Still at hospital waiting on a GI consult. Swelling is no better but no one seems concerned. Will be home soon where no IV impedes my typing.

Until then Dave is entertaining me with his iFart application. God knows how we lived without it before.

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22 thoughts on “No Baby, No Kidding

  1. It does seem like you have been at this a while now. I hope she decides to come out soon or she will come out sassing you and wearing lip gloss.

  2. Geez dude, I was getting ready to call you, that’s how worried I was getting. Now stop it!
    You do know when they say to drink lots of liquids they do not mean salt water, right?

  3. Since by now you should be hearing the sound of that baby crying:
    Wah!!! Wah!!! Wah!!! Wah!!! Wah!!!
    sigh and double sigh.
    When’s the changeover between Capricorn and Aquarius? (Personally, I’ve always thought Aquarius is a better birth sign – and it may explain why you’re retaining water.)

  4. I’ve been checking your blog for post like a mad woman all afternoon. I’m like a stalker, but missing a dent in the head (last time I checked in the mirror… maybe that’s why my hair looks like hell).

    I feel for you. I really do. Swelling is no fun. And speaking of mirrors, don’t look in one. My face swelled too, so I looked like I was looking in one of those trick mirrors they have at fairs. Spare yourself the fright.

  5. Come on out, Amelia – there’s a whole wonderful world awaiting you!

    Mizz Becky, if your’e home tomorow and you come ’round my blog, I’m giving you an award. If not, well…hopefully it’s because you finally downloaded your own little reward for having the patience of a saint!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  6. Ugh, they are being too cruel to send you home still pregnant, I’d demand a hearing with the United Nations or the Peace Corps or something!

  7. Dang – this much time in the hospital and no baby to show for it yet? That sucks and I’m so sorry. But I’m so happy to still hear from you. I would be fretting away if I didn’t hear from you!

  8. i hear you can swell in the feet and legs all day – so long as you aren’t swelling in the face, you’re still game!!!

    i know that’s exactly what you wanted to hear, which is exactly why i brought it up.

    stay safe, kid! don’t ever let them stick you more than once at that hospital. pesky nurses…

  9. I pretty much adore your blog and havent commented in awhile, so I thought, hey why not while she’s at the hospital (hopefully birthing the beautiful Amelia). Lots of love your way!!

  10. Good lord, kid, it is eviction time. Pack your bags and head south. Now. And Becky, so you know, I’ve been worried about you all day and there you sit playing fart games with the Daver. Tsk. tsk.

    I’m glad everything is okay. Minus the fifty pounds of fluid.

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