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Okay, so that top shit was written this morning when I was anxiously awaiting the Early Intervention people.

Dave and I handle adverse situations differently. While I am busy wringing my hands and preparing myself for the worst possible outcome, he calmly expects the best of any given situation. I’m not exactly Chicken Little, instead I’m his cousin, Aunt Chicken The-Sky-Might-Fall-Soon-Better-Prepare-Now and while I do appreciate Daver’s rose colored glasses, honestly my way has proved to be more useful for me.

Neither way is either wrong or right.

Amelia had her meeting with the therapists this afternoon, and all week I’ve had a sort of heavy-rock-in-my-guts type feeling. Not because, you see, I was terribly concerned about what they would find–shocking, I know–but because, I guess, I didn’t know what was going to happen. Which to me is worse than the bad outcomes. Dave, on the other hand, was optimistic and unconcerned.

Today, I have to eat my words (with a side of fava beans): Amelia, it has been determined, is (so far) normal. Completely meeting her milestones, ripping ass and taking names. The therapists will be back in a couple months to reevaluate, because her diagnosis is an automatic qualifier for the program, but so far, she’s spectacularly…normal.

I’m so beyond thrilled that I’m in shock. Tonight, the champagne will flow freely, but today, I will simply gape, slack-jawed at my daughter. My principessa.

I’m not worthy.

65 thoughts on “Spectacularly Normal

  1. 😀 Yay! What awesome news! *claps*

    Is there room on the worst-case-scenario bench? Because I’m right there, too, no matter how many times I’m proven wrong. *face-palm*

  2. I am so very happy for you!!!!!!!!!!! Am going to drink many glasses of wine tonight in your honor. Also, I am so much like you. I have been known to pack a suitcase (a literal suitcase) in the face of a tornado warning, in addition to moving all of our pictures and videos downstairs. I live in St. Louis. There are A LOT of tornado warnings here. Would probably benefit from Xanax. ANYWAY, your daughter? So freaking cute I want to munch on those cheeks!

  3. “Normal” is the new fantastically beautiful Goddess – sweet Lord, could she be any more adorable?!!

    Congratulations on the great news. I had no doubt 🙂

  4. That is SOOO WONDERFUL!! I’ve been praying!

    And I may, or may not, have voted for you several times with several email addresses on all the computers in the office. Almost every day.


  5. While I’ve come to expect ab-normalcy (hiliarious, hilarious ab-normalcy) from your blog, today I’ll make an exception and pee my pants with joy over Amelia’s Spectacular Normalcy. Way to go, little girl!

  6. I told you months ago – that’s one normal baby you have there! I’m so happy you finally heard it from the therapists – now maybe you’ll believe it!

  7. absolutely fantastic news!

    fear of the unknown is terrible. you can whirlwind into uncontrolable anxiety (well thats me).

    I am so relieved for you.

    She is just beautiful.


  8. Oh WONDERFUL!!!! Awesome! Very, very happy. I’m toasting Amelia and you all with my tall glass of ice water tonight. Wish it was alcoholic, but alas, the reflux (in Lizzy) is worse with alcohol.

    Seriously, Thank God, Becky. So happy for you all.

  9. No one is more worthy. Seriously.

    I am the same way as you… I figure if I expect the worst than the worst thing that happen is what I am expecting and preparing for anyway. Kent is just like Dave. He’s all “la la la things always turn out great!” and sometimes it’s annoying and I want to smother him with a pillow. But mostly he keeps me sane(ish) and I suppose that’s a good thing.

  10. Well, at least your a sexxxay lemming!

    I read this on my phone last night while we were out seeing a band and the drunk bitches I was with were boring me to tears. We did a shot in your honor. Actually, I did a shot in your honor, because the drunk bitches were so drunk that they had no idea what I was toasting to.

    Anyway, CHEERS, Lemming Girl!!!! She’s so not going to be a lemming.

  11. How wonderful! This was the best news I have heard in a long time!!!

    She is so beautiful………couldn’t you look in those eyes forever?

  12. I knew Amelia was a pistol.

    Seriously, Becks. This makes me so happy that I am literally sniffling through this comment. I burst into tears when I read she was meeting all her milestones, even though I suspected all along that’s what she’d throw their way. I’m just so, so relieved and happy for all of you.

    And baby, no one is more worthy than you.

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