Or a baby boy who will be super mad later. Becky asked me to post for her post US today as she is waaaaayyyyy too cool (or has a Dr’s appt and lunch with the B-day boy. Whichever you prefer). The baby’s brand is still undetermined. It is a bit too early to tell for sure, but apparently the tech made an eduacted guess that Becky is incubating a GIRL. The important thing is that there is a brain and a heart that both look healthy and normal. So, let’s all help Becky obsess over the superficial things like pink or blue for the next 3 weeks until she has a definitive sex, because we now know for sure the bigger worries can be put to rest (at least this set can).

Happy Birthday Daver!!!! Your balls are officially old.


50 thoughts on “Pink-ish???

  1. I think the techs say that stuff to cover their asses.

    When I had the nuchal scan at 13 weeks, I didn’t find out the gender because I didn’t want to know, but the doctor said he knew for sure what it was. Leading me to think he saw an appendage down there.

    At 18 weeks, a new tech said she was 99.9 percent sure she knew the gender (still didn’t want to know) but couldn’t say 100 percent because she could get in trouble.

    I am just glad she’s healthy and everything went great.

  2. No way it has to be a small dick lol! O.k. o.k. that was gross I know…..either way its too hard to say…little clits can become dicks and little dicks can be clits…hey I would know cuz I’m trans and I’ve done way too much reading on intersex, trans, and sex determination. I’m jsut kidding I don’t really know shit I just think I do.

    Love ya!

    Good luck…either way I am so very happy for you…a healthy baby what a relief! Congratulations!

    Ewww …old balls…well at least you got some Daver cuz I don’t. Your my hero…I’m envious old balls are better than no balls in my case.

  3. pinkyblueish sounds just lovely. (Is that what the cool kids are calling periwinkle, these days?) And brain and heart in the right place certainly help matters. Phew.

  4. That is great news to hear the scan went well! Phew, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

    And 30 is not old! Wait until you see how freakingly fast 40 seems to appear on the horizon, it is quite surreal as if you start to live half years in your 30’s.

  5. Yay to healthy and yay to pinkish. Here they say if there is doubt then it is almost always is a girl but they hedge as just occasionally the blue version is shy. Anyway either one means yay!

  6. grins…. i knew it !!:D
    happy 30 old yeasr daver..
    it only goes downhill from here…
    take it from a new 33 yr old ^___^

  7. I still think boy…but I may very well be wrong, there’s a shock! glad everything is a ok down under. Hope you were able to just enjoy the bday lunch and at least shelve The Fear for another day.
    big exhale now.

  8. should we just call it purple? hey, we can call the baby … oh, crud, what is the teletubby who is purple? tinky winky?

    that’s the new name for the pending child…


    glad everything else came out positive

  9. so so so effing glad that everything looks good in there. Massive PHEW on that.
    Hope the Daver had a kick ass birthday dinner. Do people still call them nooners??

  10. So at this point I am right-ish… I’ll take it! Woo hoo! You need some more vaginae (can you believe that is the plural of vagina and not vaginas? Ridiculous!) in that house.

  11. The ultrasound tech told me at the 14 and 15 week ultrasounds that if she had to make a guess she would say our little one was a boy. Then at 18 weeks our baby had girl parts! Well – I am going to go against the grain and guess yours is a boy…but I’m a lousy guesser, LOL! As long as they keep looking healthy that’s great!

  12. Oh I am so happy for you! Healthy is perfect – no matter if it’s a boy or girl!!

    All 3 of my girls were hiding their “parts”. They kept saying 70% chance its a girl. So I feel confident you will be buying frilly very soon. How fun!

    Congrats and please take a deep breath now. You deserve it.

  13. YAY!
    Pink-ish is awesome!
    I called my youngest SHE the entire pregnancy…the first thing I said to him after he was born was “I’m sorry I called you SHE” LMAO!
    He is all boy..

    and yay for another joining the ranks of the 30’s..I have been there for 3.5 years..its not so bad..

  14. Whew, I thought they’d tell her she was having a sausage. 😉 Glad to hear things look good on U/S. Hoping you had a good lunch with those old balls of yours.

  15. So happy to hear the heart, lungs, brain, and other major organs are in place and functioning properly. And, so happy to hear it is, or may be but not 100% sure, a girl!

  16. I keep meaning to write or post and say that I am glad the babe is healthy. That’s what’s important right? Hope you can relax a little now. And as for pink-ish. Secretly, I’m hoping for pink. You need to even out the testosterone level in that house just a little. Either way, pink pr blue, glad he/she is doing well. Hope you are too.

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