This will be a scarily short post, as I am still recovering from the Thanksgiving Extravaganza. All went well, and despite my inability to cook, everyone proclaimed it a success (which by comparision to the usual nursing home food, is made that much better), although the meat was still mooing after it cooked (Ashley, you’d have been in heaven, me, not so into the raw meat thing).

We had a rousing discussion about colonoscopies, followed by a conversation about hypertension, and by the end of it, I was wondering if my eardrums would commit suicide, OR IF IT WAS JUST ME THAT WANTED TO DIE.

I’m just fucking thankful that it’s now over.

One thought on “Over At Last.

  1. I give thanks that Thanksgiving is only once a year.

    Mine are usually okay to good, this one was weird, disturbing and weird. I’m staying home for Christmas I think, and possibly Easter. I can’t afford that many months of psychiatric help.

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