Rather than convince The Internet that I’ve been ignoring them BECAUSE I HATE THE INTERNET, I will assure you that I am both fine and well. As are The Sausages. Well, aside from the Baby Sausage who is cutting two teeth as we speak.

This is driving his poor mother insane (poor, POOR Auntie Becky!), but I’m surviving. Somehow, I’ll manage (sniff, sniff).

So I would like to present with you two nuggets of Alex variety:

1) He has now mastered the word “Shit.” This brings his vocabulary to these words: Shit, Poo-Poo, Penis, Ball, Kitty and Doggie.

He is so in need of therapy already.

2) Confirming his mother’s oddities as genetic, he has discovered that water is best from the unlikeliest places.

I prefer mine from the bathroom tap, thankyouverymuch.



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