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Since I’ve been too busy drinking port and eating Captain Crunch, I will, instead point you to this, which is funny in a very sad way, and this, which needs comments. (I hate asking for comments. I feel like a cheap (er) whore)(I’ve got something awesomer for you guys tomorrow to make up for actually having the audacity to ask for comments).

*slinks off into corner*

How was YOUR New Year, Pranksters?

29 thoughts on “Not Dead – Merely Annoying

  1. I barely managed to stay awake for it. It was no big deal. I have no life. *sigh* Maybe my resolution will be to get a life! YA! Unless it requires a lot of work.

  2. I had sex. This might not be a big deal to you but I had sex for the first time since discovering that my cheating jackass of a husband with a secret child disclosed his hidden life. Well not the first time, the second, but the first time doesn’t count because I was still all wounded and living in a delusional world where I had somehow caused my husband to cheat and lie for 10 years. This time I had sex and loved it. I brought 2012 in with a bang.

      1. No Becky because right now I’m enjoying floating around the house with a shit eating grin and a slight limp and watching him cringe and if you punch him his eyes might be swollen shut and he couldn’t appreciate it as much….

  3. hahah I love those pictures! I’d tell you about my NYE but I’m blogging about it later this week (which makes it sound like it was interesting. It wasn’t, really.)

  4. New Years was good. Had a friend in from out of town and then pregamed with another friend before we went out to a bar, and apparently missed a lot of drama after I left. Oy.

  5. This for real made me LOL, so I added a comment to your other post (under rollwave83). Thanks for the laugh.

    I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House and came home to watch Netflix streaming while nursing my insatiable 3 month old. Don’t be jealous.

  6. When my son was young I wanted to do something on NYE that he could be part of as well. So our tradition is that we have dinner with my folks, then we all hop in the car and go to the beach to watch the last sunset of the year – usually with a sip of bubbly to farewell it! My son is now 13 and he still loves doing this.

  7. NYE… had a fourth grader coming at nine to be looked after all day on Sunday, I stayed home, ate a nice meal w hubbers and read blogs until my eyeballs cracked and bled 🙂

    Was an EMT many NYEs and so I stay off the roads at all costs. Been sober since 84 so the bar scene holds no appeal, nor do the drunks at friends’ party so we smile and watch the ball drop with gadzillions of others just like us.

  8. The Owlet is possibly the best thing evar. [Not all caps as to be the actual best thing, but quite legendary.]
    We stayed home on the 31st with a friend and watched the *ahem* Phish webcast from Madison Square Garden, and had a bit each of beer, champagne, and cognac.
    Went with friends to the Civic Auditorium to see Furthur [two of the Grateful Dead guys playing the music] on the 30th. Our taste in music can be pretty hippieish. ;p
    In 2008 on the 30th, we saw the Butthole Surfers at The Fillmore. ;D
    (Psychedelic but not very hippieish!)

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