I tend to get into television shows far later than most. In fact, if there’s a series that’s about to be cancelled or IS, in fact, cancelled, I will probably get into it, fall in love, then be devastatingly crushed when it is over. BECAUSE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, DAMMIT.

I’m still not over the ending of Prison Break – I cannot think of it without weeping. I may have a little bit of a problem.

(shut UP)

A couple of months ago, probably while looking for tweets about laser kitties, I stumbled across The Twitter babbling on about a show called Mad Men. I sorta want to put it in inappropriate quotation marks just because.

Well, I figured that if the REST of the world was watching it, I’d probably hate it. Even though I’m married simultaneously to Dr. House and Dexter – both popular shows – I always assume I’ll hate popular culture. You can thank my parents for that one, Pranksters.

About a month ago, after reaching the end of Numbers, spending several days in mourning and then realizing I needed a new hobby besides becoming overly invested in television shows (see also: my marriages to Dr. House and Dexter), I finally queued up Mad Men.

I’m hesitant about any show that I alone pick because I spent at least three months watching Nip/Tuck while hating every goddammed minute of it. I screamed at the TV like it was a football game every night until I watched every single episode. And then? I’m STILL furious that I spent so much time watching a show while hating every. single. character.

Alas, I digress.

But I picked Mad Men, and I began to watch it, unsure of how I could handle a show where people aren’t eaten by sharks or otherwise horribly disfigured, depressed or maimed (see also: my love of Cold Case and Law and Order: You Lead A Charmed Life, Motherfucker).

I admit, I was bored by the show. But I kept on because I HAD TO SEE IF SOMEONE WOULD BE EATEN BY A GIANT BEAR.

And then, I sorta, kinda, maybe liked some of the characters. Like a little.

But mostly, I liked the clothes. So what if everyone is repressed, drunk, and chain-smoking? THEY HAVE KICKY CLOTHES THAT I COVET! So what if everyone is having The Sex with everyone else? LOOKIT THE FANCY HAIRS!

I’m making an executive decision. I will go back to being a repressed housewife in the 1960’s IF I can get clothes like that. Because have you BEEN to The Target recently?

One word: ROMPERS. For WOMEN.

(that was more like two words or like fifty-niner)

I’m SO not okay with that. I’m also not okay with the scrunchies, acid-washed jeans, or jeggings.


So bring on the copious amounts of booze, gimmie my pack of smokes and fancy lady lighter, and screw being liberated. IF I CAN WEAR A TWIRLY SKIRT, I’M YOURS.

36 thoughts on “Repression = Fashion…Right?

  1. I love me a twirly skirt! Which is strange because I have HIPS and twirly skirts only emphasize them. I watched approximately 2 and 1/4 episodes of Mad Men and Aunt Becky you’re absolutely correct – the clothes rocked! Unfortunately, I really enjoyed ONLY the clothes – sigh. And I can’t justify to myself the time spent watching it for the clothes alone.

    I know what you mean about finding a show just as it’s about to be cancelled. Hubby and I have been revisiting episodes of The Dresden Files and John Doe recently, both of which are now history. I loved Keen Eddie too! We started watching Defying Gravity (night-time soap in space that was pretty cool) only to learn it would probably not be coming back for a second season. Life on Mars was another one that rocked until it didn’t, but at least they got a head’s up they were getting the axe so they got to tie up the storyline. And don’t get me started on Firefly!!! What is wrong with those people out in la-la land I ask you?

    1. Losing Firefly makes me cry for reals. On the up side, at least we didn’t have to watch it slowly decline into sucking I guess.

      Also, Becks? I watch NCIS and there was an episode where someone got eaten by a bear. Just saying.

  2. Mad Men is AMAZING. And not just from an awesome fashion/chain-smoking standpoint. There was one scene where they were finishing a picnic in the park, and they just shook all the trash off their blanket and left it there.

    Times were different! No one cared if you dumped your garbage in the city park (maybe because everything was less uber-packaged and more biodegradable back then?).

    I haven’t seen the fourth season yet, but I need to catch up! And then me and the Mr. are going to do a little repressive patriarchal role playing … only HE’LL be in the heels and pointy bra. 🙂

  3. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. Ok I feel better now. But seriously? Lettings are not pants. And Jeggings are just leggings painted to look like pants. But if I can see your naughty bits through your leggings, they most certainly are not pants. So cover up ladies. It’s not ok.

  4. I’m married IRL to House, minus the medical license and vicodin addiction(BORING) and I’m having a torrid affair with House, MD. So we can Real Housewives of the Internet dual it out for him. And I’ll probably be wearing jeggings so you will have extra motivation to hasten my demise.
    I also watched Nip/Tuck with a serious case of the icks. I finally stopped watching it after the dude who could blow himself. Self castration, pool shitting, murder by build a bear didn’t do it. Just some guy with a super long schlong.
    That and turning the gay women straight for the creepy, pathetic and reprehensible Christian. Sickened to the core.
    Now I gotta go shower for a hour or three.

