Rather than convince The Internet that I’ve been ignoring them BECAUSE I HATE THE INTERNET, I will assure you that I am both fine and well. As are The Sausages. Well, aside from the Baby Sausage who is cutting two teeth as we speak.

This is driving his poor mother insane (poor, POOR Auntie Becky!), but I’m surviving. Somehow, I’ll manage (sniff, sniff).

So I would like to present with you two nuggets of Alex variety:

1) He has now mastered the word “Shit.” This brings his vocabulary to these words: Shit, Poo-Poo, Penis, Ball, Kitty and Doggie.

He is so in need of therapy already.

2) Confirming his mother’s oddities as genetic, he has discovered that water is best from the unlikeliest places.

I prefer mine from the bathroom tap, thankyouverymuch.

28 thoughts on “Short and Stubby

  1. Glad you are doing alright. He is hilarious, is that a pet dish? and a wonton spoon?
    I think he has the perfect vocabulary for Aunt Becky’s one year old. CUTE!

  2. He may drink from the dog bowl, but he uses that spoon quite expertly for a one-year-old. Kudos young Alex!

  3. That photo is super adorable. I’m just SHOCKED by his vocabulary.. how DO you live with yourself? 😉

    (I’m sure you know this but in case anyone else is wondering, that is sarcasm.)

  4. I think his vocabulary is coming along just swimmingly. He can now attend any public school in MY area. No judging the need for therapy until they are three.

  5. I especially like the “house plant” snoozing on the couch while the wee one utilizes the pet dish.

    He is a cutie.

  6. Our little sausage is cutting his two front teeth right now too… Yeesh he is more moody than a hormonal teenage girl with boyfriend “issues”

  7. is that microfiber I see in the background? YOU are so totally brave to have it with babies!

    I love that picture, mine would definitely do the same thing!

  8. What is the dog bowl doing on the table anyway? I think his vocabulary is great! He probably knows a lot more words and those are just his favorites.

  9. One of Manchilds first words was Deputy Dick Head. This came after I got a ticket for a tail light being out on the car while he was riding with me. I don’t know where he heard that.

  10. Ours prefers drinking his own bathwater…you know he’s peed in it, but he’s still drinking it. Luckily we don’t have a dog water bowl in the house. Boxers can’t control their tongues and I have no desire to mop that often.

  11. Nice. Kid’s gonna love that shot when he’s older. 😉

    “Shit” is a perfectly good vocab addition – as long as he’s using it correctly. My son (now 7) perfected “dammick” as in, dammit. I was annoyed that he didn’t pronounce it correctly.

  12. I look at this and think: “how sensible he is to use a spoon.” My son prefers the lapping technique. If you’re lucky, ground sniffing will be coming soon!

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