tough boys were touched by. We had a 2-period long discussion about friends and friendships, and the lenghts to which you should go to keep a friend, or to keep a friend safe, that makes me teary with pride as I write this. Young kids to adolescents will enjoy this story.

  8. I’m a children’s librarian and this made me laugh out loud. Last year, I ordered a book (without checking the reviews, of course) called “It’s a Book”. Sounded harmless enough. It’s about a monkey, a donkey and a mouse. The donkey doesn’t understand the concept of a book–no hard drive, no mouse, etc. The very last line in the book, the monkey goes…”It’s a book, JACKASS!” Did I mention that I work at a Christian school?!? Personally–I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I now own it.

    Thanks for making my day on a regular basis!

  9. I am dieting right now and I’ll tell you what, if my best friend even HINTED at being delicious I would be happy to eat her. (that sounds pervy. Not like that) I mean consume her.

    I linked to you on my blog today, check it out.

    1. And I thought I was a good Canadian, sigh.

      That book is a hoot (in a nasty scary way). Is it perhaps translated? Still, no excuse!

  10. Count me in on the “I gotta know how it ends” crowd. Because if the end is as warped as the middle, Ima gonna go get a copy. Right now.

    If it’s all happy ending smiles & giggles, well, f*** it.

  11. Okay, here you go (from Publisher’s Weekly []):

    “Devotees of Hello Kitty will look twice at Oh’s first book, which deals in minimalist cuteness and sleek Asian motifs and features dainty title characters, a white cat and her constant companion, a gray mouse. When Cat dresses up in a silk kimono, Mouse paints her picture. When they nap, Mouse sacks out on Cat’s spherical head. But things take a turn when, during one siesta, “Cat’s old friend Monkey came to visit her.” As Mouse snores peacefully, the trickster gives Cat a cookbook to read. A dangerous look comes into the feline’s shiny, plasticky eyes. She realizes “that Mouse could be the most delicious meal in the world.” A fantasy montage pictures Mouse’s round, Mickey-esque ears sticking out of a burger, a taco or dipping sauce. After this dreadful epiphany, Cat flees to a stylized mountaintop to clear her mind of her obsession. A scroll-like spread shows her being visited by temptations until she falls ill; Mouse flies to her rescue, on the back of a crane, and nurses her back to health. Oh gives the age-old cat-and-mouse game a new iconic look. Cat’s face is a perfect circle with pointed ears, and Mouse’s head is a curvy teardrop. Both appear to have been drawn with an ink brush and placed in computer-generated settings replete with rice-paper screens, gnarled trees and cherry blossoms. Traditional symbols coincide with streamlined artwork and cuddly (though not always benevolent) characters in this droll debut. Ages 4-7. (June)”

    Pretty awesome, actually.

  12. Bwahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!! This is frickin hilarious. I think I must have this book now! Dying, just dying over here… But I’m with Fearless Fibro Warrior… the dead mouse should have x’s for eyes. Bwwahahahahahahahaha!

  13. This reminds of my son’s favourite new read about a bear that eats a rabbit (it’s implied, not illustrated consumption) that STOLE HIS HAT. My kid’s watching the pictures, and at the end a forest creature asks Bear if he’s seen Rabbit and Bear says nope. My son goes, “Mom, he got eated up because he stole.” NOW my 4 year old thinks it’s okay to eat someone who steals from you.

    He also likes a tricky book where a bunny plays a mean joke on his bunny pal by giving him a booger for a present. Yes, that’s basically the whole story. It grosses me out but he LOVES the twisted ending.

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