  5. I was also bored by Mad Men at first – I didn’t give it another try for a whole year, and then I grew to love it. Just like smoking – you won’t enjoy the first few, then you’re hooked. My one nitpick is that I want to see Joan use the pen she wears more often. It’s a strange nitpick, but I stand by it.

  6. I’ve never watched Mad Men, but I totally agree, the clothes are AMAZING! I’ve recently decided I’m done with worrying about current fashions and I’m going back to the styles of Old Hollywood. Full, twirly skirts, classic dresses, wider leg pants (think Katherine Hepburn). Thankfully, I can find clothing patterns and I’m good with a sewing machine because clothing designers don’t care about the old styles anymore.

    Coleen, thank you SO much for the link!!! I’m just sad it’s not a bigger collection!

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with Mad Men. I want to like it… I really do… It’s a really well done show. It’s just that I can’t handle seeing the reality of the treatment of women in that time period without wanting to put my fist through a glass window and then running down Madison Avenue threatening every businessman who looks remotely old with death by glass shards.

  8. I hate mourning for tv shows. Especially my nutty BBC shows that I can watch on Netflix… And I am SO ANGRY with Starz for cancelling their version of Camelot. Eva Green was so good and being evil that even I would have hooked up with her.

  9. I do not watch MadMen, but feel I should. The hubby watches it as soon as I fall asleep on the couch watching whatever other drivel has been cued up. It’s almost like he’s keeping it for himself. Bastard! If I knew a time and/or channel here I might try to watch it on my own–perhaps I shall investigate.
    Oh, and here are some laser cats for your viewing pleasure…

  10. I love Mad Men! I will go back to that time if the following is included:
    a) Todays undergarments – bullet bra = not comfy
    b) AC – it is a must
    c) to not be treated like a nit-wit.
    Rompers were stupid in the 80’s and they’re stupid now. IDIOTS!

  11. “Jeggings”…what a stupid made up word…..It should not exist. What do you want to bet it was a male who insisted that “rompers ” is high fashion for grown ups. Let’s see men wear them, if they are so fuckin cool!

  12. Aunt Becky, I love you! You’re hilarious and you deserve to have kicky clothes and fancy hairs. You don’t seem to care about the crazy stares of strangers, so you could just live in this decade and wear the 60s clothing anyway. 🙂

  13. I’m currently trying to get back into sitcoms to quell my desire to become either a serial killer or a profiler. I am sort of loving Up All Night and I think I might try Whitney. I’m watching the season premier tonight of Criminal Minds and I keep thinking it’s CRAP.

    So Prentiss is still alive when everyone thought she was dead? Uh, hello. That sh*t has been done on every daytime soap opera known to man. Welcome to TV. Next we’ll find out that while she was recovering on some hidden island she fell in love with one Mr. Stefano DiMera and isn’t the real Prentiss at all really.

  14. NUMB3RS!! It was so awesome, right? Wherein they USE MATH TO SOLVE CRIMES??!!! Fuck yeah!

    I might start watching Mad Men, on your “recommendation” because I often just focus on the clothes and background to make shitty shows and movies tolerable.

  15. I’ve never seen Mad Men but from the still I’ve seen I can totally agree with you. I was born in the wrong era. Except for that whole oppression thing. I can’t see myself being okay with that, no matter who fabulous my hairstyle.

    Although, that new show Pan Am is starting Sunday and it’s basically Mad Men only the women are empowered stewardesses. Swoon.

  16. I freaking LOVE MAD MED! I watched the entire 4 seasons in two weekends. Now, I am waiting for season 5! I love that none of the girls are teeny tiny and yes the twirly skirts are fabulous. Plus, who doesn’t love a show where driking is encouraged at work!

  17. Rompers are disgusting. Mad Men has beautiful clothes. I would go back to the 60s so I can dress wonderful and smoke/drink while pregnant. My children will still be normal correct?

    I like Criminal Minds a lot. Its been around awhile but if you like L&O and Dexter (which I do as well) then you’d like another show were people get killed in various different ways. I recommend True Blood for that as well.

  18. Get thee a twirly skirt. Or twirly skirted dress (one piece makes it easier to dress).
    If you don’t sew, convince someone you know (or sorta know) to make one for you.

    And then add some sparkle and do WHATEVER you want!

    (I heart twirly skirts and sparkles a lot. Probably to the point that it’s not healthy…)

  19. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. I loved those clothes! I still crack up at the image of June Cleaver, from the sitcom “Leave it to Beaver” wearing pearls and high heels to vacuum, though. Just let me wear modern underwear – heavy duty girdles are not something I want to revisit!

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