Just a quick note to let you know that Aunt Becky is recovering well with her Painkiller Button Of Goodness.

To all who have pestered me for status updates, tweeted your well wishes, IM’ed, texted, or just thought of Becky while she went under the knife: THANK YOU. You guys go to eleven.

I know that Guilty Squid is preparing a guest post for the Internets but there seems to have been some sort of delay…so until then, or until they take away the Happy Button and send Becky back home to her crazy chilluns, I’m off to…uh…do whatever it is I do when, uh…Becky’s not around.

This is so weird.

35 thoughts on “Post-Op

  1. Awesome! I have my fingers crossed for her but she doesn’t need it, coz she’ll be kicking arse and groggily taking names within the hour.
    Yay for happy buttons and health!

  2. I bet that bitch is owning that hospital. Those nurses are going to be so glad to see her leave! Keep it sane at home, Dave! You rock! Maybe you can put a bedazzled morphine pump on her Christmas list.

  3. Glad to hear that things went well. Hope the recovery is quick and not very painful.

    Good luck, the Daver…you’ll need it!

  4. glad to hear that you came through okay and didn’t die! i always worry about dying before every operation even the tiny ones. anyway i hope you heal up quick and they don’t take your button away yet. oh, and i hope nobody knocks into your catheter bag becuz that shit hurtz!

  5. Yay!! Keep hitting that button girl, because you know there aint one at home! Can’t wait to talk to you in your drug-induced state. Love you!

  6. Sending lots of good juju and my secretish prezzie your way.

    Also, Daver, Becky is super lucky to have someone like you who will update her blog and keep her Tweeps posted. I want a dude like that someday 🙂

  7. Get well soon, Aunt “Flat Tummy” Becky! May you remain dunlapless* forever.

    *dunlap- When yer belly dun lapped over yer jeans.

  8. Glad you made it through, Aunt Becky! I’m wishing you a speedy recovery (so you can enjoy those meds just a *little* more…haha)!

  9. She’s ALIVE! But seriously, sounds like things went pretty smoothly — thanks for tweeting through the day to keep us posted. And hooray drugs! See you all soon…

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