Fuckity, fuck fuck fuck.

I am now interrupting my regularly scheduled self-absorbed blog post to ask you to go see my friend KC. She has just lost her beloved (and young) dog Sadie, and is understandably heartbroken.

I will be back tomorrow with more useless prattle.

Love you all for everything.

4 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Sexy Sadie.

  1. Thanks friend. I have a feeling I will be driving over to my Mother’s house again tonight to keep her company. Sadie truly was like a member of the family.

  2. Sorry about the friend’s dog. i wanted to tell you your comment on babyonbored was goddamn funny and i get the other mothers thing. took me a long time to find cool ones. most of them at least. but hey female inlaws can be worse. you should do everything just as they did it in the 70s.
    but anyway at least stay blog mom friends with us otha muthas?

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