This may win for most epic picture of the year. Altho, it’s still January and that picture is butt-ass old, so far, he is NUMBER ONE in my life.

Also number one, these posts (a lie):

I wrote about my new obsession. And it would be RAD if you could comment on it.

I also wrote about Amelia. I’m wicked proud of it.

We’re doing a birth defects/birth injury/birth trauma carnival on Sunday on Band Back Together if’n you want to join us!

So go read, then come back and tell Your Aunt Becky what YOU’VE been writing about this week. Let’s do a link-up, y’all.

20 thoughts on “Pranksters, I’d Like You To Meet My New Boyfriend

  1. I commented over on your savings article 🙂

    Your post about Amelia was so beautiful and absolutely stayed with me. It can be easy to lose sight of the gifts in each second. Thanks for the swift kick in the arse 😉

  2. Kindergarten IEP Time and A New Time Sucker, and A Job By Any Other Name could all be added to that list. So ya know……….

    AND, did you use the book How To Start A Non Profit for Dummies? Or some other book to get your non profit started? How does that work? I’m thinking about doing something.

  3. Your boyfriend is lovely. (Snort!!)

    Thanks, just what I need. More links to interesting blogs to spend my time on! 😉

  4. You ladies are far too young to know what to do with that fine young man. I am here to save you from embarrassment and will give him my toolshed for the next six months. Once he figures out how to get that truck out of that tree, we’re hitting the road.

  5. Hmmm… I wonder if the Bubs would agree to having that as our living room wallpaper? He’d definitely love you if I took some of your tips and decluttered out house. I’m more on the hoarding side of the Spectrum and have a hard time throwing stuff out. I really need to though. I loved your post about Amelia, happy fird birthday to the pretty girl! And yeah, I still need to pop my cherry on BBT.

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