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parenting map by region
I’d probably change a few of these. IF I KNEW HOW.


I’m off at a field trip today (no seriously, I do that shit sometimes. I know, what the nuts?). I should say this instead: I’m PROBABLY, if no one dies of bubonic plague or some shit, off to play with farm animals with my middle son. At least, that’s what I’m doing if I can figure out when and where this thing is going on. I think that parenting map needs to say something on the Chicago area that says something like, “Probably on a Field Trip or Dying of the Lurgy,” because hey, that’s what I do.

And as a thank you for putting up with my ass, Pranksters, but I’ve got a stellar giveaway going on tomorrow. Why? WHY NOT?

Also – who wants to meet me in VEGAS, baby? Because OMG I need a vacation – from LIFE.

We SO need to do this – Prankster vacation FOR THE WIN! (it kinda killed me not

P.S. How are YOU doing, Pranksters? Got anything hilarious going on?

P.P.S. I wrote about shit not to spend your cash on. Should probably include something about NOT going to Vegas when you’re SUPPOSEDLY moving out, but you know what? It’s Vegas. VEGAS BABY!

P.P.P.S. This should also go to show you the NEED for me to learn to be frugal. *hangs head*

16 thoughts on “It Puts The Guest Post On The Internet: Parenting Styles

  1. AB, I suck at being frugal too. I totally just bought a touts adorables (or whatthefuckever the french say) Piazza Sempione jacket. Why I am using a french expression to describe an Italian jacket is beyond me. I like pie? So, even thouhh it isn’t frugal, sometimes you just got to say “why the fuck NOT?” And buy an Italian jacket that you will then describe with french phrases, or take a trip to Vegas because, well, obviously.

  2. Also, gun-enthusiast, OK, I’ll buy that one, but did you READ what the fuck that nut job Perry just had to say about the separation of church and state? Doesn’t that make Texas more like “true, god-fearing, christian americans”? Bahahaha, I guess that our guns make us warriors for the little baby cheesus or something.

  3. So I guess California is Friendly. I talk to who ever when I have been drinking:-) When are you hoping to go to Vegas?? I will meet you there and I will sit back and make fun of people since I don’t gamble at all.

  4. I’m thinking, if I’m going to be labeled a helicopter parent, I’d like an actual helicopter. Because. Obviously.

    Also, I find if I procrastinate enough on buying stuff I can save a lot of money that way 🙂

  5. Yes…

    We, here in Arizona, are Racist, with a capitol “T” (sheriff joe and jan “headless bodies in the desert” brewer) . We also have the Asshole Helicopters here.


    I’m getting my asphalt driveway sealed today.

    Envy Me.

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