I am shocked and honored to know each and every one of you.

Maybe we’d never recognize each other on the street (well, you’ve all seen what I look like), and maybe I’ll never meet any of you face to face (also doubtful because I have high plans to meet most of you. Sorry, preemptively for my crashing on your couch. Oh, and I like orange juice for breakfast–freshly squeezed), but I consider you all to be my friends.

You’ve proved it to me before, and you’ve solidified it with this most recent miscarriage. I’d love to thank you all and give you big sloppy kisses and hugs, but it wouldn’t be enough.

It just wouldn’t.

Nothing will ever say thank you quite the way I want it to, so I’ll try and tell you how much each and every comment that you made, every email and IM that I got lifted my burden. Things are lighter now.

It reminded me of how fortunate I really am to have people prop me up, dust me off, and remind me that I’m going to be just fine. That past sentence is precisely what I’ve used in the past to describe what I feel is true friendship, and I think it fits here, as well.

Cornball as it may sound, you are my friends, and if you know me at all, you’d know how strongly a bond I consider that to be. Thank you for reminding me of all the good that has sprung up around me (even during a time of garbage and crap) and how blessed I am to have each and every one of you in my life.

I’m not implying in any way that I’m completely recovered from this miscarriage, nor will I always be peeing roses and sunshine, but you’ve shown me that it doesn’t matter one bit if I’m being funny and self-deprecating or honest and true. That somehow you like me anyway WITHOUT BRIBERY.

I don’t think that there is anything I can ever do to truly show my appreciation to all of you for listening to me whine about this latest miscarriage, and believe me, I will be wracking my brain to try and do something nice for you all. If any of you were local (I’m looking at YOU, LAS) I’d invite you over for cookies that I MIGHT EVEN COOK MYSELF and Diet Coke. The offer stands for anyone willing to swing by. I WILL COOK FOR YOU (maybe not very well, but I will do it anyway).

As for the Uterus Monologues, I ended up with my ass in the ER today and was diagnosed with…wait for it, wait for it, A BLADDER INFECTION TOO! Wonders never cease to amaze me. I’m following up with my OB on Wednesday and hopefully he’ll have some insight into what the hell is wrong with me. Or not.

And as for my mental health, I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine. I’m just going to channel all of my energy into my due date buddies: Doc Grumbles and Niobe. If my critters won’t grow properly, well, then Universe, you’d better make DAMN sure that theirs do or You are going to have an appointment with my fists of fury.

Thank you all for everything. Thank you so very much.

34 thoughts on “Once In Awhile You Get Shown The Light In The Strangest Of Places If You Look At It Right

  1. Well, if you were trying to bribe me into being your friend you certainly would have blown it with that DIET COKE offer.

    Why not just tell me that you like clubbing baby seals while you’re at it?


  2. I’m glad you’re feeling a little bit better, and that you realize you have a whole community of support here for you. I’m here, as is my ugly but comfortable couch, whenever you need to crash!

    I hope you know that a lot of us count you as a real friend as well. It’s funny what the blog community can create, huh?

    As for you, lay around, drink cranberry juice until you can’t anymore, and please keep us all up to date on your general health and happiness.

    I’ll be thinking of you.

  3. Peeing roses? Whining? Cookies WITHOUT MILK??!!!

    God honey, you’re worse off than I thought. I don’t need to tell you what goes well with that cranberry juice.

    Oh, and right back at ya.

  4. I would love to come and cook for you! I make the best brownies and chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies. Do you like pasta? I have some amazing pasta dishes I could whip up for you. Comfort food is my specialty…
    Love ya girl.

  5. I have’t commented on your whole Saga, Part Deux mainly because my head had been wedged firmly in my ass (rectal-cranial inversion, no?).

    BUT- I am out here thinking about you and sending you peaceful vibes. Take care of you… and call in your reinforcements if it gets to be too much. I hear “up Nawth” is nice this time of year 😉

  6. an effing bladder infection too?? that’s just wrong. so wrong.
    hope you are feeling better
    gushing obnoxious love right back atcha.

  7. Aww, aren’t you just the sweetest thing that ever walked on earth?!! Well, you are! I love you!

    I’m with Tash and Heather, CRANBERRY JUICE! Lot’s well, not lot’s but enough of it to stave off infections!


  8. I was really, really hoping, as I caught up with your posts, that I’d read one saying “It was just spotting.”

    Your perspective and determination are beautiful. Know that I am sending you love and good thoughts.

  9. Dude, you can crash at my casa any ole time, no matter what the condition of your utie or your bladder, I am not picky…but no show and tell:)

  10. You can come sleep on my chaise lounge anyday! (Give me warning and I’ll even clean it for you. It’s beige, I need warning!)

  11. Hey, I’m local and I love Diet Coke, but I think it would be even be more awesome if we meet by chance say in the Playground with our children or at Cubs Game or at a theater buying popcorn.

    “A friend in need is a friend indeed”

    Keep your spirits up!

  12. AWWWWW….SHUCKS BECKY!! Anytime!! Thank you for allowing us into your life. As vouyeristic as it might seem, I know how much I love reading your blogs! And I know my day would not be complete without your Beckyisms!

    Hugs from here!!


  13. Same thing happened to me Jan and Feb of this year. Just wanted to say, it kind of surprised me how long it took to “get over it.” The hormones were absolutely killer. Be sure to be extra good to yourself until you’re *really* feeling better.

  14. Aww shucks. I (one of the lucky few?) have never had a bladder infection. But it doesn’t sound like fun and I hope you’re recovered from that soon. This may be my ignorance showing (surely it is) but is there anyway the two things could be connected?

  15. How about tropicana orange juice? It has pulp. I don’t drink it though, I only do fresh squeezed and therefore I drink orange juice about two times a year. Just warning you.

  16. And a bladder infection is just the classic cherry on the top. If your OB has any wisdom, send it my way. I had 3 this year and am wondering if it is linked to having been pregnant before. Now I go EVERYWHERE with cranberry juice and I swear it does help to stave them off but they are hell. All my sympathy.

  17. So sorry about the bladder infection – I had a foley catheter for a bladder infection once with no pain meds, it was not pretty. I probably woke up everyone on the floor with my screams of pain. Drink up that cranberry juice (with plenty of vodka) and feel better soon! Love ya!

  18. Of course we love you, Aunt Becky. I’ve been away for a little while with finals but what I read yesterday devastated me. I hope you continue peeing roses and sunshine for as long as possible.

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