I’m starting Shit I Found Saturdays here on my blog, which will exist only Saturdays, (betcha couldn’t have gleaned that from the name) which is cool except that the Internet is mostly closed on Saturdays. So let’s fuck that noise and get into cool shit we’ve found around the ‘net (I sorta want to punch myself in the throat for saying “the ‘net”) and bring Saturday back.

It’s like bringing Sexy Back but awesomer.

Join in! We have donuts (lies)!

Shit I Read:

Top Ten Reasons I’m Single – She’s stalking him. Not, though, on MySpace, which would be WAY funnier.

Writing Motivation – I’m serious – I know most of you are BIG writers and using this will, I’m sure, get you onto the NYT Bestsellers List.

Living in Backward Land – she writes about living life with a son who has leukemia.

Starbuckets of Love – Who hasn’t slung coffee (or waited tables) and dealt with this person?

Shit I’d Buy if I Wasn’t Broke:

This coffee mug (I made it) – totally rad. I also need it – I don’t know WHY I haven’t gotten myself one.


Submitted by – swalumni

Shit To Make You Feel Like A Lazy-ASs Person:

How To Create Your Own Chalkboard Paint – Super cute. Also? Designed to make you feel like shit about making everything all handmade and shit.

Shit I Couldn’t Fucking Believe:

Drop A Love Bomb: Go read it. Wow.

Shit I Watched:

Shit I Listened To:

You can download Brittany McDonald’s album here.

Shit I Looked At (shut up, Pervo):


(I think we need a Twibbon and a full Internet campaign against BACON ABUSE!)


-Submitted by Maria.

Shit Around My Blog:

Takin’ Ads and Kicking,er NAMES? Anyway, I take ads. Email this address: ads.mommywantsvodka@gmail.com

If’n You Want On Mah Blogroll (and have me on yours) I’m still working on updating it! Go here to add yourself and scroll down the page to hit the “SUBMIT” button.

I added a paypal and a gofundme button to this post, (which made me feel ooky so pretend I did not say that) which I’m slowly dismantling for all the advice you’ve given – it’s fucking incredible. We should all be so lucky to have such wonderful people on our side. I’ll be replying to all the comments, but becasuse I’m anal, I’m taking notes. SHUT UP I AM NOT TYPE A.


Now it’s your turn. What cool shit have you found? Write it on your own blog and link up or throw it in the comments! Imma try and add them to the big list here (with credit given, natch).

Also? Send me your links throughout the week: becky.harks@gmail.com can be old shit, new shit you wrote, shit that you found, shit that’s awesome, really anyfuckingthing. Because why not?



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