(Scene: 6PM in hotel conference room. Five people sit around a table introducing themselves to an audience)

Girl 1: “I’m from Think Geek. I’m responsible for all of the social media from Think Geek. I also brought awesome swag.”

Girl 2: “I’m from NASA. I work with the NASA blog and Twitter account.”

Guy 1: “I’m from Wired.com.”

Girl 3 (uncomfortably looks at hands): “I’m um…Aunt Becky. From Mommy Wants Vodka. I write a thoroughly mediocre blog.”

(audience stares at her)

Girl 3: “It’s um, a MOMMY blog.”

(audience stares)

Girl 3 (laughs uncomfortably): “Sometimes I write about my vagina.”

(audience stares)

Girl 3: “I have an amazing Band of Merry Pranksters. On my blog. They’re the best people on the Internet.”

(audience glares)

Girl 3: “Except, um, you.”

(audience is beginning to leave)

Girl: “I’m in a bathing suit holding a chainsaw in my Twitter avatar.”

(audience smiles and nods happily)

Works every time.

18 thoughts on “One Of These Things Are Not Like The Other

  1. I’m still stuck on wondering what the ThinkGeek swag was…did she pass out canned unicorn meat or bacon scented pens?
    Kidding…sort of…Yay for Aunt Becky holding her own against a non prankster audience!

  2. Bacon scented pens…yes!

    WTG Aunt Becky! Bikini chainsaw brings ’em back to the table every time. I’m sure you rocked their world. ^_^

  3. That was just how it was when I came to gradschool, except for the chainsaw thing. Also the vagina thing. 🙂

  4. That twitter avatar is full of the awesome, Becky.

    Also, NASA has a twitter account? Who knew? However, I did know that Mommy Wants Vodka, and she drinks because you cry. So there.

  5. Ha! The only thing better……. you whip off your overcoat to reveal your awesome bod in the swimsuit, your phoenix tat and of course your chainsaw…

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